Dry building materials - dry mortar and other home improvement materials

Water on it and ready

Dry building materials - dry mortar and other home improvement materials: other

Meanwhile, they can be found on every construction site: dry building materials, the already contain all solid components and mixed only with watert need to be. They make it easier for the handyman Work, save space, time and money.

Dry building materials are available in a wide variety, with special properties for each building material, so that today they are made of one modern hardware store are indispensable

Who does not remember: In laborious drudgery mixes the handyman sand, cement and lime in a loud rattling mixing drum. He pours the water from a bucket.

It looked like this or similar 20 years ago on almost every construction site. Meanwhile, the picture has changed thoroughly. Today is enough Sack of pre-mixed dry mortar, water and a mixer.

Premixed dry building materials

Dry building materials - dry mortar and other home improvement materials: mortar

The secret of this energy-saving method lies in the Use of premixed dry building materials.

On the construction site, the do-it-yourselfer needs only add water and he already has a ready-to-use mortar in the right one Composition, consistency and with the desired properties.

The idea, like so many innovations, comes from the USA. There, at the beginning of the thirties, a civil engineer wondered why it was always difficult to get cement, sand and gravel and then mix the whole in a more or less correct proportion. His answer was Ready and dry mixeswhich he offered packed in a sack.

Building materials with modern technology

Due to the "invention" of premixed dry mortar, modern technology was also introduced in building materials. Now Industrial production opened up a high potential for rationalization and the possibility always more complex, specialized and better building materials offer.

Mass production has made investments worthwhile in the development of new and better formulations as well as energy-saving mixing and transport technology.

The dry mortars are mixed from three main components: Binders, aggregates and additives, The classic mortar, as it was already used in ancient times, contains Sands and gravels and as binders lime, gypsum or pozzolans.

The real innovation in modern building materials is the Addition of chemical additives (Additives). Depending on their composition, they make a "standard" mortar a multi-purpose special mixture for specific applications. Production, monitoring and delivery are regulated in DIN 18557 (mortar).

Application standards define the requirements for material properties. The exact composition to meet these requirements, depends on the regional conditions, for example, the origin and properties of the cement or aggregates.

There is no general recipe for a mortar, but it must be created by each provider individually.

Dry construction materials - safety for the processor

There are two main causes for the variety of dry mortar. On the one hand increase the requirements of the builders and processors to a material.

On the other hand always arise new construction methods and building materials, And here are mortars with special properties and in demand for special applications.

The desire for consistent, precisely defined and adapted to the stone material qualities of the Dry mortar with its unsurpassed quality standard most likely to do justice.

A similar high quality as in premixed dry building materials can not be achieved on site or only with an unreasonable amount of effort.

Premixed dry mortars give the security to meet even the highest demands and the Required masonry standard DIN 1053 as well as the plaster standard DIN 18550 observed.

Advantages of dry building material

For do-it-yourselfers, dry building materials offer many advantages over materials mixed on site:

  1. firm and homogeneous mixing ratio

  2. precisely dosed additives and additives

  3. reliable color settings

  4. Consistent and calculable strength values

  5. constant setting behavior

  6. Independence from the weather

  7. little need for space

  8. Relocation of the quality guarantee from the construction site to the manufacturer

Computer-controlled mixing technique

However, additives must be used sparingly. They change the properties of a mortar even in relatively small quantities - and they are also expensive. A exact dosage is therefore essential.

So it seems logical that dry mortar according to DIN 18557 may only be produced in certain, regularly supervised plants which qualified personnel and technical requirements fulfill. New mixing plants are usually computer-controlled and have gram-accurate weighing equipment.

Development of new building materials

Dry building materials - dry mortar and other home improvement materials: mortar

The development of new, adapted to the building materials dry mortar is without Specialized specialists in a specialist laboratory, such as building material chemist and application engineerunthinkable.

Too complex are the properties of the new material as well as the interaction of the initial products of the mortar. The Specialized laboratories, usually connected to a large building materials supplier, work closely with the suppliers of construction chemical products as well as with processors and architects.

The market release of a new or optimized product is subject to strict internal control and approval bodies. Only after a positive assessment on practice-oriented test sites will the market be launched.

The use of the know-how of specialist laboratories not only led to the optimization of conventional building materials, but also opens the door to new building materials, such as Thermal insulation mortar and thermal insulation plasters.

The building material chemists in the laboratories must first of all deal with the complex interactions of the additives. They play a key role in the optimal properties of the dry mortar.

Chemical additives give them the desired properties such as quick setting, the lgood workability, machinability, high elasticity, good adhesion to the ground and a high water retention capacity.

Compared to the classic building materials only their use allows new construction methods. For example, strongly absorbent substrates need additives that the Reduce dehydration from the mortar and save him from burning.

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