Electric chainsaw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for electric chainsaw comparison or test 2018

  • An electric chainsaw impresses with its environmentally friendly mode and low volume development. It can also do more than a cordless chainsaw, but is of course inferior to the powerful gasoline chainsaw.
  • The electric chain saw is just as suitable for cutting firewood and not too large tree trunks as it is for pruning hedges and trees. The freedom of movement is limited by the cable for the permanent power supply.
  • Since it has no gas tank or battery integrated, the electric chain saw is particularly lightweight in comparison, which is very pleasant to use. Nevertheless, the use of protective clothing is urgently recommended during use.

Electric chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Heavy work is often associated with the chainsaw trees are preferably felled in the forest and then sawn. In horror films, it is also a weapon often used, which gives the assassin there by their rattling, penetrating sound an even scarier aura. But it is sometimes misjudged that it is also used in gardening for much mundane tasks, without you would have to become equal to the forester or killer.

Between January and April 2010, chain saws worth almost EUR 68 million were purchased in Germany alone (source: GfK). In terms of construction, there is a choice between three energy supplies. In addition to petrol and cordless chainsaws, you can also buy power cable-guided electric chain saws. In addition to the power source, other categories such as performance and handling also play a role, which we place in your purchase advice for our Electro Chainsaw Comparison 2018 in relation to your requirements.

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1. Electricity instead of gasoline - an advantage in handling, a disadvantage in terms of power

chainsaw bill

Yes, you can, if you are of legal age, also a driver's license for the chainsaw (also firewood driver's license). You even have to if you want to swing the saw in public forests or on land outside of your own, In a related seminar, you will learn how to use the tool correctly, how to saw it correctly and what to consider when it comes to protection. Depending on the extent of the courses, this costs from 100 euros upwards.

First of all, let me say: Structurally, the electric chainsaw test winner does not differ from its gasoline or battery counterparts. In principle, the power-driven motor chain saw has a metallic blade (also called a sword or rail), which has a groove all around the outer edge.

This groove is the element on the metal blade on which the saw chain is placed. It is the actual cutting tool of every chainsaw. It is not a rigid ring, but consists of several links that cut through the material. The sword length also determines what dimensions the chain must have.

Electric chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

Medium sized tree trunks are no problem for the electric chainsaw.

The drive coil, which causes the saw chain to rotate quickly, is - like the rest of the engine - suspended in the housing of the chain saw. There is also the safety brake, which stops the chain within a very short time after the shutdown, On the outside you will find handles, so you can control the device by hand.

Mostly there is a larger grip bow, in which at the same time the starter button must be operated by hand pressure, as well as a handle on the housing roof. At the rear end, the power cable protrudes from the electric chain saw. Being permanently power-dependent, you must always have a source of electricity within reach. So your range of action is sometimes limited and the risk of getting on the cable is also a constant companion.

Electric chainsaw comparison 2018: electric

It does not work without it: oil for the saw chain.

The weight proves to be favorable for an electric chain saw, if you cut with it for hours wooden trunks and cut into firewood or pruning smaller trees. Since it does not have to carry a gasoline tank or battery, it can be built easily and handy, which benefits your stamina when working.

In addition, the electric chainsaw delivers ideal conditions for a harmonious neighborhood, as it is significantly less noisy in terms of volume than gasoline saws, Their internal combustion engine is indeed more efficient and no alternative if you have to work on particularly thick woods, but if you do not have these requirements, you save the environment with the power tool significantly more.

Well oiled: So that the gardening tool can cut through the tree trunk, not only tidy watts are needed. The chain needs special chain oil as a lubricant for cutting. For the electric chainsaw has installed a container. The tank volume usually ranges between 100 and 200 ml and the level must be checked regularly. For the sake of nature you should use a chain oil with environmental labels such as the "Blue Angel", the biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless to waters is.

2. Battery for short-term use, gas for heavy missions - These alternatives are there

In its issue 09/2013, the Stiftung Warentest has taken a closer look at the different chainsaw types from various brands and manufacturers, and also carried out an electric chainsaw test. The majority of the products offered only average sawing performance, but scored points with low noise and the absence of exhaust fumes, In our table we explain the arguments for and against chainsaws with gasoline engine and battery operation.

chainsaw typedescription

Electric chainsaw comparison 2018: comparison

As already indicated, electric chainsaws can hardly pass the test against overly massive tree trunks. A gasoline chainsaw is the strongest representative of its guild and offers you the greatest mobility when working in the forest, for example, It does not need a cable or power connection to charge the battery, instead just enough gas and oil.

In addition to the much higher noise level, you can buy these advantages, but also by a higher weight, which goes straight to the muscles, especially with prolonged use. In addition, the exhaust gases emitted are unhealthy for the environment and you.

battery pack

Electric chainsaw comparison 2018: chain

If you want to trim small trees and hedges or carry out minor sawing work, the cordless chainsaw is suitable. She also scores through her low weight and mild noise, However, the battery also has the consequence that the performance and the associated cutting power are not as high as the other types.

In continuous operation, the battery lasts about 1.5 hours or 100 - 150 cuts, Thereafter, a one to two hour charge time is required. You can handle these with a replacement battery. But this usually requires an additional purchase.

Safety first: The chain speed of electric chain saws can easily be 18 meters per second. Unthinkable, when she comes into full contact with her legs. To reduce the risk of injury, it is advisable to wear protective clothing:

In addition to safety shoes and gloves, a cut protection trousers is important for your physical well-being. Also recommended is the wearing of a forestry helmet against falling branches and the putting on of hearing protection and goggles against noise and flying chips. If these are particularly fine or dust is to be expected, a respirator mask is also suitable. The latter is an absolute must when sawing beech or oak, as their dusts are thought to be carcinogenic.

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