Efflorescence on the plaster in the cellar - how dangerous is that?

If efflorescence is already visible on the basement walls, many fear serious damage. In fact, efflorescence should not be taken lightly. How dangerous they actually are and what can be necessary to remedy everything, read here.

Cause of efflorescence

The principal cause of efflorescence is always moisture. Moist cellar walls show visible salt deposits when the moisture evaporates. Then efflorescence occurs on the plaster.

Danger of efflorescence

Efflorescence itself is not dangerous - but it is a warning signal that should be taken seriously.

If efflorescence occurs again and again on the plaster, there is constant moisture in the masonry. This represents a danger to the building substance, which can be weakened by the constant Durchfeuchtung.

A professional draining of the damp cellar walls and a corresponding sealing if necessary are absolutely advisable.

Removing efflorescence

Efflorescence can be easily removed mechanically from the plaster. All you need is a coarse brush or a spatula. If the masonry is dry and no moisture is present, no new efflorescence occurs.

If the cellar walls draw moisture again and again, it can also help to "desalt" the wall in addition. Then efflorescence can no longer occur, even if moisture is absorbed (for example by driving rain or condensation in the cellar).

There are different methods of desalting:

  • Technical washing out of the salts from the walls
  • Compressor technology (special compresses absorb the salts)
  • victims Putz

In many cases, the plaster must also be knocked off, as it represents a "salt storage" for the wall. As an alternative then special plasters can be applied that do not allow efflorescence. Also impregnation of the wall (available at the hardware store) are possible to prevent the recurrence of efflorescence.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, you should investigate in advance exactly whether it is actually salt deposits or so-called "Mauersalpeter". For nitrous deposits, a more complex renovation may be necessary.

Video Board: Efflorescence Tips and Tricks