Electric Grill Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for electric grill comparison or test 2018

  • After all, around 13% of German barbecue fans barbecue all year round. This is only possible with weatherproof outdoor clothing and a strong adventure mentality. Or with an electric grill.
  • The electric grill is the only type of grill that can be used without any problems with neighbors on the balcony and even in your own home, making your barbecue pleasure completely independent of the season.
  • Only charcoal produces real barbecue taste? Incorrectly thought, because electric grills bring it partly to over 300° C, whereby the roasting aromas are generated, which are responsible for the typical grill taste.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

For some it is sport, for others a deep passion, for very big BBQ fans almost a religion: the barbecue. Too bad that the summer is always too short and the barbecue season is often over again, shortly after she has really started. Because grilling can only be done outdoors and the temperatures in autumn or winter are likely to chase even the hard-bitten barbecue fans cold shivers when they think of snowy garden and park meadows.

They do not feel like giving up most of the year in the most beautiful way of cooking? Then grill electrically: In the whole year, in any weather, comfortably on the balcony or even in your own kitchen. Electric barbecues are becoming increasingly popular and can boast similarly good barbeque results as charcoal or gas barbecues.

Do you still have doubts about the suitability of electric grills? Then let us convince you of our purchase advice on the subject of electric grill, in which we Electric Grill Comparison 2018 carried out. So you can find well-informed your personal electric grill test winner.

1. Smoke-free? Travel as a reward to Balkonien

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

The heating coils lie with simple grill directly under the rust.

An electric grill is powered by a cable. This means, it works without charcoal and gas. The power is used to heat heating rods that are immediately under the grill or under the grill plate. So the heat is distributed optimally under the entire grill area and there is no danger of some spots becoming significantly hotter than others, as charcoal grills may be.

The renunciation of coal also ensures a completely smoke-free barbecue experienceWhat makes one of the biggest benefits of electric grilling come true? You can once again make a nice barbecue trip to your balcony, because your neighbors can no longer bother with the grill smoke and smell. Often electric grills are even excluded from the grill ban in leases and allow use in closed rooms. Although some aspects have to be considered (see section 5), when used carefully, there is nothing standing in the way of indoor grilling - unless the operating instructions explicitly prohibit indoor use, which may be the case with some grills.

When choosing between grill and grill plate divide the spirits. While the grill grate visually sprinkles a little more coal grill charm, the grill plate can shine with other benefits. The often non-stick plates facilitate cleaning and also prevent the juice of the food from roasting through the grate. This reduces the risk of creating a jet flame. Often, the grilled e-grills have a grease tray for excess liquids.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

Coated grill plates are often easy to clean in the dishwasher.

However, the use of electric grills could not be easier: Plug in, fill the water bowl with water, switch on the grill and wait a few minutes until the desired heat is reached. Afterwards, you can enjoy a barbecue without the hassles and without coal. Thereafter, the plug is pulled back and the grill cools relatively quickly. This shows another advantage of the electric grill. While charcoal barbecues take about 30 minutes to reach operating temperature, the electric version can take five to ten minutes without any intervention.

Below we have listed all advantages and disadvantages for you:

  • weather-independent barbecue: inside and outside
  • no smoke
  • consistently excellent grilling results
  • can be used quickly
  • safer, because no open flame
  • No coal and gas needed: Less dirt and costs
  • Temperature adjustable for some devices
  • low in purchase
  • easier cleaning (see section 4)
  • The socket must be nearby, if necessary, extension cords
  • potential risk of tripping due to cables
  • not the typical grill atmosphere with fire and embers
  • smoky grill taste less present than charcoal grills

2. Which electric grill types are there? From a standing position on the table and under the hood

An electric grill differs within the grill family of charcoal and gas barbecues. But also in the category of electric grills there are different types. Therefore, we have first compiled a table with the classification of electric, gas and charcoal grill, in order to take a closer look at the different electric grill types below.

electric grillgas Grillcharcoal grill
  • usable inside and out
  • hardly any smoke
  • low purchase prices
  • quickly ready for use
  • simple temperature regulation
  • extremely varied barbecue facilities (including barbecue)
  • perfect for indirect grilling
  • Relatively quickly ready for use
  • typical barbecue experience
  • typical smoke flavor
  • low purchase prices
  • extremely mobile: also suitable for parks
  • outlet near
  • tripping hazard
  • not a typical barbecue experience
  • no mobility: heavy and bulky
  • quite high purchase prices
  • Gas cartridges not everywhere available
  • heavy smoke
  • long start-up time
  • Risk of burns from open fire higher

2.1. Standgrill

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: 2018

Barbecues often have additional shelves at the side or below the grill area.

