Clean silver earrings - 3 tricks

Silver earrings are often especially affected. They change color quickly and even become completely black over time. In part, this is because we accidentally come to the silver with hair products and creams. How to clean the earrings from silver quickly and easily, we show here in the 3 tricks.

1. Clean regularly

Earrings are exposed to countless attacks every day. Whether chemicals or just the fat of the fingers, the earrings are touched much more often than we think. So you do not have to work silver earrings so often with a proper silver cleaner, you should get a soft toothbrush.

If possible even a brush with natural bristles. Then clean the earrings about once a week with a drop of dishwashing detergent and the soft brush. Then rinse the earrings with plenty of clear water and dry them well.

2nd silver bath yes - but clean up!

The fine and often entangled structures of silver earrings are difficult to reach. If the earrings made of silver really have become completely black, only a real silver bath will help. However, it is especially important to rinse the silver very thoroughly with clear cold water. After that, the pieces of jewelry just have to be dried off.

3. toothpaste

The soft toothbrush mentioned above can also be used together with some white toothpaste. In contrast to the repeatedly recommended baking soda, the toothpaste not only cleanses but also kills bacteria. So if you tend to inflammation of pierced ears, should always prefer the toothpaste.

Purification of silver

  • Regular cleaning prevents tarnishing
  • Silver bath quite okay, but must be rinsed well
  • Toothpaste with a soft brush is the better solution

Tips & Tricks

The old tip of our grandmothers to clean the silver with aluminum foil, salt and boiling water, especially in earrings often causes damage. In each of these actions a little silver is lost. If the silver of beautiful earrings is then only a millimeter thick, you can roughly calculate when the earring breaks. For delicate jewelry so do not use!

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