Ebony edit - what difficulties are there?

Ebony is one of the most valuable woods in the world - and therefore expensive. But this is not the only obstacle: ebony is sometimes very difficult to work because of its characteristics. Find out which problems arise and how to solve them in this article.

Hardness of ebony

Ebony is especially hard and heavy. In addition, it is a very dense wood that has little elasticity. Ebony's hardness, like its weight, is well above that of oak, the hardest domestic wood. For the processing one should fall back on powerful tools in any case.

Use only undamaged ebony

Ebony pieces that already show cracks should not be used. In the vast majority of cases, these woods will hardly succeed in processing or lead to insufficient results. Despite - or just its high price - you should only process flawless pieces.


Pinholes are wormholes, mostly of the species Ambrosia beetle that can be found in many tropical wood species. The beetle exists only in the living or freshly felled tree, the tree dries, the beetle leaves the wood and no longer represents a danger. Although pinholes are not considered as wood defects, but may complicate the editing may.

splitter Orientation

Ebony can - depending on the species more or less - be fairly brittle. This often leads to Schwierigketein when editing, especially in conjunction with the high hardness of the wood. Ripping during editing can also occasionally be a problem.

Polishing and grinding

Thanks to its high-density surface, ebony wood can be sanded very well and polished to shine with suitable and sufficiently powerful tools. Less powerful tools can leave a greasy, rather ugly shine on the surface.

Tips & Tricks

Always make sure that the wood dust of ebony, which can arise during grinding and polishing, usually irritates the mucous membranes. Therefore, always wear a suitable protective mask, and always work with sufficiently efficient extraction if possible. It is also advisable to always wear protective goggles as the wood dust can also irritate the eyes.

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