Electric barbecues are particularly suitable for gardens and terraces. Similar to the large charcoal grills, they offer many options and a variety of barbecue accessories. In general, they have a height-adjustable base, in which in many cases, a base is still, so that at the same time a shelf in the immediate vicinity of the barbecue is available.

Barbecues also offer more grilling space, so that even larger groups can enjoy their barbecue arts. Theoretically, you can also use an electric barbeque in the apartment, However, you should pay special attention to ensure that no easily flammable furnishings are nearby and the grill is stable.

2.2. table Grill

The table grill is probably the best known and most widespread variant of the electric grill. In particular, balcony owners have a comprehensible weakness for the table grill, as he in addition to the already mentioned advantages of an electric grill very space-saving and flexible is. It is thus not only saved on barbecue lighter, charcoal and pungent smoke, the table grill, as the name says, can also be used arbitrarily on tables in the apartment, on the balcony or in the garden.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: comparison

Table grills are particularly suitable for barbecuing on the balcony.

The electric table grill has no frame and is similar in shape to a raclette grill, And that's exactly how it can be used: in the middle of the table so that every member of the family and every guest can grill themselves. As with the electric barbecues, there are under the electric table grills variants with grill grate or plate. Within the category table grill there are again two forms which we would like to present to you in more detail.

  • The electric table grill:These are the Standard version of the table grill. He has either a grill or a grill plate, the latter can score with a slightly better heat distribution and fat collection device. The heating elements are either installed in the grill plate or lie directly under the grill and also there ensure a very good distribution of heat.
  • The contact grill:

    Electric Grill Comparison 2018: 2018

    A contact grill from Steba. The upper part of this model can be opened or closed completely. So the grill can either be used as a contact grill or it becomes a table grill with double grill area.

    The contact grill looks a bit like a sandwich maker in terms of looks and functionality which often leads to confusion or equality. The contact grill, however, offers much more options and is also considered a hot tip among barbecue fans because of its still expandable distribution. Contact grills have like Sandwich Maker a hinged lid, which ensures that the food is heated from both sides equally. So the food has to be turned no longer and is equally hot on the plate from all sides. However, the disadvantage is the smaller grill area: For cozy rounds of two to four people, the contact grill is usually still sufficient, for a larger barbecue, it should then be the usual table grill or ideally equal to the barbecue.

Tip: If you use the electric grill in the apartment, you should make sure as well as the electric grill, sufficient ventilation. Although it eliminates the intense smoke of charcoal, however, arise as well as cooking and frying, yet vapors. The larger the grill area and the amount of food to be cooked, the more important it is adequate ventilation.

2.3. hood Grill

Make the lid on it

Electric grills with lids not only offer variability in cooking methods. Even if it should be fast, Models with a lid can score as the food to be cooked is cooked much earlier. At the same time, you save about one third of the electricity because the grill has to be in operation for a shorter time.

Hood grills come up with a lid that will not let the heat escape, opening up new barbecue grills, The grilled food can be cooked equally from all sides and remains at the same time very juicy by the indirect grilling. In addition, the food can be kept wonderfully warm in this way, because it not only bundles heat, but also protects against cooling due to outside temperature and wind.

The gentle cooking method makes it possible to prepare more delicate foods such as fish and vegetables perfectly, without being tough and dehydrated in the end. The most typical form of electric grills with hood are the electric ball grills with round lid.

