Electric heating costs

The electric heating heats buildings by means of electric heat and is used in residential buildings for heating the interiors. There are various design variants, and the night storage heater is one of them. It eliminates complex installation and maintenance costs. The modern production possibilities of electricity via regenerative systems and photovoltaic systems make this heating appear in a new light in terms of heating costs.

Where can you find information about electric heating and purchase prices?

On the Internet you can find out about the mode of action and the costs. The initial cost of an electric heater distributed to the required radiator and possibly a second electricity meter. The size of the radiators can be calculated by means of a rule of thumb: Orientation value is 50 W / m³. The cubic meters are calculated per room height times square meters. 16 m² surface at room height 2.5 m results in 40 m³ volume. This is multiplied by the orientation value and thus determines 2000 watts for this example. In this way you can determine the necessary radiator performance for each room. The price of each electric heater body varies depending on the power. With 1.000 Watts one must count on 200.00 to 600.00 euro, with 3.000 Watts with 550.00 to 900.00 euro. Overall, the electric radiators for a 130-square-meter apartment could be around 5,600.00 euros.

The operating costs of an electric heater

Anyone who decides to use an electric heater does not have to worry about the cost of maintenance or the chimney sweep. The economical footprint of the electric heater is a plus, there is no storage space for tank or burner needed. The electric heater is placed at its destination and connected to the mains by a mains plug. The electricity costs are provider-dependent. If in the example apartment the consumption amount is 10,500 kWh per year and a price of 18.5 cents per kWh is used, the consumption costs are approximately 1,900.00 Euro per year. Although this is much higher than, for example, the heat pump, but the cost is much cheaper. Furthermore, one can save, if one compares the offers in the Internet thoroughly and selects the most favorable offerer.

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