Clean the electric grill - that's the way it works best

Electric barbecues do little preparation work - but you still have to clean them after having a barbecue. Doing it the right way will cause much less work than the charcoal grill. We have compiled the best tips and tricks for cleaning the electric grill for you in this article.

Clean the electric grill immediately

The most important tip for cleaning the electric grill is: Best always after the meal clean, So cleaning is the easiest way and you have a much lower cleaning effort.

The longer the grill remains uncleaned, the greater the cleaning effort. After several days you usually have to work hard to get the crusts of burnt fat and marinades at all.

Protect the drip tray

Always pour some water into the drip tray before grilling. Thus, the dripping fat can not settle completely and can be subsequently removed with relatively little effort.

All you have to do is add a few drops of detergent to the drip tray and then clean it easily.

Burning out after grilling

Once you have taken the food and finished grilling, you should set the grill to the highest level for a few more minutes. Burned parts are literally "burned out", asperited and partially fall off already. This makes it much easier to clean the grill later.

Even ovens with self-cleaning function use this circumstance successfully. They increase the temperature in the oven to a maximum and all deposits burn and fall off.

Suitable cleaning agents

The most suitable and without any risk are water, dishwashing liquid and for more stubborn cases oven cleaners. What you should not use is:

  • abrasive
  • steel wool
  • Ceranfeldschaber

This also applies to the grill plates, which are also very sensitive. You can clean individual parts of the grill in the dishwasher, but never the heating elements! The heating coil must always be specially cleaned, as you can read in this article.

Tips & Tricks

In general, you will get less marks on the grill if you simply grind the grill with a raw, sliced ​​potato before grilling. Meat is then less liable, and accordingly there are then less deposits that you would have to remove after grilling.

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