3. Purchase criteria for electric grills: You must pay attention to this

3.1. power

The power of the electric grills is expressed in watts.A good electric grill has a capacity of at least 2,000, preferably 2,200 watts or even more. This is the only way to ensure that the grilled food is really made to burn and that it is quickly cooked through, but at the same time also provided with an appealing roast. If you want to keep the time between turning on the grill and eating as low as possible, you should pay attention to a correspondingly high wattage before you buy an electric grill. Also recommended are temperature controllers, which is often infinitely adjustable, which temperature the grill should achieve.

3.2. application

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: comparison

An electric grill from Philips makes it happen: Simply use your electric table grill in your own home.

Electric barbecues are real all-rounders and can be used virtually anywhere a power outlet is nearby. Nevertheless, there are two variants with the table and the barbecues, which concentrate their strengths in different areas. Although both types can in principle also show what the other one offers, it is advisable to look for the best electric grill for your own specific needs.

If your barbecue is to be used predominantly in your own home or on the balcony and be as easy to transport as possible, the table grill is particularly suitable. When making a purchase, you should always take a look at the contact grills, which, depending on the model, can also compete with the usual table grills on the grill surface. On the other hand, if it is more important for you to use the grill on the larger terrace or in the garden, and above all to serve more than four people, you should opt for the larger barbeque.

3.3. Other features

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

Always the perfect heat: a continuously adjustable temperature controller makes grilling particularly easy.
  • Temperature controller:If you are looking for the best electric grill for your needs, you should not miss out on a temperature controller that allows you to set how hot the grill should be for your food, Also very important is an overheating protection, which ensures that your grill is switched off automatically when exceeding too high a temperature.
  • Water dish:A good electric grill should be one built-in water bowl to have, which drips down dripping fat, whereby the danger is mitigated by Stichflämmen. Even fallen down grill food can not char and give off harmful fumes that are even suspected of being carcinogenic. As an alternative to the water bowl, electric grills with grill plates in particular offer a fat drip tray which, in addition to a cleaner and healthier food, also makes for easier cleaning.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: 2018

Make sure to replenish the water in the bowl below the grill surface regularly.
  • Cover:If barbecuing is too monotonous for you and you too barbecue and cook indirectly you should buy an electric grill with a lid. At the same time you have an optimal protection against the cooling of the food and do not have to be careful to turn the food regularly.
  • Non-stick coating: Especially with grill plates, which offer significantly more attack surface for food scraps than grill grates, non-stick coated materials are highly recommended. Thus, even when grilling is prevented, the food burns and the barbecue pleasure is reduced, In addition, the electric grill is characterized easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher Suitability: For the same reason, you should pay attention to dishwasher-safe parts of your grill, as they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after eating.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

When buying an electric grill, you should make sure that larger components can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

The above-mentioned points water bowl or grease drip tray, non-stick coating and dishwasher suitability make it much easier to clean electric grills than with charcoal or gas barbecues. In general, you should thoroughly clean your electric grill after each use. Of course, this is a noticeably more enjoyable task for any barbecue fan when the characteristics of your grill make it easier to clean, by easily removing grease and food scraps with the water or grease tray and sticking no leftovers on the grill plates. Nevertheless, the shells should of course be emptied and cleaned after each use.

Danger: Always remember to add new water to the water bowl before using it again, otherwise the risk of flashes of flame increases.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

For grilling in the wild, a charcoal grill is still best. But always pay attention to the fire hazard!

5. You should pay attention to this when using electric grills

Even with the electric grill there are a few things to keep in mind, so that the barbecue is completely perfect and you will not experience any nasty surprises.

  • Location and cable:Whether stand or table grill, the electric grill should always stable and far away from highly flammable materials like curtains or paper decorations. Also the cable needs special care: Make sure that no one can trip over it. Under certain circumstances, an extension cable is useful, which can be wrapped around the table leg.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: comparison

Flexible grill: With an extension cable, you simply connect the electric grill to a remote outlet.
  • To supervise barbecue:As long as the grill is hot, you should use it too always under observation, Fat debris or foreign bodies could still ignite and cause a fire. This is especially important when using the electric grill in the apartment.
  • Air well:Even if no smoke is produced by charcoal, you will always produce vapors when grilling, which may be unpleasant and may even be hazardous to health if the food is burnt. So ventilate during and after the barbecue always sufficient.

