Electric air pump comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the electric air pump comparison or test 2018

  • The electric air pump allows quick and easy inflating various items such. As an air mattress or a dinghy. Also, the pumping of the air is possible and does not require any physical effort.
  • Depending on the application, you will need an air pump with more or less pressure. For example, the required air pressure for an air mattress is less than that for an inflatable boat.
  • For camping trips are special models, the battery can be connected via an adapter to the car.

Electric air pump comparison 2018: pump

If you want to manually inflate items such as air mattresses, rubber dinghies or similar things, depending on the size of the object can quickly run out of steam or lose muscle power. Therefore, to avoid physical exertion, be electric air pumps powered by power cords or batteries.

Electric air pump comparison 2018: comparison

An electric air pump can save you a lot of time and energy.

Our comparison with electric air pumps 2018 allows you to find your personal test winner among the electric air pumps from various models. We have compared various products from different providers with regard to their advantages and disadvantages, features and functions.

In our purchase advice, we also clarify What distinguishes an electric air pump, for which areas of application it is really suitable and what you should consider before making a purchase.

1. How does an electric air pump work?

An electric air pump, also called electric blower pump, is powered by electricity and is operated via an on or off button. Via a valve located on the electric pump, air can be directed to the interior of the item you want to inflate.

As well as pumping up the pumping of air is possible. This feature allows you, unlike conventional air pumps, not having to wait for the escape of air to z. B. to stow an air mattress in its original form.

2. With cable or air pump battery - we introduce both categories

Most models have a battery, but can also be connected to a conventional power outlet.

You can also use your electronic air pump via an on-board power outlet in the car with 12v (volts). You can thus use and charge the device at the same time. These models have the same performance as pumps fitted with a conventional socket outlet.

The Stiftung Warentest unfortunately has not carried out an electric air pump test, which is why we are all the more pleased to inform you in detail and to introduce you to the different species.

In the following tables we clarify which ones Pros and cons of an electronic air pump with rechargeable battery or a rechargeable battery brings with it:

  • wireless commissioning
  • flexible location
  • possible use via on-board power plug in the car
  • not suitable for high volume items

3. The most important purchase criteria

3.1. scope of application

As compressors, the presented models of electric air pumps are flexible and therefore have a wide range of applications.

Electric air pump comparison 2018: pump

Even basketballs can be inflated very quickly.

We have many Examples of the use of electric air pumps listed:

  • Sports equipment such as footballs
  • arm floats
  • Inflatable
  • airbeds
  • bicycle tires
  • floating tire
  • Car tires (need a high air pressure)

3.2. valve connections

What does a valve actually do?

To ensure that no air or gases that flow within a pumping system can escape on the sides, there must be a firm connection between the valve of the electric pump and the object to be inflated. Thus, the valve can allow the flow of gases or air at all and finally regulate.

On air pumps can attach a large variety of valve adapters, When buying an electric pump usually many valves of different sizes are included in the accessories.

For inflating bicycle tires are Schrader, Dunlop or Presta needed. The latter is also calledSclaverandventil or French valve known and used in car tires as well. Therefore, you can fill a bicycle tire with Presta valve in no time at the next best gas station. This is extremely convenient and time-saving - provided, of course, that a tank is nearby. Incidentally, the ideal tire pressure is on the outside of the bicycle tube.

Be sure to check that the pump has been fitted with a matching adapter to your bike.

Electric air pump comparison 2018: pump

To inflate your bike you need the right adapter.

The products shown in our comparison are sold with tip valves of different sizes for air mattresses and balls.

3.3. Pumping up and pumping down

A special feature of many electric air pumps is the ability to inflate an object and to be able to pump the air back even after use. Thus you can fold the object after use again small and without annoying air cushion.

3.4. equipment

tubeA really practical accessory for an electric pump is a hose. Because with this can be just unfavorably placed valves easily reach.
On-board power plug (car cigarette lighter)If your electric air pump is also suitable for 12V connections, it can also be connected to the on-board power plug of your car using an adapter. Such models are great for camping trips.
manometerA manometer is a device that measures the pressure of an object and displays it on a display. Unfortunately, only very few air pumps have such a measuring device installed, so you always have to check yourself if there is already enough air in the object to be filled.

4. Questions and answers about air pumps

4.1. Which model is best for my project?

Which electric air pump is the best for your needs depends primarily on the specific application. If you want to inflate a simple air mattress, is not the same air pressure such. B. needed for car tires. Orient yourself in the choice of your personal test winner under the electric air pumps so afterwardsWhat you intend to pump up often in the future.

For outdoor excursions, for example, an adapter that can be connected to the on-board power plug of your car may not be missing on delivery.

4.2. Are there alternatives to the electric air pump?

Electric air pump comparison 2018: electric

Conventional piston pumps can make you work up a sweat.

The most common alternative is probably the conventional air pump known to be operated manually, The disadvantage of this is that you have to spend significantly more time and muscle power depending on the object to achieve the desired result. For passenger car tires, however, you still need electrical assistance when inflating to build up the required air pressure.

Conventional air pumps, also called piston pumps, have a cylinder in which a movable piston which must be moved up and down with muscular strength.

4.3. Which model do I use to inflate my dinghy?

To fill a dinghy with air as quickly as possible, we recommend models made by Bravo, Homdox or Tera. The pressure of the dinghy pumps is optimally alignedso that your vehicle is sufficiently inflated in a short time. A battery-powered air pump is typically as fast and powerful in performance as an air pump connected by a power cord.

In order to fill your dinghy with air a little faster than usual, we recommend a dinghy pump with a longer hose, such as the models from Black + Decker and Coleman. These models also come with valves that are otherwise difficult to acquire, After purchase, a short test of the electric air pump is cheap to guarantee the functionality.

4.4. Where can I best buy an electric air pump?

Every hardware store, as well as various Internet providers, offers electric air pumps for sale. The price varies depending on the included accessories and often ranges between 50 € and 70 €.

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