Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for electric hedge trimmer comparison or test 2018

  • Electric hedge trimmers are powered by a power cable, which makes them quieter and lighter compared to the rechargeable battery and especially against the gasoline variant.
  • As the only hedge trimmer type, the electric hedge trimmers can be used continuously and without interruption thanks to the power cable.
  • They are economical and powerful, but also tied to sockets and possibly extension cables.

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: electric

Would you prefer to head down the wall or down the hedge? No wonder, then, that hedges are still very popular in Germany, as they offer the optimal opportunity to delineate one's own property while at the same time creating a friendly and natural image.

Anyone who chooses the natural variant of the wall or the fence, but also faces the regular task of cutting his hedge. To make gardening fun, the choice of the best hedge trimmer for your own project is crucial.

Here, it is difficult to get past electric hedge trimmers, as around 60% of hedge trimmers sold are now electric, of which around half are battery-powered and the other half are mains-powered. Reason enough to take a closer look at the wired electric hedge trimmers (later on Electric hedge trimmer orElectric hedge trimmer).

Therefore, we have carried out our Electric Hedge Trimmer Comparison 2018 for you, with which we facilitate the selection of your personal test winner of electric hedge trimmers.

1. How does an electric hedge trimmer work?

A hedge trimmer is a garden tool that is characterized by its characteristic sword blade, Strictly speaking, there are two blades that lie one above the other and each have recesses, creating the typical jagged or toothed cutting element.

Depending on the model moves one of the blades or both back and forth, so that intervening branches are severed. Electric hedge trimmers get their power from a power cable, which makes them different from other types running on gasoline or battery. Electric hedge trimmers are therefore without fossil fuel and thus without emissions and gasoline smell. In addition, they are the only type of hedge trimmer that can be used continuously without interruption.

  • as powerful as a gasoline hedge trimmer
  • no breaks for battery change or refueling necessary
  • no emissions
  • relatively quiet and light
  • Cable bondage
  • The socket must be nearby or extension cords are used
  • The cable can be accidentally cut

2. Which hedge trimmer types are there?

As this guidebook explicitly deals with electric hedge trimmers, other types of hedge trimmer are briefly presented here in order to simplify the differentiation and the illustration of the special features. Hedge trimmers, for example, are characterized by subdivision into classes of cable, battery and fuel-powered garden tools.

2.1. Mechanical hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: comparison

Although mechanical hedge trimmers require more muscle power, they are particularly well suited for the fine grinding of the hedge.

The mechanical hedge trimmer, also called hand hedge trimmer, looks like the only hedge trimmer actually a pair of scissors. It is usually about 60 cm long, of which about half account for the cutting knife. The long handles provide very good leverage, making cutting relatively easy.

Nevertheless, the mechanical hedge trimmer is only suitable for smaller and filigree work, because manual cutting can be very stressful during prolonged use. Nevertheless, the low purchase price, the absence of gasoline and electricity, the lack of noise and thus quiet, almost idyllic work in your own garden are advantageous.

2.2. Petrol hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: electric

Gas powered hedge trimmers are relatively heavy, but very powerful.

Gasoline hedge trimmers are the most powerful shrub shears. Since they are also wireless and thus very flexible, professionals in garden landscaping or forestry usually resort to these devices. Although fuel hedge trimmers can also make sense in their own garden, hobby gardeners should consider the higher weight and higher volume of gasoline-powered hedge trimmers.

The consumption of fossil fuels and the associated odor pollution are now perceived by many people as no longer timely and disturbing. Last but not least, it can be quite expensive to buy the special fuel mixtureas it is not available at all petrol stations.

2.3. Cordless hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: electric

Thanks to the two differently aligned handles, the Bosch hedge trimmer is particularly easy to handle.

Hedge trimmers with batteries are becoming increasingly popular and are considered the hedge trimmers of the future. They are powered by a rechargeable battery that allows similar flexibility to the use of a gasoline hedge trimmer. Thus, the advantages of fuel and electric hedge trimmers are combined: cable-independent flexibility, lower weight, lower noise levels and no emissions.

And yet these garden tools have disadvantages, for example, the purchase of a hedge trimmer, which is operated electrically suggests. Thus, the battery life is still quite limited, so the work must be interrupted after a maximum of one hour. This can be countered with a second battery and a quick charger, but both causes additional costs.

The performance is still considered a shortcoming of the cordless tools, because cordless shrub shears are noticeably less powerful than petrol and electric hedge trimmers.

2.4. Telescopic Hedge Shears

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: electric

With an extendable telescopic hedge trimmer, even higher hedges can be shortened manually.

Telescopic hedge trimmers have the special feature that they bring an extendable telescopic handle. So you can easily cut from the ground and higher areas of your bushes. Risky handling on ladders can be saved with it. An electric hedge trimmer with a telescopic pole can be doubly worthwhile, because on the one hand it avoids the dangerous combination of conductor and cable and on the other hand it does not get too close to blades and cables.

