Let the electric grill stand outside - is that possible?

Again and again, when buying a new barbecue, the question arises whether you can leave an electric grill outside or whether you need to find a place in the house for him. Whether this is possible in principle, and what you always have to pay attention to, read this post.

Basic suitability

If you buy a barbecue, you should first pay close attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. Some grill models are designed for "outdoors" and are therefore rustproof and weatherproof.

These indications, however, only indicate that the grill occasionally once can stand outside. They are not a license to be able to expose the device to the weather for years unprotected.

An electric grill is a electrical appliance - and thus you should not constantly expose it, like all other electrical appliances, to the weather or humidity. In principle, one should be careful in any case.

Grill protect

Covering an electric grill with a cover can be counterproductive if you want to protect it from moisture. Just under tarpaulins and covers often collects more moisture than the grill would otherwise get.

This also applies to the large models, for which there are already from the manufacturer with a cover. Basically, it provides good protection against direct weather (rain, snow) but also the constant moisture that inevitably forms below the cover, the grill at some point to create.

Grill Canopy

It would be better to leave the grill open in the open and to protect only with a canopy from direct weather conditions. It does not necessarily have a covered barbecue area to be built. Even a small area covered with a roof is sufficient.

Possibilities are for example:

  • a barbecue pavilion to set up free (there are from about 140 EUR, advantage: also additional shelves are possible
  • an outdoor kitchen with a small covered area
  • the construction of a small canopy or roof over the grill (pay attention to rain protection)

Tips & Tricks

Even with the large grill stations, you should at least pay a little attention to the additional weather protection. Protect especially the connections - there are special standards for sockets and connections. For example, there are completely weather-protected surface-mounted sockets in a protected housing (IP 44).

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