Remove protein stains

When baking cakes or cooking can quickly inject some egg on the clothes. If the stain dries up, the panic is great. But do not worry, even dried egg stains can be removed. We will explain how to react properly after the mishap, how you should not treat the egg spots and how to effectively remove protein stains.

emergency aid

Also protein spots should - as all stains - be treated as quickly as possible. Drip some liquid egg white on the clothes, take them off immediately and rinse them under cold (!) Water.
Attention: Do not use hot water! At temperatures around 42 degrees, the protein clots and becomes a stubborn, hard-to-remove stain.
If pure egg yolk has landed on your textiles, you can wash it off with cold water and a little detergent. With protein, clear, cold water is enough.

Dried up protein stains

Again, do not treat with warm water! Instead, a cold salt water solution is recommended. Here's how to use it to progressively remove an egg spot, whether it's on a piece of clothing, on the carpet, or on the sofa.

Remove instructions for protein stains

  • Brush or toothbrush
  • Absorbent towel
  • salt
  • cold water

1. Scrape off the stain

First, you should carefully remove the dry remains. It is advisable to brush off the stain with a brush or a toothbrush. Then tap the remains thoroughly.

2. Soak the stain

Mix one liter of cold water with a tablespoon of salt. If the salt does not dissolve, you can also warm up the water a bit. Then let it cool down until it is only lukewarm and you can easily hold your hand in it. Put your garment completely in the saline solution. Rub the fabric together where the stain is located to distribute the salt solution in the fabric.

If the stain has landed on the carpet or on a piece of upholstered furniture, soak the stain well with the salt solution. Work in the solution with the brush. Wait 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Wash out the stain

Remove your garment from the solution and rinse it in cold water. Wash it as usual in the washing machine.

For a stain on the carpet or the couch, you should first remove the solution with an absorbent cloth. Then clean the area with clean water and a cloth. Also clean the rest of the surface to prevent the formation of edges after drying!

Tips & Tricks

Sensitive materials such as silk or velvet should be treated with a special stain stick or directly into the cleaning.

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