Cable-operated telescopic hedge trimmers are therefore also the most common telescopic hedge trimmers, followed by the battery variant. The hedge trimmer with telescope thus offers useful advantages when cutting your bushes in the garden. However, the slightly higher weight of around six kilograms should be taken into account, which, despite the carrying strap, puts more strain on the musculature.

Combine through the garden: Among the telescope garden helpers, there are also multifunction devices, which can be converted with various essays to several gardening tools. This allows you to replace the hedge trimmer attachment with the brush cutter, grass trimmer or chain saw attachment. In this way, you save on the cost and space, but on the other hand may have to compromise on the functionality of each device.

Petrol hedge trimmerCordless hedge trimmerElectric hedge trimmer
  • very powerful and flexible
  • Professional hedge trimmers
  • flexible use
  • pretty quiet and light
  • no exhaust fumes
  • quite powerful
  • continuous work possible
  • very quiet and light
  • very loud and heavy
  • fossil fuel: non-ecological
  • Gasoline-oil mixture not widely available
  • very short running time (max 1h)
  • Second battery and quick charger cause additional costs
  • quite underachieving
  • Close to the socket and / or extension cable required
  • Cable can be annoying and potentially dangerous

3. Purchase criteria for electric hedge trimmers: You must pay attention to this

Do you no longer see the forest for hedges? Cordless shrub shears or those that run gasoline-powered, the mechanical hand hedge trimmer or rather the handle to the electric hedge trimmer, possibly with extension by the telescopic handle?

The numerous categories make the purchase decision often very difficult, since all types have certain advantages and disadvantages, In order to provide you with the best possible buying advice and to help you find the best electric hedge trimmer for your needs, let's take a close look at the key buying criteria for electric hedge trimmers.

3.1. power

The power of a hedge trimmer with cable depends primarily on the wattage, The higher this number, the greater the capacity of the shrub shear. Usually, the wattage of the electric hedge trimmer between 400 and 700 watts, solid averages fluctuate between 550 and 600 watts.

How powerful your gardening tool should be is determined by the cutting tasks you want to tackle. If it is a rather woody and large hedge with branch thicknesses of about 2.5-3.5 cm, offers a more powerful device with 600 to 700 watts, which is easily done and makes the work much more pleasant.

If, on the other hand, you want to cut hedges that consist primarily of thinner branches with a diameter of approximately 1.5-2.5 cm, a power output of 400 to 550 watts is usually sufficient, depending on the average cutting power of the garden tools.

3.2. Schwertlänge

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: hedge

A long sword is particularly suitable for large hedges, but requires some practice in handling.

Another criterion for the application of your hedge trimmer is the sword length. JThe bigger your hedge is and the more it depends on cutting, the bigger the sword length should be. This is in most devices in a range of about 40 to 70 cm.

If you want to cut smaller shrubs that do not require too long, but rather filigree and precise work, a shorter sword length is suitable, since the corresponding devices tend to be lighter and have a more favorable leverage. It is noticeably easier to guide the shrub shear. For very small cutting tasks, grab devices with a maximum sword length of 50 cm.

If you are looking for an all-rounder that can be cut to the limit, but at the same time can tackle even medium-sized hedges, you should consider tools with sword lengths of up to 60 cm. For larger hedges, which require longer and areal work, finally equipment with a sword length of up to 70 cm come into question.

3.3. cutting thickness

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

Example of the cutting thickness of a hedge trimmer. The gap between the teeth corresponds approximately to the maximum diameter of the cutable branches.

Like the sword length, the cutting thickness is in principle part of the performance of an electric hedge trimmer. For even if a hedge trimmer theoretically applies the power to cut thicker branches, the blades must also be able to grab these branches at all. What is meant by the cutting thickness so the distance between the individual teeth of the sword. The larger this is, the thicker the branches to be cut can be.

If you need a powerful hedge trimmer that does large-scale cutting work and encounters thicker, woody branches, then you must pay attention to the cutting strength in addition to the correspondingly high wattage and the correct sword length. This is on most devices between 1.6 and 3.4 cmso that branches can be cut up to a thickness of 3.4 cm, depending on the hedge trimmer.

Again, you should again consider what you really need the electric hedge trimmer, whether you need an electric hedge trimmer for thick branches or whether not a less powerful device in question, which can offer advantages in purchase price and weight.

3.4. Weight and handle

In good hands

Pay attention to the ergonomics when purchasing your electric hedge trimmer: The gardening tool should be safe in the hand and not too fast lead to fatigue in the affected muscle groups. All important controls should be easily accessible to ensure comfortable and safe working.

If, when cutting your bushes, you want to work as comfortably as possible, you should pay attention to aspects such as weight and manageability of the equipment. Although electrical hedge trimmers are much lighter in comparison to fuel hedge trimmers anyway and usually leave the battery variant behind. Nevertheless, there are still noticeable differences within this shrub shear category.

The weight of many electric shredders is between two and four kilograms, which makes the heavier models twice the weight of the flyweights. This is particularly noticeable during longer work, when shoulders, arms and back are spared and the sore muscles on the next day stay away. So if you do not need to cut big hedges in your garden, you should focus less on performance data than on the handle of the hedge trimmer.

