Make and shape Easter egg cups

Crafting ideas for Easter egg cups

Make and shape Easter egg cups: cups

At Easter, eggs are not only for eating on the table, but are also suitable Excellent for a nice Easter table decoration.

Suitably you should decorate them in colorful or lovingly decorated eggcups. Simple wooden egg cups can be by means of Pyrography in different patterns shape. Similarly, children can make paper crafting funny egg cups, for example in the form of a rabbit or as spring flowers.

In addition, the empty egg carton is used, which is located in colorful hen and chick egg holder let transform. If you have a little more time, make them from modeling clay or crochet them from loom bands themselves.

In combination with colorful Easter eggs candles decorate the designed Eggs containers made of wood or clay a festive table for the Easter breakfast and give it a special flair.

Wooden egg cup with hearts

With these instructions, you can make lovingly decorated cups for the Easter breakfast from unadorned wooden ornaments. The heart motif and dot pattern are just two of many ways to beautify the containers with pyrography. Other motifs include, for example, an Easter bunny, eggs, chicks or filigree lines.

material list

  • Wooden egg cup
  • Soldering iron or brandy pistons
  • abrasive paper
  • pencil
  • eraser

Caution: Caution should be exercised when painting with the soldering iron as the hot tip may cause burns if touched.


Record pattern
In the first step, draw the hearts or the one with a soft pencil desired pattern around the eggcup on and as a further decoration, paint small dots along the foot. For example, instead of a heart, you can also record the first letter of the first name of individual family members.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: make

Record patterns on the egg cups.

Follow lines
Before the pyrography must the Heat soldering iron, Depending on Performance takes about 2-3 minutes, As soon as it gets hot, the lines are carefully pulled.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: paper

Branding the ornament into the eggcup.

Tip: Do not try to put pressure on the piston, otherwise the lines will quickly become uneven and create unsightly burn marks. Instead, the tip is only slightly pulled over the wood to burn in fine lines.

Ornate eggcup with hearts
At the end you leave the cool off the burned-in motifs for a short time, Then carefully remove any pencil lines that may still be visible with an eraser. Who would, decorates the egg cup with a colored ribbonwhich is tied around the foot.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: Easter

Easter eggs mug with hearts.

Make Easter Bunny Egg Cups out of paper

Make and shape Easter egg cups: cups

From colorful paper you can make funny eggcups in a few minutes.

It gets even more creative with funny eggcups made of construction paper. How about a hare? Thanks to the craft template, younger children can make the egg holder with a little help from their parents themselves.

List of materials:

  • Construction paper in different colors
  • Small, colorful cotton balls
  • Crafting template "Easter Bunny Egg Cup"
  • Felt or colored pencils
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • Pencil and eraser

Make Easter bunny egg holder

Make and shape Easter egg cups: shape

Craft template for egg cup.

First, the Crafting template printed for the hare and transferred to construction paper.

Without a template, draw a rectangle about 13-14 cm long and 3.5 cm wide and a pair of rabbit ears. The children then use pens to paint a funny face on the rectangular piece of paper and paint their ears in a pink tone. Alternatively, they can do it with patterns or colorful colors decorate.

The ears can be decorated with colorful patterns.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: make

The ears can be decorated with colorful patterns.

In the next step cut out all parts and glue one small cotton ball as a nose stuck with a drop of glue. Finally, the ends of the paper strip are glued together, so that in the round opening an egg can be made, and the ears attached to the inside of the egg holder.

After drying, the Easter egg cups can be placed on the breakfast table.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: shape

Yellow Easter egg holder in the shape of an Easter Bunny.

Egg cup made of terracotta pots

Make and shape Easter egg cups: Easter

The funny egg holders not only decorate the tables, but also serve as a spring decoration.

The funny egg holders not only decorate the tables, but also serve as a spring decoration.

Particularly unusual eggcups represent these Crafting of terracotta pots, foam rubber and felt which can decorate the tables or shelves even after Easter as a spring decoration.

List of materials:

  • 1 small terracotta flowerpot
  • 1 large terracotta flowerpot
  • foam rubber
  • Bastelfilz
  • Gift ribbon or colored bast
  • Felt pen or black paint marker
  • craft glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • pencil
  • scissors

Tip: For the small flowerpot, choose a size that the egg can easily be placed in with the bottom of the egg.

Crafting instructions for terracotta egg cups

Each cup requires a large and a small terracotta flower pot, which can be decorated as desired. Start by designing the pots: Draw different ones with a pencil Motives on the felt and foam rubber, z. Geese, flowers or hearts, and cut them out.

If you want, you can make a series of alternating small and large geese or a purple felt heart glued to a larger pink foam rubber heart. Likewise can be with Paint markers a happy face on the small flowerpot to paint.

Design the Pots according to your own ideasbut make sure that the large pot with the wide opening faces down and the small one with the opening facing upwards.

In the next step, the hot glue gun is preheated. Once she has the right temperature, spread the hot glue on the outside of the floor of the large terracotta pot - being careful not to run into the drainage hole - and press the small copy on it.

Subsequently, the bare transition coated with hot glue and decorated with a felt tape. Alternatively, simply wrap colorful ribbon around and knot it. After drying, the original eggcups are ready.

Egg holder for candles

Make and shape Easter egg cups: shape

A happy Easter with homemade candles and beautiful eggcups.

Another beautiful decoration idea for the Easter table decoration are egg cups with candles. These will decorate the board for all meals throughout the feast days. For this you only need egg-shaped candleswhich are placed in the homemade egg cups.

Even better is the Decoration with self-drawn candles, Instructions for different types of candles can be found on our page Candles and scented candles make yourself.

Make and shape Easter egg cups: Easter

For Easter, there are in many households painted Easter eggs for breakfast. These are first served in a beautiful Easter basket and can then be selected at will and eaten to fresh mares.

But the colorful eggs do not have to be put in a normal cup, as happens with the Sunday brunch. Of course, you can make your own eggcups and egg warmer and personalize it to match the rest of the Easter decoration - making the Easter breakfast a special experience.

The instructions collected here will give you ideas and show how you can make your own Easter egg decoration yourself in no time and with simple materials.

Have fun when tinkering!

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