Easter - Blouse Show 2016

A short work week is followed by a long weekend!

Easter - Blouse Show 2016: show

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Hello to you blog readers,

I'm assuming that you look forward to Easter as much as I do. So I do not care about Easter and I can do without the decoration. But the days off - they are already great and currently has warmer weather announced. What more do you want? Since I even get the Easter decoration from the loft voluntarily and will actively... the woman and the children watch the decorating.

Can you still remember last year? Or has it been two years? Since I tried to blow eggs with compressed air. Was not such a good idea. ? But you have to have tried. Unfortunately, I no longer have pictures of them, but only a title picture of the old Blogrundschau.

Easter - Blouse Show 2016: 2016

This year, the plastic eggs are enough for me. Also, I do not like colored eggs, they are bad to fry and eggnog can not be made from them.

But we have something Easter to offer - my wife has made Easter bread (cover picture) and yes, it tastes really good. Sliced, with a little butter on it, it continues to shape my great figure.

Even though I'm a bit of the holiday decoration muffle, I would not want to withhold what more active bloggers are doing at Easter. Today I will mainly look around at the craft fraction.

Easter - Blouse Show 2016

Egg cup made of toilet paper rolls and feathers

What own Her contribution is ringing with the words: "Easter is always a bit of a breeze for me DIY-technically" and yet it was the first Easter blog post I got stuck with. If even I say that this is a cute decoration, then you can be sure that is worth a look.


Photo Easter eggs

Did you notice the action of my M & M's, where you could get M & M's with pictures and writing? Yes, I invested and my wife got this surprise for Valentine's Day. I like these unusual things. Now put the (or is this the guru here) Making Guru Bärbel Born Easter eggs with photo print in front. Actually not a big deal if you have already dealt with transfer film. You just have to come to that. I'm just gone - buy transfer film.

Photo easter ornament

Wooden Easter bunny

Actually quite simple, but very decorative, the Easter bunnies of Gingered Things, Wooden balls, wire and wool - more is not needed, but I think it's great. A great thing that can be implemented well with children.


Lost in Space: Galactic Easter Eggs

Yes, the post is older and I introduced it last year. But the shining Easter eggs of dekotopia just look awesome. This is decoration to my taste. I would only sit in the dark at Easter. ?


Easter eggs in concrete...

... optics. And I actually fell for it. I just wanted to be happy about new concrete projects, because I see that it's all about concrete look. congratulations Soulsister meets friends, you have succeeded. I really thought the eggs were cast in concrete.


Egg cup made of brass

Now it's getting modern and I think it's great. A little ajar against the copper tube design, notes monochrome great egg "cups" made of small brass tubes in front. Easter finally arrives in the 21st century. I like it.

Easter DIY: Egg cup made of brass

We should all be prepared for Easter now and maybe I will decorate something with us. Oh, not a good idea. I'm just breaking something. See you in the workshop. ?

Greeting Ricc

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