Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips

From customs and religious tradition

Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips: yourself

Since the 4th century AD, Easter candles have been lit in churches. And this tradition is still common in many places today. In the On Easter Eve the candlelight is lit on the consecrated easter fire and carried into the dark church with a solemn procession.

The Candle symbolizes the body of Jesus and the light, which is to commemorate the resurrection of Christ and eternal life, gradually illuminates the church space.

In memory of the crucifixion and the Passion Christ becomes the consecrated candle with five waxed nails peppered.

With the help of the holy light of the Easter candle, all will become ignited other candles of the church - including many small lights, which are given to the visitors of the service. The Easter light should protect them from hardships and diseases.

The Easter candle shines 365 days a year to all Sunday masses, religious holidays, marriages and baptisms, and thus to transport Christ - the light - into the hearts of the faithful.

Make Easter candles yourself

Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips: templates

You can make Easter candles especially well with children to them the traditions and customs around Easter to familiarize. The little ones get to know the story of Jesus Christ and have a lot of fun.

The basis for the tinkering is a large white pillar candle needed, To decorate one uses plate wax - also called kneading wax - in all colors, which for the needed motives and decorative foil in silver and gold colors.

Before you can design the Easter candles, you have to Plate wax rolled flat with the help of a pasta roll become. Then you can with a knife the desired Cut out motifs, shapes and ornaments, combine and press on the pillar candle. The decorative foil decorates the candle in royal colors.

Suitable motifs:

  • crosses
  • The Greek letters Alpha and Omega
  • Five nails - four at the ends and one in the center of the cross
  • The current year

Easter candle: templates and motifs

Attached are some Easter candle templates that can be downloaded and printed for free. These you cut out carefully and tinker with it the wax plates. Personal motives: Easter candles can of course also decorated with personal motifsbecome T.

Simply paint on a piece of paper and cut out.

Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips: Easter

Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips: candle

Make Easter candle yourself: templates, motifs and design tips: Easter

The greatest in the world is in Rome

The biggest Easter candle the world is in Rome: it is 2.20 m tall, weighs a stately 105 kg and has a diameter of 25 cm. It was modeled by the Deggendorfer community with applications in red and gold on ivory wax.

The Gift was given in April 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI personally received in St. Peter's Square in Rome. For the Deggendorfer mayor Anna Eder and the managing director of Wachwachenfabrik Wiedemann, Peter Trenner, this was an unforgettable experience - in a general audience, they were personally on site to present the candle Pope Benedict.

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