Remove edding from laminate without damage

Since laminate is made of plastic, solvent-based cleaning agents always present a risk to the surface texture. Wet and dry methods can remove edding from laminate without visual effects. Trying out with the principle of trial and error is essential. Some home remedies are eligible.

Sealed coating must not suffer

Laminate consists of a body whose surface is coated. If any contamination adheres to the surface, the coating must not be attacked and destroyed. This is true for any removal of paint and felt pen traces by an edding.

An overly strong or strong medium quickly causes abrasion when processing the laminate, resulting in blunt spots. Since the sealings differ in the individual abrasion and stress classes of laminate flooring, usually only a trial and error.

Common and less well-known home remedies

All known and common home remedies for removing Edding of laminate flooring must be tried in advance at a hidden spot.

  • Wet wipes: Baby or toilet wipes contain mild cleansers. Whether they are too mild for the Edding, must be tried. In some cases, the effect is sufficient.
  • Vinegar (Essence): Water-diluted vinegar (about one to five) can remove the traces of the pin. A few minutes of exposure increase the effect.
  • Hand sanitizer (Sterrilium): The sterrilium used in medical practices and hospitals contains cleansing alcohol in a low-aggressive concentration.
  • Nail polish remover: Can help with care. Order only as a fine line along the Eddingspuren.
  • Cleaning alcohol (isopropanol): Similar to using nail polish remover.
  • Dirt eraser: Special dirt erosers mechanically remove the pin marks by lightly sanding. The laminate must have at least a medium abrasion class.
  • Alcohol: Only suitable for commercial laminates.
  • Dish soap: worth a try, but usually not effective enough.
  • Tea Tree Oil: A kind of insider tip and according to relevant online portals helpful.

It is important after using any means to ensure a prompt removal of all residues after brushing and rubbing. Longer-acting substances can later lead to unsightly other and new patches.

Tips & Tricks

Unlike other floor coverings, laminate is not a friend of moisture and water. Wipe the laminate as seldom as possible and apply as little fluid as possible when working on pen traces.

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