Vacuum dusty walls successfully

During construction and renovation, two extremely fine, resistant and tough types of dust are created. Building and sanding dust settle in every crack and unevenness. Loose and dry dust can be sucked off. Mostly, the walls are only really clean, if in addition to the suction is also wiped. Commercially good aids are available.

Dust types and prevention

The two most typical types of dust around the construction and processing of walls is sanding and cement dust. While conventional household dust, which can be removed for example on textured plaster or wallpaper with a conventional vacuum cleaner, the fine mounting dust are more persistent.

In general, the dust development can be contained in advance. Helpful measures are:

  • Use sanding machines with automatic suction device
  • Moisten the surfaces to be processed
  • Moisten the abrasive
  • Set up the vacuum generator during masonry and wall work

Combine three cleaning methods

Despite the tools used, dusting can never be completely avoided when smoothing, sanding and building.

To remove even the finest dusts, three co-operating cleaning methods are the most effective:

  • to brush
  • suck
  • wipe

With brush attachments, household vacuum cleaners combine two of the three methods. It is true that with the fineness of the dust, the suction power of the device and the hardness of the bristles must increase. Since 2017, the maximum output for vacuum cleaners in the EU has been limited to 900 watts. The manufacturers have reacted to this legal regulation. Therefore, when choosing a device, not only the motor power should be considered, but the actual suction power.

Physical dust properties

Dust consists of small and smallest particles. They are whirled up and attracted by a deliberately applied air vacuum. However, the particles often combine with moisture in the air or wall. This film can either be dried out or wiped off. For very fine gypsum and cement dusts, a room dryer helps in some cases to bring the dust back into an absorbable particle form.

Detergents should not be used as much as possible during the removal of dust, as the ingredients almost all cause the particles to stick together.

Tips & Tricks

In hardware stores and construction equipment rental companies you will find high performance vacuum cleaners that you can borrow. For more extensive construction or renovation, the loan is worthwhile for a final cleaning.

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