Dry ice cleaning of wood - what's in it?

Dry ice blasting is an excellent cleaning method that is particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces. Even with wood, there are numerous applications. Where dry ice blasting in wood can be used anywhere, what effect you can expect, and where service providers can find you can read in this post.

Mode of action of the dry ice process

Dry ice blasting works on the same principle as sand blasting. In dry ice blasting, however, dry ice pellets are used as blasting agents.

Dry ice is made of frozen carbon dioxide, which is processed in a special ice cream machine. It has a temperature of -78° C during use.

After hitting the surface, it embrittles the top layer through the low temperature and blasts it off.

The carbon dioxide then melts immediately and changes from the frozen to the gaseous state. This leaves no leftovers and no residues that need to be disposed of. The process is thus extremely environmentally friendly and not dangerous to health.

Dry ice pellets are only minimally abrasive - this means that they do not remove any material. This makes dry ice blasting very suitable even for very sensitive surfaces such as wood. In addition, dry ice still has other properties:

  • it is not conductive
  • it is chemically inert (ie inert - no hazardous compounds are involved with other substances)
  • it is not flammable
  • it is non-toxic

Applications in the field of wood

Dry ice blasting is often used to clean and renovate wooden trusses. It is also used here in the preservation of monuments. Furthermore, paints, bituminous materials, oils, greases, silicones and adhesives can be completely removed from the surface of the wood.

Also wooden furniture can be cleaned very gently by dry ice blasting. The top, weathered wood layer is removed along with the dirt. The particular advantage of dry ice blasting lies in the fact that it is still possible to work well even in very inaccessible places and edges. This is due to the mode of action of the dry ice pellets.

Also garden fences, wooden railings and wooden facade parts are suitable for dry handling. Wooden ceilings can be quickly and easily cleaned by dry ice blasting.

service provider

In almost every town there are regional, mobile service providers who carry out a cleaning on site. Some companies are also active nationwide. Since the equipment in the purchase but also in rent are very expensive, a self-implementation is usually not worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you need help with classic car renovation, you can turn to such a service provider. The Entlacken of sheets and sometimes the rust removal go with dry ice very gently and easily in the open air.

Video Board: Cleaning Oak Beams Using Dry Ice Cleaning