Electric Grill: the best tips you should know

No coal towing, no smoke plumes when lit, no long heat-up times: electric grills have their advantages clearly. So that the steak is really perfect, you should always keep in mind a few important tips for dealing with electric grills. Which are these, read in our post.

Preheat or not?

Again and again, the question arises whether you should also pre-heat an electric grill. For a perfect grilling result the answer is clear: yes.

Meat needs about 250° C so that its pores close quickly enough and it stays juicy inside. If the temperature is lower, too much meat juice comes out, and the steak becomes chewy and bland.

For an electric grill to reach this temperature, it must be preheated for a few minutes. Closed systems take less time to open than open systems. The right temperature can be tested quite easily: If you hold your hand about 10 - 15 cm above the grill surface, and you have to retract after a few seconds because it is too hot, the right grill temperature for meat is reached.

Set up the electric grill correctly

Also important is the right location for the grill. The substrate should be stable, level and firm, and should be as heat resistant as possible.

But more important is the right one Installation Site for the grill. If an electric grill is in the blazing sun, the thermostat adds the heat generated by the sun to the temperature of the grill and then automatically reduces the heat output.

Especially in summer you should always have an electric grill in the shade put up.

Easy cleaning of electric grills

The drip tray for the fat should be filled with water. This way, she can be cleaned later. If you always clean your grill immediately after eating, you usually have less cleaning effort and cleaning the grill is much easier.

Tips & Tricks

So that a sensible grilling temperature can be achieved at all, an electric grill needs enough power. Experts recommend that you make sure the device has at least 2,000 watts of power when you buy it, otherwise it will generate too little heat. Grills with adjustable temperature are always advantageous - so you can adjust the grill temperature to the food and grill other things than meat, such as vegetables or baked potatoes.

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