Dryer: What costs are incurred per load?

Dryers are - especially since the new aggressive advertising for energy-saving devices - as true power guzzlers. The actual costs for a dryer load on average for the individual device types can be compared here.

Different types of dryers

  • Heat pump dryers (the aggressively advertised energy-saving models, around 50 percent less consumption)
  • Condenser dryer without heat pump technology
  • Exhaust air dryer (with an exhaust hose to the outside)

Energy consumption per charge

The energy consumption of the dryer depends on several factors:

  • Amount of laundry and residual moisture of laundry (can be influenced by height of the spin tours)
  • Selected drying program (ironing and cupping dry consume considerably less energy than extra dry)
  • Technical condition of the dryer (contamination, misplaced supply lines, etc.)

Only finally it depends on the dryer model. For a standard program, the exhaust air dryer requires about 4 kWh per charge (around 1.10 EUR per charge), condenser dryers need about 3.5 kWh (about 90 cents per charge), heat pump dryers about 2 kWh (about 50 cents per charge).

However, these are only average values ​​that can change significantly depending on the conditions of use.

Tips & Tricks

In view of the overall low savings, the purchase of a heat pump dryer is not worthwhile in many cases.

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