Eight popular Christmas tree species - choose the right tree species

(aid) - When buying the right Christmas tree, it is of course important that the tree looks good. The tastes are known to be different and so is the regional tradition. So it does not always have to be a classic one Nordmann fir his.

Try one pine, z. Eg the Austrian Black pine (Pinus nigra), She keeps her needles well and is particularly well suited for nature candles because of their stable branches. Pines are traditionally used in the Brandenburg sand areas as a Christmas tree.
Or how about the classic, the German Red spruce (Picea abies)? She has a pleasant scent, a slender habit and a green, slightly pricking needle dress. The durability is relatively modest. Therefore, you should take them just before the party.

Eight popular Christmas tree species - choose the right tree species: popular

When choosing a Christmas tree, choose the right tree species

If you do not like it that way, that's it Colorado morass (Abies concolor) the right thing: soft long needles, blue-green color and a little fluffy appearance are their characteristics.
New on the market - and especially as a small tree (1-1.5 meters) because of its slender dense growth very sought after - is the Alpine Fir or Rock Mountain Fir (Abies lasciocarpa, var. Arizonica), Their blue to green needles are soft and they are even more durable than the Nordmann fir.
The queen among the Christmas trees is undoubtedly the Pacific Edeltanne or Noble fir (Abies procera). Blue-green, soft needles with silvery underside decorate the branches with dense brush-like trimming. The needles are very durable. The branches are often arranged asymmetrically and thus give the tree a special charm.

Meanwhile the most offered is the Nordmann fir, An even growth, juicy green needles that do not poke. Very good durability of the needles is another feature of this, originating from the Caucasus fir species.

The popularity has lost Blue spruce (Picea pungens glauca), If you do not mind the pin-sharp needles, you can buy a very durable Christmas tree for a reasonable price, in all shades of blue-green shades and even growth. In Sauerland, the blue spruce is still grown in significant numbers as a Christmas tree. Originally the tree comes from the arid climate of Arizona and New Mexico, USA.

The size Coastal fir (Abies grandis), also known as American silver fir, is often used as a Christmas tree because of its very intense scent. Dark green, smooth, long needles are the distinguishing feature of this tree species.

For the customer, this offers a wide range of small, large, robust or simply beautiful Christmas trees. For every taste and for every living room.

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(Source: Raimund Kohl, aid.de)

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