Electric underfloor heating power consumption

Anyone who deals with the topic, which type of heating for his new building or the renovation of the old building in question, will land sooner or later in the floor heating. There are now two systems, namely the water-bearing and electric underfloor heating. What are the advantages of the different systems? What costs do you have to expect?

Water-bearing versus electric

The water-bearing floor heating is connected to the heating circuit of the general heating system. It is completely irrelevant with which energy source the heating will operate. The underfloor heating works with lower supply and thereby saves energy. On the other hand, the water-bearing floor heating with relatively high installation costs to book, especially if it is a retrofit. The electric underfloor heating scores with the low purchase and installation costs. Even not quite so practiced do-it-yourselfers can easily lay them themselves, only the power connection must necessarily run the expert. However, the operating costs of electric underfloor heating are many times higher.

Calculation of the operating costs of electric underfloor heating

It is well known that electric underfloor heating causes relatively high costs. Therefore, it makes sense to use this system only in certain rooms, for example in the bathroom, where the tiles radiate a pleasant warmth. In order to determine the costs for the power consumption, one sets an example calculation. A bathroom with a surface of approx. 10 m² shows, after objects and furniture have been removed, about 5 m² of underfloor heating surface. The design of the heating requirement results in an electrical output of 100 to 160 watts per square meter. It is assumed that an electric underfloor heating is not permanently in operation, so it is switched on when needed. With a real heating time of about 2000 hours and an electricity price of 0.24 euros per kWh, heating costs of 340.00 euros per year result. In contrast, the costs for a kWh, for example, in the water-bearing floor heating, which is operated with oil, at around 0.094 €, which is much cheaper.

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