Electric grill and table grill

Electric grill and table grill: table

You love the taste of grilled meat and want nothing more than to finally eat a proper lumberjack steak or belly meat again? The problem: They have no garden and barbecues on the balcony are prohibited with gas or coal. Then just use an electric grill.

Electric grills produce less smoke and are available in different variations. Whether a normal table grill, an electric barbeque, a contact grill for indoor barbecues or the Japanese Teppanyaki table grill: Find out here What distinguishes the respective electric grills and which models perform best in the test.

Tenancy: Barbecue on the electric grill

Although an electric grill does not produce as much smoke as a charcoal grill, tenants are not allowed to barbecue with it. Because with the smoke you disturb your neighbors in the worst case. So read carefully in your lease, whether in it the grilling is not prohibited from the outset. If you are still grilling in such a case, you may face a termination without notice.

If such a paragraph is again not included in the contract, Nevertheless, always talk to your neighborsso that they are forewarned and you do not trigger an unwanted quarrel. Even the best meat is not worth the stress.

Preparation for grilling with electric grills

Regardless of the model you use, the long lead time for charcoal grills on table and other electric grills is long. Instead, the fuel rods have to reach the right temperature. To do this, simply set the table grill to the highest level. Depending on the model is Barbecue temperature reached after 5 to 10 minutes. When grilling inside the apartment, a thorough ventilation is important so that the smoke can escape and sufficient fresh air enters the room.

Clean electric grills

After grilling you have to Also, the grills are thoroughly cleaned. Disconnect the device completely from the mains and let it cool down. Then you take off the grill and removed frying and fat leftovers. In addition, the water bowl must be taught. It is important that when cleaning the electrical switching device does not come into contact with water.

Tip: When additional security measure For most electric grills, the circuit is cut off as soon as the heating element is removed from the table grill.

Variants of the electric grill

Electric grill and table grill: table

Rollable electric grill

An electric grill is not only versatile, but also comes in a variety of versions. So if you think of a electric grill only on a simple table grill, is not wrong, but not quite right. Therefore, we present below some variants that are possible with an electric grill.

Electric grill as a barbecue

The most classic variant is probably the barbeque. Her electric grill stands like a normal grill on a frame of four legs. When using an electric grill as a stand grill, pay particular attention to the stability of this holder. It must not fall over immediately at the slightest touch, Especially dangerous: the water, which is filled into the shell and is scalding hot after a few minutes. So if the electric grill does not have a reasonable level, it is no good. Who does not need the frame, because he If you want to barbecue in the apartment in bad weather, you can simply take the electric grill from this frame and automatically receives the next variant, the table grill.

Table grill for balcony and house

Electric grill and table grill: electric

Round electric grill as a table grill

The particular advantage of the electric grill as a table grill is its applicability in apartments. As already described above, such a grill only needs to be filled with water and connected to the electricity. Another advantage: The thermostat allows you to set the heating power of the electric grill, which allows meat to be kept warm without burning it immediately. Nevertheless, an important note: even though it was previously mentioned that an electric grill produces little smoke, this always depends on whether, for example. Meat juice can drip on the heating rods. So if you buy an electric grill, be sure that such a "risk of dripping" is not possible. As a result, the smoke is kept low and only in this way no harmful vapors.

Barbecue on the lava stone grill

Another variant offers an electric grill as lava stone grill. In addition to the above-mentioned pool, such an electric grill still has lava stones, which ensure that the heat is distributed evenly over the entire grill grid. You will not need any more fuel if you use lava rocks. The stones absorb the resulting heat and pass it on. Every now and then these stones should be cleaned. Add the stones to vinegar water and boil the water. However, this process only has to be done once per barbecue season.

Teppanyaki Grill - Japanese barbecue on the steel plate

Electric grill and table grill: electric

Japanese Teppanyaki grilling

From Japan comes the grill variantTeppan Yaki (鉄 板 焼 き), the art of frying food on a hot steel plate. Meat, fish and vegetables can be combined as desired. This type of grilling is especially healthy, because it is almost fat-free and the relatively low grilling temperatures protect the vitamins of the ingredients.

The grilled ingredients are seasoned only when they are ready grilled. This will be specialTeppanyaki sauce, Dips and exotic spices put to the dining table, from which everyone can choose at will.

Electric grill and table grill: grill

Teppanyaki steel plates for the stove

TheTeppan Grill is a heated steel plate that is incorporated in Japanese restaurants directly into the table top or the stove so that the food is prepared in front of the guests (yaki). In private households are usually a teppanyaki table grill or teppanyaki essays for the built-in stove used.

This makes the Teppanyaki grilling a very healthy form of grilling and on top of that very diverse. It is important that the steel plate is of high quality, so that it does not warp when heated and can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly after each cooking. Just as important are the quality and arrangement of the heat source, so that the desired heat zones come on the entire plate.

Teppanyaki dishes

Electric grill and table grill: table

Pasta, vegetables, meat and fish end up on the Teppanyaki grill

To be particularly popular Teppanyaki dishesYakisoba (fried noodles with vegetables and meat or fish) andOkonomiyaki (a kind of pancake with many different ingredients). By using a cooking bell countless dishes on the Teppan can not only be fried, but also steamed. Often the vegetable and meat pieces are cut in front of the guest with sharp Japanese knives, which means an additional dining experience. The actual cooking process usually takes only a few minutes.

