Make Easter baskets

Handicraft instructions and templates for Easter baskets

Make Easter baskets: baskets

During the big egg hunt, children put presents in an Easter basket and present them proudly to their family. In addition, the little baskets are happy with Easter eggs, sweets and other little things filled and on the Easter days as a gift presented. Even as a colorful table decoration they decorate every Easter breakfast.

Whether with or without handle, as a classic basket, made of construction paper or sturdy cardboard, wire or wood in shabby look: With our craft instructions, you and your children can make their own Easter baskets and design to your heart's content. Our print template will help you.

Easter basket made of cardboard

material list

  • Colorful, slightly stronger construction paper
  • adhesive
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors

Crafting instructions for a Easter basket made of paper

  1. The piece of paper is cut to dimensions 21 x 21 cm. Then you draw in nine equal fields and cut the dashed lines.
  2. Then the two side parts are folded to the middle and the outer wings folded.
  3. The adjacent parts are now glued together.
  4. The remaining paper strip is glued to the Easter basket as a handle.
  5. Finally, you stick the last pieces of paper and fill the basket with sweets.

Make Easter baskets: baskets

Record 3 x 3 squares and a long rectangle on purple craft cardboard.

Make Easter baskets: paper

Cut the dashed lines and fold the cardboard along the solid lines.

Make Easter baskets: make

Fold and fasten the outer squares as shown in the picture.

Make Easter baskets: baskets

Stick the handle and the side pieces.

Make Easter baskets: paper

A small Easter basket for sweets.

Make Easter baskets: make

Crafting template for Easter baskets: The individual squares have an edge length of 7 x 7 cm. Please click to enlarge.

Video: Wicker basket made of paper

Make Easter Bunny baskets out of construction paper

This beautiful crafting idea is suitable as a table decoration for the Easter breakfast or as a small gift bag, which is hidden for the egg hunt. The following materials should be available for this:

  • Brown and white (or yellow) construction paper
  • pencil
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • Possibly. Ruler and compass

Crafting instructions for a hare as Osterkörbchen

The Easter Basket consists of two parts for the rabbit, a center piece, a flower and two ovals for the insides of the ears. The width of the center piece also reflects the depth of the basket. For an Easter basket with plenty of space, therefore, a wider centerpiece is simply recorded.

  • First, the Easter Bunny is drawn twice and once the center piece is drawn on brown construction paper. The center piece consists of three equal rectangles and a narrow adhesive seam on the side edges. Note that the middle rectangle is the same length as the base of the Easter Bunny.
  • On white or yellow paper you paint a flower without stems and two ovals, the size of which is chosen so that they fit in the middle of the ears.
  • Cut out all the pieces and stick the flower as a tail on the back of the rabbit and the two ovals in the middle of the ears.
  • Next, the face is painted with a black felt pen.
  • Now fold the glue crease along the dashed lines, as can be seen in the picture.

    Make Easter baskets: paper

    Draw all items for the Easter Bunny Basket on construction paper.

    Make Easter baskets: baskets

    The basket consists of two parts for the hare, a centerpiece, two parts for the ears and a flower.

    Make Easter baskets: Easter

    First, make the Easter Bunny and fold the sticky plants of the centerpiece inwards.

    Make Easter baskets: make

    Bend the centerpiece along the dividing lines of the rectangles.
  • The outer sides of the Klebepfalz be coated with craft glue and glued between the two Easter bunnies.
  • Press the splices firmly and let the Easter bunny basket dry

Make Easter baskets: baskets

The wider the middle piece is chosen, the more can be filled into the basket.

Make Easter baskets: paper

On the back, of course, the flower of the bunny may not be missing.

Make Easter baskets: paper

A happy Easter Bunny as a basket for sweets or Easter eggs.

