Put a dryer on the washing machine - what do you have to pay attention to?

Washer and dryer are both very large devices that take up a lot of space. For reasons of space technology, it makes sense to put the devices on top of each other instead of side by side. How and where this is possible at all, which devices are suitable and what tools you need for this, you can read here in detail. In addition, what you have to pay attention when stacking additionally.

Platztechnische considerations

In order to build a tower out of a washer and dryer, certain conditions must be met in both devices. You should only choose this solution if there is really no other option.

Bad ergonomics

Having to bend over in the washing machine after washing and putting it up in the dryer is a heavy burden on the back. Especially people with already existing back problems should remember it.

The insertion and removal of the washing machine and the dryer represent a very unfavorable way of movement. In addition, you give away the chance to make by raising the height of the washing machine at least the granting and sorting of laundry back-friendly.

If both devices are next to each other, you can both raise by 30 - 50 centimeters, and thus greatly reduce the burden on the back. The upper surface of both devices standing next to each other can then also be used for parking the laundry basket and for convenient and back-friendly sorting of the laundry.

Alternative: washing machine in the kitchen

If there is not enough room in the bathroom, you could also consider including the washing machine in the kitchenette. This is visually appealing with the corresponding panels. In the bathroom then only the dryer needs to find space.

Even physically separating both devices is still more ergonomic than putting them together.

Also cellar rooms often offer the possibility to accommodate one or both devices outside the bathroom.

When new construction is also possible to schedule a laundry shaft, which carries the dirty laundry from the bedroom and the bathroom directly into the basement room in front of the washing machine.

Technical obstacles when stacking

When the dryer is placed on the washing machine, it causes some technical problems that must be considered or solved.


Before the tower is built, it must first be discussed with the manufacturer of the washing machine whether the machine is even able to carry the extra weight of the dryer even in the longer term.

Not all machines are designed for this. Manufacturer information should always be proven by a written confirmation. In case of damage, there may otherwise be problems.

Of course, the weight of the dryer must be known. When buying a new dryer, the weight limits specified by the manufacturer of the washing machine should be strictly observed.

For the load-bearing capacity of the washing machine, not only the total weight of the dryer, but also the size of the support surface is crucial, because when stacking necessarily the resulting point load must be considered. The smaller the contact surface, the higher the punctual weight.

Of course, it must also be considered which weight the dryer exerts on the washing machine when it is filled. Wet laundry can be very heavy.


In order to be able to work correctly, the washing machine must be perfectly level with the balance. Otherwise it can lead to an imbalance of the machine and as a result to bearing damage. The

Washing machine is then often completely destroyed after a few years, a bearing replacement is worthwhile due to the cost of washing machines often no longer.

Here is also to pay attention to the stability of the ground. The substrate must not yield, otherwise the weight of the dryer could cause the machine to become unbalanced.

Movements and fall protection

Washing machines move when spinning, but even slightly during the washes. The movements increase with progressive wear of the washing machine yet.

Even if the washing machine hurls with high revolutions (when using a dryer, 1600 spin cycles per minute are recommended so that the laundry is suitable for tumble drying), the dryer should not move so hard that it could fall down.

Conversely, moving or moving the dryer must not cause the washing machine to get out of balance and cause unbalance of the drum. Machines with unbalance detection can then stop in the middle of the program, others may have severe bearing damage after a few years and thus become unusable.

Fixing the dryer

To secure the dryer from falling down, there are so-called Aufsetzrahmen. These frames allow a stable and secure attachment of the dryer on the washing machine.

Mounting frames are available either from the washing machine manufacturer, but also as a universal frame for around 20 - 25 EUR. Ideally, they also distribute the dryer weight evenly on the cover plate of the washing machine and thus ensure a smaller punctual load of the washing machine.

The mounting frame should fit as closely as possible, the models offered by the manufacturer are always to be preferred. Universal frames are always only the second best solution.

Tips & Tricks

Before buying the dryer, consider once whether you need it at all. When a drying room is available, drying the laundry on a leash or on a clotheshorse is usually only a matter of time organization. When you do without a dryer, you also save a lot of expensive electricity.

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