Effective remedy against ants on the balcony - without poison

Ants on the balcony can be really annoying, especially if they find their way to the dining table. But we also do not want to like them in the upholstery of the seating furniture, because they come too close to us. What means help against the invasion of small six-legged, without we have to work with poison immediately? We looked for environmentally friendly tools.

The evil at the root pack: ant nest "clear"

First of all, you should check out where the little beasts "attack". A clearly visible ant trail is usually traceable back to the actual nest, often this is outside the balcony.

Reshape the ant nest by putting a flowerpot filled with wood wool or soil over the ant nest with the open side. With a little luck, the insects will move into the pot, which they then set up far away from their house.

If that does not work, only a multiple flooding of the ant nest helps: Put it under water again and again, at some point the people will emigrate. Unfortunately, you can not control where the ants are going.

To block the way for the ants

If the ants are not located directly on your balcony, you have the opportunity to block their way to the outside seat. A constantly redrawn chalk line sets a clear borderline, which does not cross the small animals usually.

Even essential oils are not very popular with ants: If you drizzle the ant trail with lavender oil, for example, or repeatedly lay out thyme, the animals will soon search for a new destination.

Wormwood herb stirred in water is an effective ant-ant. However, the broth has to be drawn for about two weeks before being poured out in the ants or on the ant trail. Attention: This does not smell good for people!

Other funds that drive away ants

Ants do not like strong odors, which suffers their sense of direction. We have already mentioned essential oils in this context, here is a list of effective home remedies:

  • Lemon juice / lemon peel
  • mint
  • marjoram
  • cloves
  • cinnamon
  • chili
  • coffee
  • vinegar

Avoid biocides against ants on the balcony as much as possible

Biocides from the drugstore should be avoided as much as possible in the ant fight, they are anything but environmentally friendly. The flooding of an ant nest is also quite brutal, but not so damaging.

Bait traps usually contain an attractant for the animals and the insecticide spinosad, which the ants carry in their construction. The poison can wipe out the entire people, because the animals also feed their offspring.

Tips & Tricks

Open, especially sweet foods attract ants. If you always sweep up all the breadcrumbs and cake crumbs on your balcony and seal food in containers, the ants will have no incentive to visit you.

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