Drywall for a raised bed - a guide

Dry stone walls are a millennia-old construction technique that still enjoys great popularity due to its natural appearance. Dry stone walls can be used for a variety of purposes - including for a raised bed. You can find out how it works here.

Benefits of raised beds

Creating raised beds can make sense for several reasons. On the one hand, a raised bed keeps pests away; on the other hand, a drywall provides an ideal habitat for the "beneficials".

Another reason is the look: With its natural appearance is a raised bed made of natural stones a decorative element that fits very naturally into the garden. In addition, gardening can be carried out much more back-friendly and less strenuous in raised beds.

dry stone walls

A drywall is a wall of natural stone that is only stacked on top of each other without the use of mortar. A drywall is still very stable and has a high load capacity, because the stones wedged into each other. The wall becomes even more stable when you plant it.

Suitable bricks

The easiest way to build a drywall is to use sorted natural stones of approximately the same size (depth). Although such stones are slightly more expensive than unsorted, natural quarrystone, they simplify the work considerably.


The foundation for your raised bed is a substructure made of compacted gravel (base course). For a sufficiently stable foundation you should bag out about 20 cm deep. For compacting, it is best to use a vibrating plate (can be borrowed from a hardware store). For smaller foundations, you can also use the sledgehammer to compact hijab.

Set stones correctly

It is not difficult to set stones correctly, but requires a little practice and a good eye. Always start with the longest stones in the bottom row and fill the butt joint with mother earth. Mother earth also comes between all rows of stones - then you can plant the drywall right away.

From the second row, the stones are always laid alternately: first the big stones are stacked, then the spaces filled with smaller stones, so that the bricks wedge themselves as optimally as possible.

Tips & Tricks

You can also get cheap quarry stone in a quarry near you. But make sure that you also have enough transport capacity. Stones for 2 m² masonry can already weigh more than one ton.

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