The drying time of putty varies

A uniform drying time of putty does not exist. The manufacturer's packaging information only indicates periods. In addition to the processing and material conditions, the time when work can continue on filled surfaces also depends on the type of follow-up coverage.

Relevant parameters

Self-explanatory, deeper filler fillings need a longer drying time than flat fillings. As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that the drying time for putties will increase by about one hour per centimeter of layer thickness. If the follow-up coverage of the filler surfaces is breathable or diffusible, it is possible to continue working after the minimum time spans.

The guideline values ​​of the manufacturers, in most cases between thirty minutes and three hours, vary depending on several external influences. Normal room temperature (18 to 22 degrees Celsius), moderate humidity (50 to 65 percent) and even ventilation keep the time under the maximum.

Delays in drying occur with cold walls. When filling exterior walls in basements, it is always necessary to assume a time allowance of about thirty percent.

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