Electric heating in the bathroom: a good alternative?

Despite central heating, electric radiators are often found in many bathrooms, often not only as additional heating, but even as sole heating. What that brings for advantages and disadvantages, you can read here.

Heating with electricity

Generally speaking, heating with electricity is largely uneconomical - but that's not the case. It always depends on how and with which technology.

Especially in the bathroom, it should be kept in mind that this room is often used only for a very short time a day - it could therefore also be regarded as a waste. If you want to heat the bathroom but only for use, it needs a correspondingly powerful electric heater.

The power consumption of classic electric radiators is relatively high - so they are not the best and most economical alternative. And simultaneous use of the heater as a towel dryer requires that the operating time be extended accordingly.

Alternative infrared

Infrared radiant heaters are very powerful, have a heating time of only a few minutes and are also economical.

Especially in the bathroom there is the possibility of even accommodating the flat radiant heating in the bathroom mirror. This has the advantage that the bath is evenly heated by a very central location in each bath, while at the same time the mirror fogs less frequently.

Since radiant heaters do not heat the air, as in conventional heaters, but solid bodies in the room and the human bodies moving in them, much less heating is required for a solid feeling of warmth.

The simple installation - simply plug it into the socket - is another plus. The cost-effectiveness of infrared heaters, especially in the bathroom, lies in the fact that heating up to five to ten minutes is enough, even in a completely cold room.


Electric heaters in the bathroom offer so in the morning and in the evening, which are needed in the bathroom, quite as an alternative because of the short heating times. Above all, however, one has to keep an eye on electricity consumption: classic powerful appliances can very quickly consume a large amount of electricity.

Infrared is not only in the bathroom today the most advanced and economical alternative to heating in the bathroom; the heating-up times and the consumption are as low as with no other electric heating.

Tips & Tricks

When buying infrared heaters, always make sure that they are actually infrared black spots (low temperature development) and that the quality of the heating elements is really high. The differences are very clear here, and with lower quality or technology, high consumption can be the result.

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