Electric stove can be connected - what costs do you have to expect?

If the new electric stove is to be connected, this can not be done without the electrician. What costs have to be spent, and with what amounts you have to expect roughly, you will learn in detail in this post.

General cost

If all installations are in place and in order, connecting a stove is quickly done. The necessary cables are connected, it is checked and thus the stove is functional.

In this case, where there is no further work to be done, the costs consist of only two items: the travel allowance and the working time (in most cases less than fifteen minutes). Generally you will be between 50 and 100 EUR.

Possible additional costs

If the installation is not ok, the costs can be much higher. Depending on which problem has to be solved first, material costs and other labor costs may be incurred.

For example:

  • Production of a three-phase connection
  • Adaptation of the installation / protection of the stove connection (three-phase current)
  • Extension cable for the stove connection
  • Moving the stove connection
  • Make an additional connection for the oven (if, for example, ceramic hob and oven are to be connected separately

The costs for this depend on the particular effort required and any necessary material.

If there is no three-phase connection, one must be made. The power consumption of an electric cooktop is so high that you absolutely need a three-phase connection for the hob.

Cost of producing a three-phase connection

If there is no three-phase connection, and one is needed, this can be expensive. Dependent on the cost but always on the local conditions. If the existing meter box can be extended by a three-phase meter, and SLS elements are present, the costs are in the frame - in many cases, the total cost is even below 100 EUR.

However, if a new counter space installation has to be installed and the supply line has to be renewed, the material costs alone can exceed 1,500 EUR. Then there are the necessary ancillary work for the production of the three-phase connection. The total cost can then be well over 2,000 EUR.

Alternative for non-existent three-phase connection

In many old buildings producing a new three-phase connection is problematic and very expensive due to the local conditions.

As an alternative, one can also "bridge" stoves, that is, instead of connecting over the usual 3 phases only over 1 phase. The stove then draws a lot of power, but can be easily operated in a 16 A secured AC system.

Such a solution is the electrician. This is in any case cheaper than the production of a three-phase connection in unfavorable conditions and with each stove feasible.

Tips & Tricks

While stoves can always "bridge", ie be connected in a single phase, this is not possible, for example, with instantaneous water heaters of higher power (also heavy current consumers). Here is always a three-phase connection (fused with 3 x 32 A, with a 21 kW device) necessary.

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