3.5. security

Electric hedge trimmers, like the fuel and battery variants, harbor dangers that require careful handling. In the following, therefore, all aspects should be listed, which should be considered when using an electric hedge trimmer.

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: hedge

In addition to goggles, hearing protection and protective clothing are also recommended when working with a hedge trimmer.
  • Protective Clothing: In order to be optimally protected from cuts and flying branches, you should always wear protective goggles and cut-resistant gloves. If you also want to play it safe, you can also put on a face and head protection.
  • Ear protection: Electric hedge trimmers are the quietest category. With decibel values ​​of 74 to 90 dB, however, noise levels can also be achieved here that at least reach the ears long-term. It is therefore highly advisable to wear ear protection when using a hedge trimmer so as not to pay a high price in the long term for your health.
  • Device features:The safety standard of the devices should be as high as possible. These include factors such as the engine quick stop, a strain relief and a multiple safety switch. When buying your hedge trimmer, make sure that these safety features are included as much as possible.

Danger: One of the biggest obstacles in the use of electric hedge trimmers is the power cable. This can get into the catches of the sword and cut there. Here a fuse of the socket over a RCCB can provide relief. Nevertheless, there remains a theoretical residual danger, a queasy feeling and at best an annoying and costly work interruption. When cutting, always make sure to route the cable behind you. Buy a hedge trimmer with an orange cable, which is more eye-catching and therefore not easily overlooked.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Of course, your own safety also comes with the care of your gardening tool, Therefore always disconnect the electric hedge trimmer from the power supply so that it can not be accidentally turned on when cleaning. When using an electric hedge trimmer, make sure that the hedge is not completely soaked. Otherwise, damage to your gardener's electronics could result. In addition, the usual cleaning requirements apply as with devices with battery or gasoline drive.

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: trimmer

It is best to use the care spray (eg from Gardena) in the open air so as not to inhale it too concentrated.
  • Clean the hedge trimmer thoroughly after each useso that no dirt and dirt remains on the sword.
  • Also resin residues should be carefully removed after each use.
  • For the optimal care you should use the Sword blades after cleaning with a care oil or spray.
  • Then store the hedge trimmer in the appropriate sheath, If no scabbard was included, you can also wrap the sword with a cloth.
  • From time to time you should choose yours Sharpen hedge trimmers, For this, however, a visit to the expert offers.

The selection of electric shrub shears is very large, so that we could not take all well-known manufacturers in our comparison of electric hedge trimmers.Discounters such as Aldi or Lidl sell cheap electric hedge trimmers under their own brands; however, for higher demands you should consider branded products from Bosch, Gardena, Metabo, Makita, Einhell, Husqvarna, Stihl, Ryobi, Atika or Black & Decker if you buy an electric hedge trimmer.

That says Stiftung Warentest: Stiftung Warentest last tested an electric hedge trimmer in 2012. The winner in the electric hedge trimmer comparison was the Bosch AHS 50-26. The following devices also performed well: Metabo HS 55, Stihl HSE 52 and Wolf-Garten HSE 55 V.

6. Questions and answers around electric hedge trimmers

6.1. How does an electric hedge trimmer work?

An electric hedge trimmer is operated via a power cable. The drawn electricity drives the electric motor, which in turn sets the blades in motion. The gaps that arise again and again between the teeth of the blades catch branches and branches and cut them.

6.2. How can I hone an electric hedge trimmer?

Here only experienced hobby gardeners should approach, as it is a somewhat more complicated undertaking. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a specialist workshop for sharpening the hedge trimmer. However, if you would like to sharpen the blades yourself, the following procedure is an option, for example: Always file with a file in the direction of the cutting edge.

The specified sharpening angle, which you can find in the instructions for use of your device, should be retained if possible, Only file in the forward stroke and then reload the file. Also, be careful not to remove too much material. For example, it should absolutely be avoided that the cutting blades ultimately no longer have the same length.

6.3. When should I cut my hedge?

Electric hedge trimmer comparison 2018: 2018

Hedges are a natural habitat for many creatures.

Hedges are not only practical land restrictions in your garden, they are also always an ecosystem and provide many animals with a home. Therefore in Germany from 01. March to 30. September may not be cut. Exceptions are the shortening of the annual engravings and cuts.

An ideal time for the shape-cutting is June, as it comes in this period to a second shoot. Incidentally, using the electric hedge trimmer on Sunday is not recommended: On the weekly rest day, garden tools such as hedge trimmers, lawnmowers or chainsaws should not be picked up.

6.4. How to use an electric hedge trimmer?

Always use the electric hedge trimmer with both hands. Pay attention to a stable and firm ground; For higher hedgerow regions, a telescopic hedge trimmer may be suitable. Do not allow other people to come near you, otherwise the risk of accidents increases.

Pay special attention to the power cable: There is danger to life if no circuit breaker is involved. Always wear appropriate protective clothing and cut the hedge when it is largely dry.

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