Make Easter arrangements

Make Easter arrangements

Make Easter arrangements: make

Easter arrangements are modern arrangements of spring flowers, which are decorated with eggs or Easter Bunny and chick pendants. Mostly you will find instructions for egg bouquets.

The traditional Easter bouquet, however, actually consists of bare or flowering branches, which are hung with blown eggs or other Easter bunnies. In the meantime, unfortunately, you no longer have to cut pussy willow for the Easter bouquets, but corkscrew hazel, cherry or forsythia branches are just as beautiful.

To the front door belongs to the Easter time, of course, a self-woven Easter wreath, which is decorated with feathers or colorful Easter decoration.

In the following, we have compiled inspiring links to great craft instructions and design ideas. Have fun while crafting and decorating!

Make Easter arrangements yourself - make a bouquet of eggs

Natural floristry: making fast Easter arrangements

Illustrated instructions for an Easter arrangement of wood branches, moss and Easter decorations - For instructions.

Make a simple Easter bouquet

Beautiful Easter arrangement of green plants, twigs and small branches with a cute Easter bunny in the middle tinker - For guidance.

Tinker Easter flower and ostrich pendants

Bunny and chick hanger

Extensively illustrated instructions for Easter bunny pendant and chick pendant made of egg-shaped MDF wood tiles. The pendants are taped with ribbons and feathers - For instructions.

Washi Tape Easter decoration

Egg-shaped pendant for the Easter bouquet, made from washi tape (guaranteed vegan) - For instructions.

Fimo Easter pendant

Crafting instructions for ornamental Easter pendants made of white polymer clay - Illustrated instructions.

Dove pendant for Easter branches

Pendant for Easter branches in the form of molded modeling clay white doves with wooden beads - For instructions.

Crochet easter eggs

Crochet pattern for egg pendant for the Easter shrub. Striped eggs with bows. With plastic easter eggs as a filling - For instructions.

Easter pendant and egg garland

Pendant decoration for the Easter bouquet in the form of an Easter egg garland - Illustrated crafting instructions.

Spring pendant for the Easter branch

Pendant for the Easter bouquet in the form of modeling clay feathers - illustrated instructions.

Rabbit pendant in the Easter shrub

Crafting instructions for Easter bunny paper pendant for the Easter bouquet - For instructions.

Easter Gift Tags

Simple crafting instructions: tinker gift tags with paper Easter motives - For instructions. (English)

Shortbread biscuits for the Easter shrub

Crafting instructions and recipe for Easter shortbread biscuits that come as an Easter pendant in the Easter shrub - For guidance.

Crocheted easter eggs

Crochet pattern for the crochet of Easter eggs as an Easter bouquet pendant. Striped patterns and flower ornaments - For instructions.

Easter decorations for the Easter shrub

Decorative Easter shrub trailer made of flower wire and wool - instructions with illustration.

Easter decorations

Bastelanleitungen for decoration for the Easter bouquet, the Eierstrauch and the Easter arrangement for plugging, hanging and attaching - To instructions.

Blumenstecker Easter Bunny

Make Easter bunny flower plugs with corrugated board, shashlik skewer, bast and wooden beads - For instructions.

Easter hanger

Embroidery instructions for embroidered Easter eggs made of linen with different patterns - For instructions.

Traditional Easter shrub and Easter branches

Make Easter bouquet

This is how a traditional Easter bouquet is made - for guidance.

Dotted easter eggs

Quick decorating idea for the Easter shrub: Paint MDF eggs or cardboard Easter eggs with acrylic paints and attach a ribbon - For instructions.

Sheep pendant for Easter bouquet

Crafting instructions for Easter bunny pendant in the form of cute sheep - To instructions.

Easter bouquet with triangular leaves

Illustrated instructions for an Easter bouquet of cherry twigs with paper leaves decoration in triangular shape - For instructions.

Shape Easter bouquet

Instructions for the design of a traditional Easter bouquet of Easter branches - For guidance.

Paper flowers from post-its

An Easter bouquet of artificial paper flowers on cherry branches - Detailed illustrated instructions.

Easter bouquet with fabric tags

Suggestion for a traditional Easter bouquet of Easter bunches with fabric pendants. The patterns for Easter chick and little cloud are available as separate instructions - For instructions.

Easter eggs

3D Easter eggs for hanging out of paper with colored print template - just print, cut, fold and glue - to the instructions. (English)

Easter branches with paper doves

Crafting instructions and template for Easter branches with paper pigeons and matching place cards - To instructions.

Easter egg tree

Crafting instructions for a small egg tree from flower rods, twigs and moss - To instructions.

Make Easter wreath for the door itself

Coloring page Easter wreath

Coloring picture with a beautiful Easter wreath - To instructions.

Door wreath or door braid for Easter

Tie wreath or braid from dry grass, straw, hay and twigs with pussy willow and decorate with Easter eggs - For instructions.

Easter wreath

Braid Easter wreath of twigs and decorate with eggs - simple crafting instructions for Easter crafts with children - For instructions.

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