Dryer does not dry - what is the cause?

If the dryer dries no more or hardly any more, this can have many different causes. What you can check yourself and how you do it best explains in detail and clearly this article.

Cause research according to the operating instructions

Each dryer model is slightly different. As a first step, you should read the operating instructions and start with the recommended measures in the Troubleshooting section. Exclude one point at a time.

If you no longer have the manual, you can also download it for most devices on the Internet. Either go to the manufacturer page, or googling. But you need to know your device model and the model name, so as not to get the wrong instructions.

You should also remember to perform all recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures. Above all, it is important to empty the lint filter and also to thoroughly clean the area behind the sieve. Lint inside are the main cause of dysfunction of the dryer. Also clean the humidity sensors inside the dryer.

Checking the heating elements

To determine if the dryer is heating at all, check if hot air is generated. Remove the heating rods after checking that they are warm and thoroughly clean them. Then insert it again.

If the heating elements do not get warm, you either have a problem with defective heating elements or in the area of ​​the control. In both cases, you should then contact the manufacturer's customer service. Alternatively, you can also commission an electrical company with white goods service.

The error could also be due to the thermostat, possibly also a fuse in the device is defective (durchgeschmort). For most devices, the fuses responsible are located in the area behind the drum.

Just make sure you find a charred or black fuse - if so, it's likely to cause the dryer to stop heating.

Check water tank

If the dryer does not dry, it may also be due to the fact that no water can run into the condensate tank. Empty the container first. Behind the container is an inlet, which is kept very narrow. Check if the inlet is clogged. This is one of the main causes of this error.

Also check the condenser and clean it thoroughly.

Obstacles in the air duct

If there is an obstacle somewhere in the air duct (non-rotating impeller, etc.), it may be that the air flow in the dryer is too low and therefore the laundry needs a long time to dry.

Check the parts as much as possible. You will not be able to access some areas. You must first omit these areas.

Tips & Tricks

If possible after every drying cycle, make sure that you clean the lint filter and also free the sieves near the door from lint. You should definitely pay attention to this, to prevent malfunctions.

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