Earthy or colorful in a warm or colorful look: Mediterranean tiles

The classic image, which evolves with the idea of ​​Mediterranean tiles, is brownish beige to orange reddish terracotta. In addition, the multitude of Mediterranean countries has incorporated many Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Roman and Oriental styles.

Cross section from east to west

No matter which part of the Mediterranean the land borders on, the Mediterranean tiles all have in common that they commute between light and earthy shades and are inspired by sunshine and good weather.

While in the eastern Mediterranean, the Mediterranean tiles with Turkish and Greek influences play mainly with the colors blue and white, the Roman-Italian style often reminds that the world's most notable marble deposits are mined here.

In the western Mediterranean, the oriental influence is stronger and the producers from Tunisia and Morocco often produce their performing tile art by hand. The Europe's leading tile industry in Spain combines the playful and sometimes very colorful oriental style elements with the restraint of greater European objectivity.

Price range as big as the Mediterranean Sea

The price ranges for Mediterranean tiles are as large as the countries of origin and production types are different. As a rough guideline, a square meter price of fifty to eighty euros can be used as the basis for calculation. In this price range, almost all types of Mediterranean tiles are available, with individual varieties and species can cost as little as twenty euros and some more exclusive tiles from over a hundred euros.

Sources of supply by country

An online retailer specializing in Spanish tiles can be found at, which, with its very extensive and clearly arranged product range, offers almost all Mediterranean variants of Spanish style.

The characteristic features of Italian tiles are extensively illustrated and illustrated at Of course, marble plays a big role here.

The colorful and colorful Mediterranean tiles from Morocco and Tunisia can be found at or A very authentic and handcrafted offer sells the

A specialist for Mediterranean tiles from the Greek area and the Roman culture can be found on Two Turkish manufacturers of Mediterranean tiles can be found at and

Tips & Tricks

Mediterranean tiles were and are created and large mosaics with historical representations. Whether Michelangelo's David, a portrait of Goethe or the Medusa by Ivenzo, the internet portal offers tile sets with mosaics of all kinds, sizes and prices

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