E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for e-bike ladies comparison or test 2018

  • With an e-bike or pedelec for ladies, you pedal in a relaxed manner and reach your destination without sweat-inducing effort. In addition to the classic e-city bike, there are also sporty e-trekking bikes or foldable e-bikes.
  • E-bikes and pedelecs differ in terms of their drive. An electric bike does not necessarily need your footwork to get you through the traffic. Pedelecs, on the other hand, only serve as a stepping aid and do not completely take over the work.
  • The main advantage of an e-bike for women is that the additional electric motor minimizes the arduous aspect of cycling, enabling even sick or elderly female cyclists to drive.

E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018: comparison

In the 19th century, the German teacher invented Karl Drais one of the most important Means modern times - the bicycle. Drais called his invention Vélocipède, but the vehicle had little to do with the sporty and colorful bicycles that today's Roads and cycle paths line.

E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018: women

Early practice: Cycling conveys valuable motor skills.

Modern bicycles are not just part of the lively cityscape; They are also faithful companions in the fields sport and freetime become. Already at the age of two or three children are already climbing on a children's bike for the first time, not only learning motor-driven movement sequences, but also the demands of road traffic.

Once you have learned cycling, the individual application areas are very diverse. Whether you use the bike as a means of transportation to master the way to the office, or the bicycle - as Mountain bike or trekking bike - used for athletic training: In any case, the bike increases the condition and supports your own health.

But not everyone is looking for a workout on two wheels. If you want the benefits of relaxed cycling in the fresh air Do not want to miss, but want some support in the difficult pedaling is a E-bike or pedelec the right choice. Especially for ladies these practical bikes are a good and less arduous alternative. So you do not miss the landing, we have one for you detailed purchase advice compiled in the following e-bike ladies comparison 2018.

1. What characterizes an e-bike for women?

Refueling was yesterday!

Technical progress never sleeps - nor in the case of relatively new e-bikes. Whether you drive an e-mountain bike (MTB), an e-folding bike, S-pedelec or another e-bike model for men or women, with the popular models you will definitely not come to the end of the world. On average The batteries of the bikes must be charged after 70 to 150 km be, which is quite a few hours can claim. All the better that a team of Researchers from the University of Milan has developed a concept which makes charging obsolete. Bike + uses the accumulated energy when braking or driving downhill and thus feeds the battery of the wheel. However, when this drive goes into production is not yet clear.

If you turn your back on your old bike and sign up for a modern electric bike The following should be noted: Both E-bikes as well as pedelecs for women have an electric motor, The basic difference between the two bikes, however, lies in said electric drive.

While a pedelec, what means pedal electric cycle means only one supportive stepping aid represents, a real E-bike offers the possibility, even without continuous pedaling to move forward. Despite this difference, both terms are used mostly used synonymously, In our e-bike ladies test you will find only semi-electric pedelecs, as this variant has the nose of the buyers.

So that the motorized two-wheelers can also give rubber, they need a battery, How powerful it is and what route you can take with your e-bike for women differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, the information can be found in the notes when buying. Depending on the model up to 150 km makeable. This not only makes the women's pedelec interesting for short trips to shopping or the office, but also offers the opportunity to participate in long tours and to overcome difficult inclines and rough terrain.

The Pros and cons of a ladies e-bike Here's the point:

  • allows you to travel large distances
  • especially suitable for elderly female cyclists
  • very environmentally friendly
  • large selection - right e-bike variant for every sport or leisure area
  • quite heavy - weigh u.U. up to 29 kg
  • resulting electricity costs when charging the battery

2. What ladies e-bike types are there?

Meanwhile are E-bikes no insider tip more. Classic brands such as Fischer, Pegasus, Haibike, Prophete and Diamant offer numerous e-bike models, so you do not have to restrict yourself. Also more unusual wheel types are already powered electrically, Among them are also:

  • E-Speed ​​Bike
  • E-bike
  • E-recumbent
  • E-cross bike

Some manufacturers even offer E-bikes for children on. However the opinion is split about it. For one, some bike experts fear that children will not be as cautious about speeding pedelecs as they are possible source of danger for yourself and other road users can represent; In addition, cycling promotes physical condition and motor skills.

If parents put their kids on an e-bike too early, go for it positive factors of cycling lost. It is generally recommended that children under the age of 14 should travel better on a conventional bicycle.

However, search in electric ladies bikeso these are the three common types:

E-City BikeThe electric city bike is reminiscent of a visually classic ladies bike, This bike for women usually has one low entrance and often comes with a handy luggage rack. In addition, the wide handlebar offers the options to attach a bicycle basket.

City bikes are the ideal city bikes as they pass through comfortable saddles and easy to get off and on are suitable for every age group due to the low entry level. Occasionally, this e-bike type has an extra brake: the resignation, This increases safety in city traffic.

Electric hybrid bicycleWhile the city bike looks very classic and impresses with large tires and a wide frame, you are with a touring bike much sportier on road. The entry of the bike is higher than the women's bike; the Frame and tires are narrower, In addition, these lady bikes usually have one higher gear number on. With a 24-speed Shimano transmission, you're more agile on the road than if your bike has only three different gears.

E-trekking bikes are above all made for the distance, So that the battery does not fail you on the way, you should always have a look at the loading display of trekking e-bikes. Especially on longer tours, the suspension of the Trethilfe can be a disadvantage.

E-folding bikeAn electric folding bike convinced especially by his space-saving features, The bike can be Fold with a few simple steps, which not only takes up little storage space at home, but can also be on the way - in subway, bus and tram - can be beneficial.

