Connecting the tumble dryer correctly - you have to do that

Not all dryers are connected in the same way. What you need to do with individual dryer models, and what you have to pay attention to here, you can read here in brief.

power connection

A power connection requires all dryer models. Make sure that the power cable is as protected as possible and, above all, that it is installed without tripping.

vented dryer

Exhaust air dryers have an exhaust hose, which must either be fixed to an open window or connected to an exhaust pipe (wall opening). How this connection is made depends on the local conditions.

Condenser dryer and heat pump dryer

No exhaust air connection is necessary here. When operating with a condensate tank, no connections need to be made. Only if the condensed water is to be led straight into the drain, must a suitable distributor be installed in the siphon. The dryer drain must always be higher than that of the washing machine.

Tips & Tricks

The condensed water is distilled water, which you can also use for your iron or for non-maintenance-free batteries. It is not germ-free.

Video Board: How to install a dryer vent flexible pipe