Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for drywall screwdriver comparison or test 2018

  • A drywall screwdriver is a tool for screwing in and out screws in wood, gypsum or metal joints and is used primarily in interior construction such. B. when building drywall.
  • Unlike the cordless screwdriver, the drywall screwdriver has a particularly high speed and is therefore particularly fast and efficient.
  • Drywall screwdrivers are available in the simple version without magazine and in the professional equipment with magazine. With the latter, the screws are automatically tightened, so you do not have to manually set each screw on the screwdriver bit.

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: 2018

The Germans are particularly interested in drilling, drilling and bolting: according to a market forecast by Statista, the turnover of DIY and home improvement supplies at the end of 2017 will amount to more than 18 million euros. But the world of tools in the expanses of the hardware store universe is big and wide and the choice of different device types can quickly overwhelm. In our drywall screwdriver comparison 2018, we took a closer look at a very special type of drywall screwdrivers and tell you in the context of our purchase advice, when it should be used and which qualities and characteristics you should pay particular attention to when buying.

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1. Drywall screwdrivers are characterized by their speed

Drywall screwdriver in the test

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: comparison

Unfortunately, there is still no drywall screwdriver test of Stiftung Warentest. However, the testing institute regularly examines various types of tools for home improvement use. So the foundation tested z. Eg in the issue 02/2007 Cordless Drill or Percussion Drill in issue 05/2010. In both cases, the tenor of the conclusions was similar: Cheap equipment scores worse than quality tools as they often have deficiencies in function and operation. Therefore, here too, if you want to enjoy your device for a long time, you should not resort to the cheapest drywall screwdrivers.

Drywall screwdrivers are drywall tools that are encountered on construction sites, especially in interior design. They often occur in the construction of gypsum drywall walls, but can also be used for other material connections, such as fixing wooden panels to terrace bridges. In contrast to other screwdrivers, the drywall screwdriver is characterized by its high speed and the associated efficiency and speed. He is especially appreciated for screwing in and out of screws very quickly. However, you can not drill with a drywall screwdriver, as it does not have an integrated drill chuck.

Usually, the drywall screwdriver is aligned with hexagon socket head cap screws (1/4 inch). Thanks to its compact size and light weight, it is handy and can handle screwdriving nimble. But not always the use of a drywall screwdriver is advisable. So he is less suitable for large screw because he z. B. in contrast to the cordless screwdriver has less torque and a lower impact force. Rather, he is the right choice if you:

  • want to work very fast
  • have to attach a lot of screws
  • a very light and handy device

Although this type of device is a very special but very useful tool, it is also true that drywall screwdrivers are not the same as drywall screwdrivers. Again, there are different types and functions that we would like to introduce to you in the following section.

2. Different categories of drywall robbers

Electric DrywallCordless Drywall

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: drywall

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: comparison

usually have more power
well suited for long work phases
are lighter than battery models
need power source nearby
Cable at work in the way
do not need a power source
are good for transport
no annoying cable in the way
usually have a higher weight
usually have a lower performance

In addition to the two screwdriver variants, you also have the choice between a drywall screwdriver with magazine and one without magazine. The former is particularly suitable if you have to screw in a lot of screws in a row, eg. As in the installation of dry walls, which require experience many screws. The magazine ensures that screws are tightened continuously automaticallyso you do not have to put them on by hand. This represents an enormous time and labor savings. For a drywall screwdriver without a magazine attachment, you must insert a new bit onto the bit after each screwdriver. H. put on the attachment of drywall screwdriver. In many models, however, the holder for the bit attachments is provided with a magnetso that the screws at least have a safer grip and you do not run the risk of them dropping you before screwing them in too often.

