Effective burglary protection for basement windows

Statistical surveys show that burglaries are increasing throughout Germany. Likewise, there are numbers to when and how is broken. A real weak point are basement windows. In this article, you will learn how to efficiently provide your basement windows with effective burglary protection.

Granted, most burglaries take place in Germany during the day. But even here, the search applies primarily quiet and poorly visible basement windows. At night, it is the dark corners of a house that almost magically affect burglars. Other statistics show that the risk of burglary can already be reduced by more than 30 percent by using simple means.

For subsequently secured houses, the successful burglary risk can be reduced by more than 90 percent. Many people secure their windows, accesses to the upper floors and to the entrance or entrance doors. But any burglary protection is only as safe as the weakest point. And here the basement windows are often completely neglected. An effective burglar protection for basement windows can look different.

Effective burglary protection for basement windows: protection

The burglary protection for basement windows

Basement windows differ significantly from conventional windows. While there are the normal windows in many anti-burglary designs, commercial basement windows are not specifically designed to focus on burglary protection. One of the reasons is that basement windows play a rather subordinate role in the aesthetics of a property. Accordingly, gratings and the like are offered as a solution.

If you want to provide the basement windows in your house with effective burglar protection, you will not be able to find a large selection of burglar-proof windows in the basement windows. The remedy here can be to create basement windows that are actually designed to be suitable for flooding, as these windows often have an effective locking system. However, such waterproof basement windows also have their price.

Burglary protection for basement windows with and without light shaft

When it comes to burglary protection of your basement windows, you first have to distinguish between above-ground basement windows and those that are provided underground or partially underground with a light shaft. For basement windows without a light shaft, you must protect the window yourself, but in the case of windows with a light shaft, effective burglar protection in the light shaft is sufficient. Particularly effective are so-called roll bar grids.

These are grids that are mounted under the actual grate, but firmly connected to the overlying grate. On these poles you can attach a locking technique, which is then anchored on the other side usually in the wall. A particularly efficient solution is the quadruple securing, ie in all four corners of the grid, which should depend on the material properties of your grid.

Securing basement light shafts

Because many of the walk-in light shaft grille are made of conventional steel, which can be easily sawed or cut up - for example with

  • a bolt cutter
  • an iron saw
  • or even with an angle grinder with cutting disc

The use of high-strength, but also costly steels creates a quick remedy here.

The latches located in the light well are often designed to be easily unlocked through the basement window when the wells are to be cleaned. Here are also the disadvantages of fixed to the light wells connected gratings. They can not be removed to clear the shaft. Instead, the light wells must then be cleaned from the inside through the basement window.

Burglary protection directly at the basement window

On the other side there are fuses, which are used directly at the basement window. Mostly lattices are used here. These can be installed inside as well as outside. While anti-burglar grills installed on the outside are usually firmly mounted, gratings attached to the inside can be unlocked and unfolded. This could be crucial for you if a cellar window has to be kept open as a possible escape route.

Conventional metal frame basement windows with a closable aperture plate offer no real burglary protection in conventional design - not even when the panel and windows are closed. If you nevertheless want to secure such metal frame windows, you must consider the peculiarities of the attachment. These metal frame windows are often glued or fixed to the wall with conventional screws.

The use of safety glass blocks

You must install such basement windows so that they can not be removed from the outside. The pinhole must then be additionally secured from the inside with a good padlock. However, these basement windows offer only a minimum burglary protection even then. If you do not need to ventilate basements, you can also use safety glass blocks. Incidentally, you can also attach it to light wells instead of the gratings as a cover. Then no more dirt falls into the shaft, but the ventilation is also no longer possible.

Tips & Tricks

All police departments in the federal territory offer a free on-site advisory service. An experienced and well burglar-proofed officer will inspect the entire house for possible weak points, including the basement windows, of course.

It is also such police officers who warn of a widespread and supposedly effective securing of light wells: many people get the tip to secure the grid with a chain. These supposed protection measures for burglars are the fastest to overcome.

Of course, you can also get advice from security companies. Remember, however, that the advice here can be a little more subjective - after all, you want to sell your own anti-burglary products to you.

For subsequent burglary protection of basement windows, use only products from established brand manufacturers. They manufacture according to the principles of DIN-EN standards and use high-quality materials.

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