Drywall on parquet

Again and again it happens that in retrospect walls or room dividers are to be drawn. Drywall panels are available here. However, this raises the question of whether and how a drywall on parquet is to be set up.

Drywall on parquet - against all construction standards

In principle, there is an approach that does not follow the technical building standards - and a drywall on parquet is not a technical standard - the question of where the disadvantages. And they are serious. Damming a drywall is extremely difficult on Parket. It can be compared to the question of whether a drywall can be set up on screed.

Sound insulation in a drywall on parquet

In both cases, it goes without saying, but it should not be done. The soundproofing can hardly be made. In addition, the drywall must be attached to the ground. In this case, not only would the parquet be damaged. The vibrations from the parquet are transferred to the drywall, so the sound insulation is extremely bad.

Stability of the drywall

For short walls, you can bridge by attaching the drywall only to the outer points on wall connections. So that the sound does not transfer from the floor, a rubber track can be inserted as a decoupling. However, the longer the drywall becomes, the more unstable it becomes due to the lack of ground fixation.

No attachment points on the ceiling

On the ceiling, a dry wall is not fastened for similar reasons. Ceilings bend through. A permanently connected to the ceiling drywall would inevitably form tension cracks. However, there are also rubber bands, which are offered specifically for this purpose. They compensate the ceiling deflection.

Disadvantages of a drywall on parquet

So there are several aspects that speak against a drywall on parquet:

  • in no way complies with building standards
  • Sound decoupling is problematic if the floor may or may not be damaged
  • Stability in longer drywall walls problematic if the element may not or may not be attached to the ground
  • when attached to the ground significant damage to the parquet

The correct procedure would be to remove the parquet at least in the area of ​​the partition wall. Incidentally, the same applies to the underlying screed. Here may be added the problem of underfloor heating.

For a room divider or temporarily possibly acceptable

The alternative would be a drywall on parquet, which just does not meet the construction standards. For a room divider or a temporary drywall that may well be a viable solution, as long as stability and sound insulation (decoupling by rubber bands) be given.

Tips & Tricks

Another problem with drywall walls is their resilience. You can read more about the load capacity of a drywall here.

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