Repairing the dryer - is it worth it?

Somehow we still have stomach ache when we throw a device just a few years old on the scrap because of a damage, and simply get a new one. Actually, that should not be so. In many cases, in fact, nothing else remains. Where a dryer repair can still be worthwhile and where there is definitely a total economic loss, you can read here.

Repair versus throw away

We live in a throwaway society. What does not work anymore, comes to the trash and will be replaced. This is made possible by the very low prices for electrical appliances today, since they can be produced cheaply in enormous quantities. Not always on fair terms, but that's another story.

Repairing electrical appliances is hardly worthwhile today. Spare parts for the short-lived models are hard to come by and if very expensive. Working time also costs a lot of money. Hourly rates of 50 euros upwards are the rule among electricians. If you take both together, a repair is often worthwhile, even with limited defects.

Total economic damage to the dryer

Complete engine damage, a winding damage to the engine, damage to the drive or a defect in the electronic control can be safely regarded as a total economic damage to the dryer. Here are the spare parts almost as expensive as a new device from the low-cost segment. Then there are the installation costs, access and way time.

Basically, you can actually assume that anything that you can not repair yourself already means a total economic loss.

New dryers are already available from around 200 EUR in the trade. This corresponds to a repair of the approach and two working hours and a spare part for 30 euros. For that you already get a brand new tumble dryer with warranty.

Repair the dryer yourself

With a little skill and electrical engineering, you can even fix some defects on the dryer even cheap. In the net one finds again and again for one or the other case a manual - for example on For example, even defective door switches can be repaired themselves or, if necessary, a drive belt can be replaced.

Tips & Tricks

Without sufficient knowledge one should repair under no circumstances electrical equipment. That can be life threatening! In addition, devices are always constructed differently - so you need in any case a guide for the appropriate device.

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