Pre-drill Rigips dowels?

Drywall walls have long been standard. As a result, the requirements for dowels have changed significantly and corresponding types are used. Many still do not know too much about plasterboard fastening techniques. Therefore, the question arises, how and whether Rigips dowels are to be predrilled.

Nearly all newer buildings are built using drywall technology

In the 1990s, plasterboard could finally prevail as an efficient and cost-effective expansion variant for interior design. The gypsum plasterboard (GK) can be mounted directly on the ground or built free standing on a stand. Also on the ceiling a distinction is made according to direct mounting and suspended drywall ceilings.

Various dowels for plasterboard

This results in the first differences, if you want to put a dowel. If the plasterboards are raised or mounted directly on the ground, in most cases you can put the plug in the ground yourself. For pure GK walls, on the other hand, you need special dowels. Different types of dowels are distinguished here:

  • Plasterboard plug
  • Plastic cavity dowel
  • Cavity dowels made of metal
  • Spring toggle bolts

Please keep in mind that all mentioned dowels in Rigips have a different load capacity (after the listing from top to bottom increasing load capacity). At the same time, however, the sustainability of drywall elements is also crucial. This is governed inter alia in DIN 18180 and DIN 18182.

Secure plasterboard dowels without pre-drilling in Rigips wall

Plasterboard dowels are Rigips dowels that you do not need to pre-drill. Instead, the scope of supply includes an insert for cordless screwdriver or drill. This is placed in the chuck, then plugged the dowel.

Now you drill with feeling in the Rigips. Especially when tightening the dowel you must proceed with feeling - the dowel must not twist. Then you can screw in the screw. Again, you must proceed with feeling again.

Cavity dowels and spring-loaded dowels with pre-drilling in plasterboard

For the other anchor types, you must pre-drill the dowel hole in the thickness specified on the dowel pack. Spring clips are opened with a special tool (on the cavity wall inside these unfolded wings are later and represent the counterforce to the crimped dowel body.

With the cavity dowels, you must again make sure that you do not over tighten the screws, because then the also squeezed dowel would damage the plasterboard massively. If you have never used one or the other dowel type, you should practice on a piece of plasterboard to get a sense of how tight you can pull the respective screws.

Tips & Tricks

The specialized trade offers devices with which you can locate pipes and electrical lines in walls. This principle is also applicable to the lying under the plasterboard battens. Then, using drywall screws (such as Spax), you can attach components directly to screws that have been turned into the battens.

Rigips is a brand name for plasterboard, which has established itself as the colloquial designation for plasterboard. In this very context we too use this term. The use does not represent a specific purchase recommendation on our part.

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