The folding ladybike is especially suitable for female cyclists who only occasionally swing on the saddle and do not plan long tours with their e-bike. So you do not unnecessarily fill up your garage and still enjoy it all the comfortable features of an electric bike.

Let's take it easy: In addition to women, according to a survey from 2013 with 48 percent positive about the purchase of an e-bike said, it is mainly the senior citizens, which represent a coveted target group for motorized two-wheelers. But with it increases the risk of accidents, Because in old age, not only does the speed of reaction decrease, but also dealing with an increased speed, compared to a normal bicycle, must be learned. So do it absolutely at least a test drivebefore you venture into the traffic with your e-bike.

3. Purchase criteria for e-bikes for women: You have to pay attention

3.1. That's it?

The word cycling is no coincidence. First and foremost, do yourself and your health with the regular use Your personal e-bike ladies test winner a big favor. The best ladies e-bike should therefore even on longer distancesso you can enjoy the opportunity for extended outdoor cycling tours. Therefore, the range of the electric bike of your choice is of great importance.

The manufacturers specify the maximum range of their electric bicycles. But these numbers are actually to be understood as maximum values. Depending on the use of the pedal assist, the mileage may also be below the manufacturer's specifications and quit earlier.

Because the battery charging time up to twelve hours Plan this time when you go on a cycling holiday or have your ladies pedelec in daily use. A look at the Charge indicator of the display Gives you information about the optimal time to recharge.

3.2. Not for weak upper arms

Anyone who thinks that an e-bike women's bike is a lightweight bike is wrong. On average, the electric bikes weigh between 25 and 29 kg, The high weight results mainly from the installed engine and the battery. In addition, most manufacturers use in the test Aluminum frame, which also contribute to the stately weight.

If you are looking for a lighter model, you should look better carbonFrame. However, these copies are not among the cheap ladies e-bikes.

3.3. Is the frame height correct?

Before you buy an e-bike for women, you should get one View of the frame height Throw your motorized favorite. The right model depends on your own height. Mostly there are wheels for women with the wheel size 28 inches. But also e-bikes with 26 inch is on the bike market. These cover on average the Body sizes from 165 to 180 cm from.

3.4. Which engines use e-bikes for women?

E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018: women

Off the middle - with a mid-engine you are on the safe side.

Whether pedelec or e-bike - all Electric bicycles for ladies use a variant of the following three electric motors:

  1. bottom bracket: The bottom bracket motor is also found under the name mid-engine again. As the name implies, this engine is located in the middle part of the bike, creating a stable, medium center of gravity. This has the advantage that your bike is not overloaded at the front or the rear and is relatively balanced on the road.
  2. front engine: The front engine is located on the front wheel and looks relatively outdated next to the bottom bracket motor. By sitting on the prominent part of the wheel, this variant tends to slipping quickly - especially when the road is wet and curvy.
  3. rear engine: The rear engine has plenty of power under the hood and is therefore often used for the sporty bike variants. On the other hand, this engine has the disadvantage that the center of gravity of the wheel is already shifted slightly to the rear. This is reinforced by the rear drive and may cause the e-bike to quickly lose stability when off-road.

Both the front and the rear engine are among the hub motors, The bicycle hub is centrally located in the wheel and serves u.a. for fixing the spokes.

4. Take care when using women's e-bikes

E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018: ladies

On the display, you always see how much power your battery still has.

When buying a model from the Ladies E-Bike Test you will notice that all wheels own a display, There, not only the battery level is displayed, but in addition, which engine support you just selected and how many kilometers you have already done.

Besides this information you can also use yours current cruising speed see. For pedelecs this is on average not over 25 km / h, That's because of driving a pedelec even without driver's license and insurance is possible and thus subject to a speed limit of 25 km / h. When you go above that speed, the engine minimizes the amount of support it provides, providing a relatively consistent ride without getting too fast.

5. FAQ about E-Bike ladies bike

5.1. Did Stiftung Warentest test e-bikes for women?

Most recently, the testing institute dealt with the bicycle category e-bike in issue 07/2016. 15 pedelecs from different price categories were put to the test; The foundation awarded the foundation at least seven products.

5.2. How to Care for a Ladies E-Bike

In general, the care of a ladies E-bike is not very different from the care of a normal bike for women. Nevertheless, you should pay a lot of attention if you want to enjoy your vehicle for a long time.

Check the brakes regularly! If you do not have the expertise, just use the offers from Bicycle dealers, Especially in winter, some workshops offer complete inspections for pedelecs and e-bikes for about 80 euros.

So you are always on the safe side in terms of maintenance. In addition, you can also use the Check air pressure and thus exclude any possible punctures.

When the months get colder and you want to winterize your E-bike, we recommend that Remove the battery, This should, at best, overwinter in a frost-free place to avoid possible damage to the electronics. If you have too little space in the garage, then a bicycle box would be a good alternative for the bike and accessories.

5.3. What's stopping an electric ladies bike?

E-Bike Ladies Comparison 2018: ladies

In a bicycle box, the e-bike is safe for women and is weather-protected.

On average, one can say that most electric bikes for ladies a load limit of 130 kg to have. Some models are allowed too only with 100 kg be loaded. The maximum weight differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, you can easily find this information in the instructions for your two-wheeler.

5.4. Can you convert a conventional women's bike into an e-bike?

That's fine! If you can not move to buying an e-bike because you've gotten used to your old bike, you can E-Bike Kit to acquire. These kits contain all the elemental parts you need to upgrade need.

However, we recommend this variant only if both skilled craftsmanship as well as prior knowledge exist. If you are not sure whether you can easily make the conversion, you should consult a specialist. Useful tips for this project are offered by this video:

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