Electric radiator comparison 2018

Purchase advice for electric heater comparison or test 2018

  • Like gas heaters, electric heaters are infrared heaters. Both variants do not heat the air, but objects with infrared radiation.
  • If the electric heaters are splash-proof, they also heat reliably outdoors as patio heaters or even in very damp bathrooms.
  • Electric radiant heaters are not as hot as infrared radiant heaters with gas, so they are also suitable for interiors such as living room or children's room.

Electric radiator comparison 2018: comparison

1. What is the difference between an (infrared) radiant heater and a fan heater?

Radiant heater = infrared radiator

All radiant heaters that have a filament emit infrared. It is irrelevant whether they are operated with gas or electricity.

However, they are not to be confused with the so-called infrared lamps, Although these emit also an infrared radiation, but only to a small extent. These small infrared radiators are also called red light lamps.

Infrared heaters and fan heaters work fundamentally differently, although they both belong to the category of electric heaters. Fan heaters heat the ambient air and blow it away.

Therein, they are similar to most fixed heaters (convectors), except that the latter do not blow away the air. Without air, these two electric heaters can not give off heat, The air is their "heat transporter", whereby the air also loses a lot of moisture.

Electric radiator comparison 2018: electric

As terrace heating, they also donate a little light in the evening.

Radiant heaters heat objects that their infrared radiation falls on, and thus belong to the category of radiators. Seen in this way, these heaters are heat radiators that generate their heat by radiation and do not heat the ambient air. There are also fixed electric heaters with infrared.

The big advantage of radiant heaters with infrared: Your heating activity is not affected by air currents, So you can also sit in a cold breeze under an electric heated mushroom with infrared radiation and is warmed up.

Gas and electric heaters are ideal for outdoor heating appliances, So you can sit in the evening for a long time in the garden, while the infrared heater for the terrace makes it comfortably warm.

The advantages of an electric radiant heater over those of an electric fan heater:

  • heats targeted objects
  • insensitive to air currents
  • does not dry out the breathing air
  • quiet and efficient
  • does not expel moisture in bathrooms

2. Which types of electric radiators are suitable for what?

Electric radiator comparison 2018: radiator

With a mushroom you extend the living room onto the terrace.

The different types of electric radiant heaters do not differ in their mode of operation, but in their design. The design decides in which direction the infrared radiation is directed, So there are the heat radiators as electric mushrooms, ceiling spotlights, models with tripod or which are mounted like a wall lamp.

2.1. Heater for terrace and garden

For this application particularly models in mushroom form or with tripod are suitable because they distribute their heat radiation over a wide area. In addition, they are always positioned differently because of their base.

Infrared heaters with tripod look very similar to floor lamps, which is why they can also be described as a spotlight. Their heat radiation usually comes from a panel-shaped housing and is thus a little more concentrated than the heater mushroom.

The electrical Pilz-type heaters are sometimes called "party heaters" or "patio heaters", They radiate all around their infrared radiation and thus heat a particularly large area. In some cases, gas-heated mushrooms are more practical as they can be placed mobile without a power cable.

stand spotlightPatio Heater

Electric radiator comparison 2018: 2018

Electric radiator comparison 2018: comparison

mobile placeable
good for large areas
can be aligned
mobile placeable
good for large areas
radiates surface all around

2.2. Ceiling spotlights and heating panels for the apartment

Especially older apartments or old buildings do not always have a heater where you would like one. So you can retrofit with an electric radiator without installing a heater. As ceiling spotlights, electric radiant heaters heat entire rooms indoors, They can be mounted like a hanging lamp.

However, if you want the heat radiation to be precisely aligned, you should use a model in panel form. Electric heaters as panels throw their infrared radiation into the room like an oblong spot, In this way, objects are heated more concentrated.

ceiling spotlightsheating panel

Electric radiator comparison 2018: 2018

Electric radiator comparison 2018: electric

can be mounted on the ceiling
good for large areas
can be mounted on the wall
can be aligned

3. Tips and tricks for the electric radiator Buy: You have to pay attention

If you have decided on a radiant heater, you will find in our purchase advice 2018 tips on how to identify the best for you Elektroheizstrahler. Not every electric radiator test winner from an electric radiator test covers all preferences.

3.1. heating capacity

Those looking for a patio heater for their next garden party should choose a high wattage model. The wattage does not promise high heat output, but it is a good indicationin that the electric heater radiates much. 2,000 watts and more are realistic for outdoor use.

However, if the spotlight is to heat a changing table, for example, a device with less than 2,000 watts is sensible. The closer you are to the electric heater, the less heat you need.

3.2. heat settings

Electric radiator comparison 2018: comparison

Several heating levels are especially handy when heating in rooms.

As a patio heater, an electric heater just needs to produce a lot of heat. There is no need for heating gradients: on and off are enough. If the radiant heater used in the bathroom or living room, different heat levels are beneficial, After all, the feeling of warmth changes daily and one would like to have it less warm or even more cuddly.

3.3. scope

Radiant heaters for the terrace and garden can usually be bulky, as there is plenty of space. However, a patio heater for the conservatory or a bathroom is usually too big. A look at the dimensions quickly saves frustration when unpacking.

Old Baths: Especially when a radiant heater in panel form is to be mounted in a old bathroom, it is important to check the housing circumference. Bathrooms in old buildings usually do not meet building standards.

3.4. water conservation

If an electric radiator is intended for use in the bathroom or outdoors, then this should be protected at least from splash water, If the device is compliant with the IPx4 protection standard, you can access it without hesitation.

4. Hot questions about electric radiators

4.1. How much does an electric radiator cost?

Electric radiator comparison 2018: radiator

If a radiant heater hangs indoors, it does not need much power.

In online shops such as DIY stores are already cheap electric heaters for about 50 €. These usually have no high ease of use such as a remote control or many heat levels.

If you value comfort and high heat output, you should budget at least 80 euros or more.

4.2. What is the best height for radiant heaters?

How high a radiant heater should depend, among other things, on the heating capacity of the respective device, If the electric radiator takes up more than 3,000 watts and is installed in a closed room, it quickly gets uncomfortably warm within two meters.

If a spotlight with less than 2,000 watt power hangs over the sofa in two meters, it can take a long time to get warm and cozy.

Economical proximity: The closer you are to the radiant heater, the faster you will warmed up and, if necessary, you will have less wattage.

4.3. Can an electric heater overheat?

Electric radiator comparison 2018: heaters

Even a radiant heater can overheat. The switch should not get uncomfortably hot.

Most devices sold in Germany have installed an overheat protection, because Even an electric heater can overheat at longer run times.

However, if you find that the case near the on-off switch gets uncomfortably hot, play it safe and turn it off. This would be an absolute exception, because electric and gas radiant heaters are designed for very high temperatures.

4.4. Which manufacturer has the best electric radiators?

Among the manufacturers of electric heaters, no brand has distinguished itself as THE best. However, Firefly, Semptec Urban Survival, Einhell, Vasner and Veito appear prominently. These brands are also often found in various electric radiator tests and comparisons.

The prominent product tester Stiftung Warentest, on the other hand, advises against radiant heaters of all kinds: regardless of whether the radiant heater is powered by gas or electricity, they are all not energy-efficient. Just radiant heaters that are electrically powered would consume seven times more electricity outdoors than in enclosed spaces, according to the Stiftung Warentest report.

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