Contact grill: Bilateral barbecue

Electric grill and table grill: electric

On the contact grill, the meat is fried on both sides

The contact grill belongs in the Category of electric table grills It is ideal for an indoor barbecue and on the balcony. Compared to standard table grills, the contact grill has a second hotplate that grills the meat on both sides, making it ready to eat faster than other grills.

Depending on the model, the contact grill can be completely open and use as a table grill, For easy cleaning, the inserts should be removable. In addition, they are equipped with slightly sloping bottom grill plate, in which the fat can drain.

Compared to other household appliances, contact grills consume little power. Who decides for this variant of the table grill, should pay attention to a few things when buying:

  • High quality coating: When buying should be paid to a high quality coating. This not only prolongs the life of the contact grill, also, a scratched coating can transfer carcinogenic material into the meat.
  • Removable inserts: Also, you should make sure that the inserts of the grill can be easily taken out. This allows easy and quick cleaning. Ideally, the inserts are even dishwasher safe.
  • Various uses: A large variety of uses allows you to bake waffles or make sandwiches in addition to the actual barbecue.

Delicious recipes for the contact grill

To give you some idea of ​​the variety that grilling offers with the contact grill, we have two recipes for you, the easy and fast prepared are sure and convincing.

Ham and cheese and onion toast

Electric grill and table grill: electric

Toast can be excellently fried on the contact grill

ingredients for 4 persons

  • 8 slices of toasted bread
  • 4 slices of ham
  • 8 slices of toast cheese
  • 1 big onion
  • butter or margarine
  • Cayenne pepper or chilli powder
  • mayonnaise
  • Ketchup


  1. The slices of toast are thin on the outside with butter or margarine.
  2. When documenting A slice of cheese, sliced ​​onion rings, a slice of ham and again a slice of cheese on the toast. You can refine this with cayenne pepper or chilli powder.
  3. The greased toast sides outwards provide in the contact grill for a fast tanning and easy removal.
  4. In hindsight, you can Mayonnaise and ketchup round off the delicious cheese, ham and onion toast.

Zucchini rolls on a skewer

ingredients for 4 persons

  • 4 zucchini
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • 2.5 tablespoons honey
  • 4 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a little dried thyme


  1. The zucchini Wash thoroughlybefore slicing them into thin slices with a peeler or vegetable slicer.
  2. The zucchini slices can be rolled up and sieved stuck on a skewer become.
  3. In a small bowl you can stir the oil, the honey and the lemon juice. Then the marinade is made with salt, pepper and a little thyme.
  4. The skewers can now with the marinade in a freezer bag where they will go through for about 30 minutes.
  5. Finally, the zucchini skewers can be fried on the contact grill.

Electric Grill Test and Comparison: The comparison winners

Electric grills are tested again and again. Only recently there was a new report for the section "electric grill". We present you below the winners of this comparison.

Electric grill test winner

Electric grill and table grill: electric

One of two test winners is the Philips HD4466 with a grade of 1.3. He is the best among electric barbecues. Above all, it impresses with its fast heating, good material properties, a timer, precise temperature selection, even heat distribution and, last but not least, a digital temperature display. Its only drawback is the poor readability of the digital display in direct sunlight.

Table Grill test winner

Electric grill and table grill: table

The table grill Steba Elektro-BBQ-Grill VG 250 also achieved the grade 1,3. Above all, it offers a good grill performance, a long power cable, crickets with and without lids and can be used as a table or as a barbeque. Only his small control lamp and the non-existent splash guard speak against him.

Barbecue Grill winner

Electric grill and table grill: electric

When best barbecue was awarded the Severin Barbecue Grill PG 2792. He got the grade 2.0 in the test. He stood out in particular by its very good price / performance ratio. However, he received deductions for the unprotected heating coil and the very uneven heat distribution.

The two market leaders of contact grills

Steba PG 4.4 contact grill

The PG 4.4 is considered the hottest contact grill. The device really deserves the imprint "Made in Germany" and convinces with its robustness and functionality. In many parts of Europe, the health-conscious contact grilling has been attracting attention in German kitchens for some time. After just a few seconds, the pots close off - the gravy does not run out anymore and the taste and nutrients are retained.

With the stepless thermostat the PG 4.4 can be set exactly for your own needs. The two-sided contact of the food with the aluminum die-cast plates halves the cooking time. Contact grilling, gratinating, barbecue grilling and waffle baking become versatile culinary experience. The non-stick coating of the reversible grill plates (37 x 23 cm) ensures a very easy cleaning.

A 3D hinge also allows the grilling of tall XXL steaks on one side and flat food on the other side. The PG 4.4 can be stored vertically to save space.

Grundig CG 5040 contact grill

The powerful one Contact grill made of high quality materials and with elegant design has two extra large and hinged grill surfaces (31 x 26 cm). These allow the healthy and tasteful grilling of meat, fish, sausages, poultry, vegetables, cheese, panini toast and much more in minutes. The support surface is angled, the height adjustment variable, the non-stick grill plates separately heated and removable. The Grundig CG 5040 contact grill can be stored vertically to save space.

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