Electric grill or charcoal grill?

When it comes to a new purchase, the question is often whether to buy an electric grill or a charcoal grill. There are arguments for both the one and the other grill. A little help with the weighing and the purchase decision offers our contribution.

decision criteria

If you are uncertain when buying which of the two grills you should buy, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Preparation time for the barbecue
  • taste
  • handling
  • Suitability for different grilled food
  • cleaning effort
  • operating cost
  • acquisition cost

The acquisition costs are deliberately at the bottom because they should not play the crucial role. If you bought a barbeque that only brings disadvantages for you, it does not help if it was cheap. The joy of grilling is then gone and in the worst case, the grill is at some point only unused around.

Preparation time for the barbecue

When charcoal grill, they must first ignite the coal, and then let anneal. That takes a lot of time. Although you should also pre-heat the electric grill (see our tips for the electric grill) - this usually takes only a few minutes.

You can start grilling with the electric grill much faster. This is an advantage if you sometimes decide to move the dinner outside and do not have much preparation time available.


In terms of taste, the ghosts are different. While most experts claim that there is no difference in taste, many blind tastings show that people almost always recognize meat from the charcoal grill.

So obviously there is a difference in taste. How important this difference is is simply a matter of personal taste. However, you should also remember that when meat juice drips into the embers, carcinogenic benzopyrene or nitrosamines are often produced. These can then be attached to the grill food and are regularly found in charcoal grills in significantly higher quantities on the meat surface than the electric grill.


To operate a charcoal grill involves a little skill and experience - while the electric grill only a switch must be placed in the correct position. Which device shines here with simplicity, is clear.

Suitability for different grilled food

The charcoal grill also has different temperature zones and different grill temperatures are possible. As exact as the electric grill you can not do that, not even with a lot of barbecue experience.

Sensitive grilled food such as vegetables or sheep's cheese is therefore often easier on the electric grill than on the charcoal grill. It is also possible there, but sometimes requires a lot of skill and some experience with the food, so it succeeds.

cleaning effort

There are hardly any significant differences between the two devices. In both cases, the rust must be thoroughly cleaned, the electric grill, the grease tray and the heating coils are cleaned, charcoal in the charcoal grill must be disposed of.

operating cost

Charcoal and lighters are not expensive, but still incur costs. The electric grill only requires electricity. The must, however, be present - barbecues in the wild, on a barbecue or in the garden without electricity is not possible.

acquisition cost

There are hardly any differences in price. Useful electric barbecues with an acceptable performance you get in small dimensions also from 20 - 40 EUR. For simple charcoal grills, prices also start to be around this range.

At the top, the price is open to both, highly professional charcoal grills or smokers can be significantly more expensive in the premium class than the most expensive electric grill.

Tips & Tricks

An important advantage is the lack of smoke in the electric grill. This makes it possible to use it even where the neighbors would otherwise feel disturbed. Whether an electric grill is allowed on the balcony, or even in the apartment may be operated in our special contributions. Simply click on the links.

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