Cleaning-friendly aluminum windows - what does that mean exactly?

Window cleaning is an unpopular activity. Some windows complicate the cleaning in addition, and make it more complex. Others make cleaning easier. Which versions of the aluminum window ensure particularly easy cleaning can be read in this article.

Cleaning in lattice windows

Sprout windows sometimes make window cleaning much more difficult. This is because several small glass surfaces are more difficult to clean than a single continuous glass surface.

The window rungs divide the glass surface into several fields, especially the glass areas along the ridge edge are prone to streaks and dirt edges. In addition, the sprouts must always be cleaned separately in a lattice window.

Internal rungs

Modern window constructions therefore have internal rungs. This offers a significant advantage when cleaning the windows, the scion optics is still maintained. However, such windows are usually more expensive than the variants with attached sprouts.

Externally mounted sprouts

Another possibility is provided by externally mounted sprouts. Here, too, the sprout appearance is preserved, and the interior cleaning of the windows is relatively fast because of the continuous existing glass surface. When cleaning the exterior of the window, however, the sprouts are in the way again.

Easier cleaning with ornamented glass

Ornamental glass is rarely used in aluminum windows, but it is available on request for almost every window. Ornamental glass is translucent but opaque due to its special structure. For easier cleaning, make sure that the structure surface is in the space between the panes. If it is on the outside, stubborn dirt can settle there and make cleaning much more difficult.

Glass tattoos as an alternative

Alternatively to ornamental glass one can also use so-called glass tattoos. They form a flat surface that is as easy to clean as the window itself.

Glastattoos are:

  • decorative
  • available in many patterns and colors
  • easy to install
  • translucent and at the same time
  • opaque

Cleaning-friendly window frames

In the frame profiles often depressions and recesses complicate the cleaning of the windows. Therefore, individual manufacturers offer so-called "cleaning-friendly profiles".

Straight aluminum frames can be designed individually. For plastic frames this is more difficult for production reasons. Therefore, you will find these cleaning-friendly frame mainly in high-quality aluminum windows.

Waiver of grooves and depressions

To prevent dirt from settling in places where it is difficult to remove, these cleaning-friendly frames consistently dispense with grooves or recesses in the frame. This also influences the look of the window frames, making them visually more closed and elegant.

glass-strip groove

The glass bead groove is always completely closed in cleaning-friendly profiles. So no dirt can get in, or settle on the edge of the groove. This also makes a much easier cleaning possible. The window frame just needs to be wiped off. In addition, even after years, the windows still look clean and not "worn out".


A nano-coating can be used for both the window glass and the window frame. In both cases, however, a different coating must be used.

This coating can either be polished on its own or be already available from the factory (for window glass). But beware of products containing nano-titanium dioxide. Scientists are currently not in agreement as to whether these titanium products can possibly be harmful to health.

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