Here you will find again the main advantages and disadvantages of a drywall screwdriver with magazine opposite one without magazine:

  • no independent fitting of the screws
  • high time savings
  • a hand is always free
  • is worse in the hand
  • has a higher weight

3. Purchase advice: How to find your personal drywall screwdriver test winner

3.1. device type

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: screwdrivers

Whether a magazine screwdriver, electrical appliance or drywall screwdriver with battery depends entirely on your planned drywall work.

Which type of drywall screwdriver is suitable for you depends on what you want to use the drywall tool. Are you a die-hard hobby handyman or even a professional, in which such devices are often used in larger-scale construction projects, In any case, the purchase of a drywall magazine screwdriver is worthwhile. Although this is heavier and bulkier in the hand, but for experienced handyman hands, this should not be a problem. Rather, here is the time savingsat the top.

The same applies to the choice between electric drywall screwdriver or the variant with battery. If you want to handle a lighter device better and want to do smaller work, this is certainly well-advised with a less expensive electric screwdriver with cable. Going into more complex and extensive projects can quickly disrupt the power cord and the fact that you always have to be near a power source. Here you should rather invest in a cordless drywall screwdriver.

Note: Keep in mind, however, that a drywall screwdriver with a battery often has less power than an electric drywall screwdriver. Depending on which materials you primarily want to use the device for, you should make sure that your cordless screwdriver has the necessary speed and torque when purchasing it. And most important: do not forget to charge the battery in time!

3.2. Speed ​​and torque

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: drywall

Drywall screwdrivers from Makita are especially popular and of high quality.

The speed indicates how fast your drywall screwdriver is able to turn screws in material connections. The torque in turn reflects the strength with which the screws are connected to the material. How high speed and torque should be depends on what type of material you want to bolt. Various drywall screwdriver tests have shown that, for example, for gypsum fiber and wood joints a device with a number of revolutions of 2,500 revolutions per minute good. So if you are looking for a drywall screwdriver for wood, the speed may rather be located in the lower range. For screwing gypsum fiber boards with a metal construction, the dry scrubber should already have between 4,000 - 4,500 revolutions and for pure metal work even 6,000.

The torque of the drywall screwdriver must also be sufficiently high and, depending on the model type, is between 10 and 20 Nm (Newton meters). Depending on which materials you work with, the torque should be correspondingly high. Would you like z. B. process wood, so generally sufficient torque of 10 Nm; for metalwork, however, this should be at least 15 Nm or more.

In contrast to the drywall screwdrivers from Bosch or the popular Makita drywall screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers have a significantly lower speed, but a much higher torque. As a rule this is at least 100 Nm for cordless screwdrivers. Therefore, you can use much larger screws with a cordless screwdriver.

3.3. Extras & additional features

Drywall Screwdriver Comparison 2018: screwdrivers

A drywall screwdriver incl. Attachment for a magazine and belt hook.

In addition to extras such as a magazine or a spare battery, you should also pay attention to additional features when you buy a drywall screwdriver. First, he should have an adjustable depth stop. This allows you to preset the screwing depth so that you can be sure that each of the screws is inserted evenly into the material. In addition, your drywall screwdriver should also have a switch for a right-left run. If necessary, you can not only screw in screws, but also remove them by turning them to the left.

Less essential, but still useful accessories that have the best drywall screwdriver, z. B. a Carrying case and a belt hook, While your drywall screwdriver in a suitcase is always adequately protected, especially during transport, you can temporarily fasten your screwdriver with a belt hook, thus making your hands available for other intermediate work.

4. Important brands & manufacturers of drywall screwdrivers

Among drywall screwdrivers, the drywall screwdrivers from Makita and the drywall screwdrivers from Bosch are sometimes the most popular. Here you will find oneConsiderable selection of different models of different price ranges. But also the drywall screwdrivers from Hilti and the Einhell drywall screwdrivers are well-known to amateur DIY enthusiasts and reliably good quality.

Here you will find famous manufacturers at a glance:

  • Einhell
  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • Hilti
  • DeWalt
  • Kress
  • Festool
  • Metabo

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