Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool

Test procedure for the Dyson fan

At the beginning of the functional test, the delivered packaging was checked for possible damage even before opening. The scope of delivery was also checked for completeness and material and workmanship. The comprehensive instructions for use was richly illustrated and thus lnot easy to understand, In addition, she gave decisive tips for installing and commissioning the new fan heater.

In the practical test, the "hot" heating function of the Dyson AM05 was first put into operation and the living space on 28° C heated. When the room temperature has reached, the device has switched off automatically. Afterwards, with the help of the fan function "cool", the warm air could be moved but not really cooled down. Here it becomes clear: The AM05 is a fan, no air conditioning.

The duration, volume and the achieved effect were evaluated accordingly. Also advertised safety precautions were tested and evaluated by the adjustment of potential dangerous situations.

Dyson fan in the test

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: dyson

After this Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner market and also in the field of Hand dryer for the bathroom has made a name for itself, the British brand is now aiming to reinvent the ordinary fan heater and establish it as a stylish home accessory.

With the AM05 hot + cool Dyson creates a technical peculiarity that should both cool and warm the premises. As with the predecessor AM01, the fan also comes without rotor blades and convinces with his innovative design.

But does the miraculous air multiplication of the intelligent Air Multiplier (AM) really justify the price of 339 euros? We've tested the performance, functionality, design and comfort of the Dyson AM05 for you and compared it to traditional propellers.

Technical specifications

Mass: 2.4 kg Cable length: 1,8 m power consumption: 2000 W maximum air flow: 170 l / s Temperature setting: 1-37° C Blower levels: 10 Pivotable: Yes Tiltable: Yes Price: from 339 €

Delivery in sturdy packaging

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: heater

Separation segments create order and stabilize the individual components during transport.

The Dyson AM05 hot + cool comes in a large, rectangular box. Already at the first opening this packaging convinces by a clear arrangement of the contained components. The carton is equipped with additional separating segments in which the individual elements are inserted for safe transport.

The narrow radio remote control and the round base are individually packed next to the large main unit and therefore safely packed, a scratching of the smooth surfaces is specifically counteracted here. Screws or other small parts become to Installation of the fan heater not required.

Without great effort, all parts can be properly packaged again and easily stowed until the next use.

The instruction manual in DinA4 format is through a additional protective film waterproof packed. It impresses with strikingly large and partly color-designed images with helpful comments in different languages. Already on the front the correct installation is explained in detail.

General instructions for correct operation are described in an understandable manner, technical features and special safety instructions are highlighted. Unfortunately, information on type-appropriate missing cleaning measures of the innovative household appliance.

Innovative design supports the security concept

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: heater

The fan heater impresses with its functionality and modern design.

With its interesting optic reminds the Dyson AM05 little to a large and unwieldy household appliance. On the contrary, the fan heater becomes the modern home accessory With dynamic forms and colored plain surfaces, Here the customer can choose between different color combinations, such as white / silver, anthracite / blue or black / nickel.

The different buttons close with the surface of the fan heater, the temperature display consists of a contemporary LED display. If you rely on the unity of classic elegance and innovative technology, you will be amazed by this fan heater.

An essential aspect of the design concept are the missing ones rotor blades an ordinary fan. Thus, the design supports the safety of the product, because the potential dangers of pinched fingers or ripped hair is already prevented. The heating function has convinced us, even after a long time Operating time the surfaces of the AM05 are still cool, so that a burning of the skin can be excluded with careless handling.

Dyson advertises with an additional safety feature, after which the fan heater falls in a fall automatically turns off, Our test has shown that the Dyson AM05 actually interrupts its heating and cooling function and completely shuts off as soon as it is placed on the floor to the side. If you put the device back on the stable base, the Dyson AM05 must be restarted by pressing a button.

The smooth structure of the easily accessible surfaces can also be effortlessly cleaned with a soft cloth.

Installation of the fan heater and swivel function

The manufacturer promises a strong performance low power consumption, This can not be understood in the product test, but should still be mentioned. However, before the device can be put into operation, it must be set up professionally. Dyson uses eye-catching inscriptions on the device itself: small stickers mark important points of intersection, which simply have to be brought together and tightened for correct assembly. On clearly audible click signals the right structure and a secure footing.

Fortunately, the stickers can be removed effortlessly and without residue thanks to small tabs. In addition, remove the danger warning on the blower ring - otherwise, adhesive residues could form at higher temperatures, for sure.

For optimal distribution of warm or cold air, the Dyson AM05 can be swiveled in any direction.

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: test

Dyson tilted forward

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: cool

Dyson in straight alignment

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: cool

Dyson tilted backwards

The two modes of operation in the practical test

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: dyson

The remote Control can be attached to the blower ring thanks to the magnet.

The operation of the different functions is self explanatory, Different buttons for the temperature, the blower power and the swivel function facilitate the handling of the user. In case of initial ambiguity, a quick look at the detailed operating instructions will help.

The handy remote control also allows all functions to be operated conveniently from a distance. The required battery is included in the delivery and can easily be changed with light pressure on the underside of the remote control.

For storage Dyson has integrated a magnet, with which the small remote control can practically be attached to the fan.

The special feature of the fan is its heating function, Here you can easily select the desired temperature between 1-37° C with the aid of the red and blue selector switches. The AM05 heats until the entered room temperature is reached and then switches off automatically. If it gets cooler again, the device will automatically start again thanks to the integrated intelligent thermostat.

Dealing with the Dyson hot + cool As a fan heater is therefore very simple.

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: multiplier

The color selection buttons and the LED display match the modern design.

When you get the temperature up 0° C make, the fan heater is a fan. This is effective, but has shown in the test but still a weakness: the volume. Even at the lowest blower level, the Dyson is simply too loud for use in the inhabited interior due to its higher speed.

However, the wind production is surprisingly strong - after all, you will not be able to use all ten blower levels in midsummer.

The designation of the fan function as cool remains slightly misleading, because of the Dyson AM05 hot + cool is not air conditioning, which cools the air in the room, but only brings some movement into the warm air - just like a fan, only without the rotor blades.

Conclusion for the Dyson AM05 hot + cool

Dyson Fan Test: Fan Heater Dyson Air Multiplier 05 hot + cool: dyson

The Dyson AM05 hot + cool convinced by the appealing design and its new functional scope. As a fan heater and fan, the new Dyson scores in terms of performance and comfort: It is perfect for heating even larger rooms and is very productive even at the smallest blower level.

In addition to the lack of cleaning instructions, the ongoing running noises seemed to be problematic, so we advise against using them as a fan in the living area. Nevertheless, at a summer party with a certain background noise, he can also provide a conversation piece in addition to a pleasant cooling. In the frosty winter, you can also use the handy fan heater as an extra because of its low power consumption Use frost protection in the conservatory.

Due to the above-average volume and the lack of information on the professional cleaning at a high price, we deduct a star. Compared with other fan heaters and fans, the Dyson AM05 cuts off hot + cool but very well, he scores particularly with his extraordinary design and his Functionality.

The overall concept is based on user-friendliness, style awareness and security, leaving nothing to be desired.

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