Dryer in the kitchen - is that possible?

In some cases, there are concerns about storing the dryer in the kitchen. Where the cause for concern lies, and which ones are groundless, you can read here.

Exhaust air dryer in the kitchen

An exhaust air dryer in the kitchen can not be a problem. The warm and moist air that flows out of the dryer can easily escape through the kitchen window or the exhaust air system into the open air.

Condenser dryer in the kitchen

With a condenser, a very small amount of moist air can escape, and warm air from the dryer flows into the kitchen. Normally, this is not a problem with such low moisture levels. Even cooking alone produces more hot air and more moisture than through the dryer.

Tips & Tricks

To be on the safe side, you can simply open the kitchen window when operating the dryer so that the hot, moist residual air from the dryer can escape more easily. However, this is not necessary in most cases.

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