Danger: In case of fire you are allowed the grill never extinguish with water, otherwise dangerous deflagration may occur.Always keep a fire blanket ready to choke the flames.

6. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest recently conducted an electric grill test in 2015 and chose its electric grill as test winner. Only two models with the grade could be found in the category of ordinary table grills Well cut off, namely the Rommelsbacher BBQ 2002 and the Tefal TG8000. Surprisingly, the devices of the manufacturers Severin and Steba, who lead the bestseller lists in the field of electric grills, achieve no top rankings.

Particularly sobering here is the Severin electric grill PG 8527 in appearance, which with aInadequatewas punished. This is because the built-in overheating protection of the Severin PG 8527 only became active when the glass lid of the device had already cracked. But also the Steba electric grill VG 200 could convince with a 3.0 only conditionally, since in particular the grill result was not optimal.

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: 2018

The test winner of Stiftung Warentest: Tefal Optigrill GC702D.

In the category of contact grills it has the Severin KG 2392 with the grade Well After all, made it into the top five, a model of the brand Steba, however, it has not made it in this electric grill comparison. The winner in the electric grill test was the Tefal Optigrill GC702D before the Philips HD4467, each with the gradeWell.It was also striking that only a Weber grill made it into the category of surface grill: The Weber electric grill Q1400 has with the touch Satisfying(2,7) at least reached fourth place. In the category of contact grills, however, no Weber grill can be found at all.

Discounter models, for example from the discount giant Aldi and Lidl, have not made it into the electric grill test of the Stiftung Warentest.

To you to illustrate the operation and use of an electric grill In the following video some essential points are summarized using the example of the table grill Severin PG 2786.

7. Questions and answers around the topic of electric grill

7.1. How much watts should an electric grill have?

2,000 watts is the magic limitfrom which you can promise good barbecue results. It is even better if your grill brings it to 2,200 or more watts, so you do not have to wait so long for the food and develop perfect roasting aromas. So also in search of the cheapest electric grill you should always have the wattage in mind.

7.2. How hot is an electric grill?

Contact grills run a little colder than ordinary electric barbecues and reach temperatures between about 170 to 220° C, However, the contact grills are well balanced by the two-sided grill. Electric grills run hotter and create between 190 and 330° C depending on the model.

7.3. What's better: gas or electric grill?

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

A typical gas grill.

The first big difference between electric and gas barbecue is the purchase price, While electric barbecues are relatively low in price, gas grills are among the most expensive grills. On Another major difference is the size of the devicesThe electric grill is very small and easy to change, especially as a table grill, but the gas grill is very heavy and bulky, so it is usually used on terraces: the perfect garden grill. Many barbecue fans are also a little bit scared of using gas.

For the gas grill offers many additional options to prepare the barbecue, such as the classic barbecue. Which of the best grills is for you depends so crucially on your requirements. If a small price, flexibility and indoor grilling is important to you, the electric grill is the right grill for you, you value multi-faceted barbecue facilities and larger grill areas, so you should consider a gas grill.

7.4. What to do when the electric grill is burning?

Electric Grill Comparison 2018: electric

A compact, round electric grill can also be placed on the balcony and may be used as long as there is no odor pollution for the neighbors.

Never extinguish with water!This could cause a deflagration, which could have devastating consequences, especially in the home, by the fire spreads. In this case, you should leave the apartment and call the fire department. To prevent this, you should always have a fire blanket ready, to stifle a possible barbecue in the bud.

7.5. Is an electric grill allowed on the balcony?

As a rule, you can safely use your electric grill on the balcony as long as there is a table grill that is electrically powered. In some leases, electric barbecues are even explicitly excluded from the grill ban and also your neighbors should not complain about the lack of smoke.

For electric barbecues, you must weigh whether the space is sufficient to ensure a safe barbecue fun. You can even use your electric grill indoors. Barbecuing with gas or coal should be done in the park, in the garden or on a larger terrace.

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