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Make carrot baskets

Uncircumcision of the carrots are drawn. From thick cardboard box you make this original Easter basket in the form of carrots, which can be decorated with sweets, Sorbian Easter eggs or little Easter bunnies and chicks. All you need is a little time and these utensils:

  • White, thick cardboard box, alternatively: orange cardboard
  • Green construction paper
  • Green and black crayons
  • craft glue
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Possibly. Orange color
  • Possibly. brush

If you want, you can also make this basket out of wood instead of cardboard. This manual refers to a production made of cardboard. The Easter basket is composed of two halves, which are later glued together. The base consists of two trapezoids. First draw a trapeze on cardboard and paint - as can be seen on the picture - on the upper short side a carrot without a tip. Now mark the carrot again on the left and right side with a straight bottom edge. Both outer sides, the lower edges and the long side of the trapezoid still get a narrow adhesive fold - not visible in the pictures.

In the next step, the three adjacent carrots and the trapeze are cut out on the outside lines and recorded again on the cardboard. The adhesive fold must not be cut off. After cutting, the white cardboard is painted on both sides with orange paint. Alternatively, you can also use orange cardboard box, then this step is omitted. Carrot green is painted on the round end with crayons. Black crayon provides the typical grooves in the carrots. When all the pieces have been painted, the carrot green is made from green construction paper. Draw a narrow adhesive edge from which many equal stripes emerge. Cut the strips until just before the edge and form a tuft. Each tuft is glued to the inside of the carrots. This is how the finished carrots look. Cut the carrot green paper into strips. Glue the strips into a tuft along the adhesive fold.

Make Easter baskets: make

If you want to save painting, take orange cardboard.

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Paint carrot green
With green crayon the green approach is painted.

Make Easter baskets: paper

Bumps on the carrots are drawn.

Make Easter baskets: paper

This is what the finished carrots look like.

Make Easter baskets: make

Cut paper for carrot greens into strips.

Make Easter baskets: baskets

Glue the strips to a tuft along the adhesive fold.

Finally, the Easter basket is made. To do this, fold the carrots along the lines and sticky edges and glue the carrot basket togetherStick the carrot baskets together and fix carrot greens. The carrot basket can be filled with deco grass and dyed Easter eggs.

Make Easter baskets: paper

Glue carrot baskets together and fix carrot greens.

Make Easter baskets: baskets

The carrot basket can be filled with deco grass and dyed Easter eggs.

Video: Make filling carrot bags

Easter basket in Shabby look

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Easter basket in Shabby look for flowers or Easter giftsThe Shabby look is very trendy. Who wants to make an Easter basket in this style, learns in this manual how it is built and decorated from a wooden flower box and a few tools itself. First of all are the following materials are required:

  • Flower box made of wood
  • paper
  • pencil
  • Tracing paper (blue paper)
  • Wide brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Decoration materials, such as feathers or buttons


  • Dremel 4200
  • Accessories: EZ SpeedClic grinding wheel SC413, EZ SpeedClic mandrel SC402
  • Engraving knife 107
  • Dremel hot glue gun 910

How to Create the Shabby Look

In the first step, prime the wooden flower box with the white acrylic paint and let it dry. If the grain of the wood is no longer visible, a second coat of paint follows. The shabby look is characterized by artificial signs of wear in conjunction with modern decoration. To create this effect, the Easter basket becomes sanded on all external surfaces as well as edges, For example, use the Dremel 4200 with the SC413 grinding wheel and select the lowest speed per minute.

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Prime the wood of the flower box

Make Easter baskets: baskets

The shabby look is created by grinding the surfaces and edges

Tinker pattern for Easter basket

Now the Easter basket gets a nice pattern. You are welcome to join the Orient image or choose any pattern. This one draws on a sheet of paper, puts a sheet of tracing paper on the outer wall of the Easter basket and patches the pattern on the wood. Between the top edge of the box and the picture there should be a 2 cm gap to see it in spite of the flowers.

Make Easter baskets: make

Draw a pattern for the Easter basket

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Engrave the pattern in the Easter basket with the engraving knife

Decoration tips for the Easter basket in Shabby look with flowers

In the last step, the Easter basket is decorated. In the craft instructions presented here, the basket was decorated with a large button and a brown feather. For that one carries with the Hot glue gun Glue on the back of the button and press firmly on the wood. With the spring, only a small amount of hot glue should be carefully applied to the quill without touching the spring itself. After the glue has dried, you can plant the Easter basket with spring flowers or other houseplants and balcony plants. This Easter basket is a nice decoration idea for the windowsill. How to make a paschal decoration with spring flowers, easter baskets or butterflies is shown in our instructions Making window decorations for Easter and Spring.

