Ice heating: The heating with ice

The ice storage heater as a future of heating

Heating with ice? Probably not so long ago, one would have been accused of this assertion of gross mischief. Fortunately, technological advances are advancing at lightning speed and are not afraid to look for the solution of the problem in paradoxes. The principle on which the ice heating is based is probably the oldest process in the world: water turns into ice and melts again.

Ice heating: The heating with ice: heating

The ice storage heater in a schematic overview:
1. solar panels and photovoltaic
2nd radiator
3. Heat exchange pump
4. Ice and water storage

But sometimes it takes time for man to discover the genius of the simplest processes. And time is pressing, because the constantly increasing heating costs and raw material prices are putting pressure on us all and environmental protection has also become a global economic issue. With the discovery of the ice storage heater could be put an end to the threat of raw material disaster once and for all.

This is how the heating works with ice

Ice heating: The heating with ice: storage

Ice: Cools in summer and heats in winter.

The secret to the function of ice heating is the aspect of Heat of crystallization. Here, a simple physical law applies: If a substance changes its state of aggregation from liquid to solid, energy is released. And that in a not so insignificant measure, because the amount of energy that is released, is just as large as the amount of energy that is needed to make the substance liquid again.

The fact that the released energy is sufficient to produce noticeable feel-good heat can be seen from the fact that we already use the original principle in small format. Pocket warmer, for example, whose liquid content crystallized by kinking, are now in the winter months gear and Gebe. Anyone who has ever used such a warmer, who knows: The part is really warm! The pocket warmer, however, is noteworthy for another peculiarity: you can use it again and again. As soon as you give it heat and the crystals melt, it is ready for use again. The ice storage heater works in principle just like that, only in large: through Heat exchange pumps is water stored outside the house in an underground storage, Deprived of energyuntil it turns to ice. This energy is routed as heat into the building interior and used to heat the living area by means of underfloor heating and other radiators. The water for washing and showering can be brought to a decent temperature by means of the ice-heating. If all the water in the tank is frozen, it can be melted again by means of energy from solar collectors or ground heat.

Ice heating: The heating with ice: heater

Sunny advantage: The ice heating can be operated with solar power.

In addition to the heating, the ice heating but something else that other heaters can not. Because while she gives warmth in winter, she cools the living areas in the summer. As already mentioned above, the melting of a substance - in this case water - requires just as much energy as is released during freezing. Here, the heat transfer pumps dissipate the heat from the inside of the building into the ice tank outside, and you save yourself all the air conditioners and fans. Electric ice power is needed to operate the ice storage heater. However, it is advisable to resort to the generation of electricity and heat on photovoltaic systems and solar panels. Anyone who has already upgraded his house to this effect, brings with it the best conditions for the installation of an ice storage heater.

The ice heating and environmental protection

Ice storage heating is likely to be one of the most environmentally friendly heating systems of the future as no toxic emissions or combustion residues are generated during operation. There is no biting smoke and therefore no release of dirt particles in the air and the environment. Since the operating energy of the ice storage heater can be fed from solar panels, it is independent of the open grid and consumes no resources here. But otherwise no raw and fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal are consumed. In other words, if all resources were consumed from one day to the next and the electricity went out at the same time, the owners of an ice-heating system would continue to sit in full warmth.

financing Tips

You want to switch to heating with ice, but have no money? Ask your bank for a loan or contact the heating manufacturer for the installment option. For environmentally friendly conversions, there may also be urban subsidies - make sure you are smart! Many "financing problems" are really just a lack of knowledge of the many possibilities.

When do the costs pay off?

Ice heating: The heating with ice: heater

No question: the less resources are used for heating, the cheaper the whole thing is. Nevertheless, it is easier for many homeowners and homeowners to pay for the annual heating costs and additional payments, as suddenly a lot of money for one Change of heating system issue. Therefore, the question is not irrelevant, as of when the investment in a Eisspeicherheizung amortized cost. Of course, the amortization issue depends on how large and thus expensive the new plant and what was previously paid to heating costs. Roughly over the thumb can be arranged here a period of up to 10 years. However, this estimate is already at the upper limit. The ever-increasing prices of raw materials will continue to drive up heating costs in the future, so that one can assume that the purchase of the ice heating will be worthwhile in a shorter time. Also, one should take into account that with increasing enforcement in the market, the technology always will become cheaper.

Ice heating: All advantages at a glance

  • No more raw material costs
  • No more energy costs
  • Independent of the power grid
  • Heats in winter and cools in summer
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly

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