More shabby chic instructions with tips on how to make shabby-look furniture yourself can be found on the Shabby Chic page: shabby-look color patina for old and new furniture.

Make Easter baskets: paper

Decorate Easter basket with feather and button

Make Easter baskets: make

Easter basket in Shabby look with flowers

Further design ideas

Easter baskets come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. We have put together a few more design and craft ideas for you below.

Wire basket with springs

Make Easter baskets: baskets

Something different: Easter basket with feathers

A very natural Easter basket This model is made of wire with feathers. All you need is a small, discarded wire basket (for example, an old fruit basket), decorative feathers from the craft shop, deco greens and eggs.

Be draped on one Nest of decorative grass the feathers (Of course, real feathers can be used as well). Done is a subtle Easter basket in natural colors for decorating or giving away. Our crafting tip: To give the Easter basket a little more oomph, you can also use colorful colored feathers. In conjunction with this beautiful, natural Easter basket can also make a suitable Easter basket.

Easter basket with paper flowers

Make Easter baskets: paper

Decorated with paper flowers

Noble and discreet comes this combination therefore: eggs in shades of green and blue on white Easter grass with paper flowers. The blue and green eggs can be dyed by yourself: Easter Eggs Airbrush is just one of the many ways to make great Easter eggs.

White Easter grass can either be bought in the decoration shop or simply made by yourself. To do this, carefully cut fine, white paper (for example tissue paper) into narrow strips.

Helpful are a long ruler and a sharp cutter. Finally, you make the paper flowers yourself. There you will find the right flowers for every easter basket.

No Easter basket without easter eggs

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Easter eggs in the basket

Last but not least: Under no circumstances should the colorful eggs in the Easter basket be missing! Various great design ideas on the topic of Easter eggs coloring can be found on our other craft pages: How about, for example, with painted Easter eggs, very practical and fast without messy colors? Filigree and elaborately designed: Easter eggs with paper cut, which give the Easter basket an artistic touch. Or the classic: Colorful eggs that later land on the breakfast table. However, one should pay attention to the right color, in order to absorb any harmful substances. Recipes for healthy colored eggs can be found on our page on Easter eggs biologically color.

Make Easter eggs for the Easter basket

Instead of real Easter eggs, they can also tinker the construction paper. For this purpose, two equal sized eggs are painted on cardboard and cut out. Then cut out a narrow, short strip of 1 to 1.5 cm in length and fold it in the middle. Now stick it with the ends in the middle of both easter eggs and you get a double easter egg. In different colors and sizes they fill z. B. colorful Easter baskets as a table decoration.

Make Easter baskets: make

A double Easter egg from construction paper

Make Easter baskets: paper

A short intermediate piece holds both eggs together.

Make an Easter nest from moss yourself

Make Easter baskets: paper

Make an easter nest and decorate the home four walls: A very simple craft template for a Easter nest of lush green humpback moss with ornamental daisies.

With this deco idea you get a blooming spring meadow into the house. The Humpback moss is in garden centers, at florists and in garden centers available.

The Moosnest can then be used as a hiding place for delicious Easter eggs and brings natural freshness into any Easter decorations.

2nd crafting instructions

Step 1: The collected moss pieces and the branches are draped on the wreath from sticking mass to a nest and fixed with wire.

2nd step: To create additional accents, you can place fresh meadow flowers or beautiful artificial flowers on the moss.

Step 3: To complete the home-made Easter basket, you should not miss sweets like chocolate bunnies, Easter sweets or little chicks.

Crafting tip: The moss must be sprayed with water from time to time. The moisture keeps it fresh for longer and retains its juicy colors.

Make Easter baskets: Easter

Window decoration for Easter and spring tinker

A small Spring and Easter garden with daffodils, hyacinths and colorful Easter eggs tinker with this guide for your windowsill. Just build a small decorative fence made of wood, paint and with ours Decorate design tips for Easter and spring, Window decoration for Easter and spring tinker

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