Electric lawnmower comparison 2018

Purchase advice for electric lawn mower comparison or test 2018

  • An electric lawnmower is quieter and less odourous compared to gasoline mowers. It is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns under 1,000 m². For larger lawns, the gasoline lawnmower is the better option.
  • The electric lawnmower is divided into two categories: cordless lawn mower and lawn mower with cable and mains operation. The lawnmower with battery is wireless, but can be mowed in mains operation without time limit.
  • The cutting width determines how quickly the lawn is mowed. The larger the garden, the larger the cutting width should be. However, the electric mower loses its maneuverability.

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Apart from the winter season, when grass and grass turn into "hibernation", it is necessary to mow regularly. How fast your lawn grows depends on several factors: light, humidity, nutrients, grass type and grass length.

In addition to the public green areas, there are also plenty of private or rented land. round In 2015, 35 million people in Germany owned a garden (Source: Consumption and Media Analysis VuMa), be it as part of a garden or directly at the house.

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

For a decent garden, the lawn must be maintained.

As a result, a lawn mower has to disengage every year. The only question is whether it should be powered by gas or electricity. If you have already taken the first step and opted for an electric lawnmower, or if you want to know the differences between the two categories, then you are in the right place.

Our Electric Lawnmower Comparison 2018 is about lawnmowers with mulching function, cordless lawnmowers, the lawnmower cutting width and various manufacturers such as Bosch, Einhell and Sabo. We'll also tell you which electric lawn mower fits your lawn and why.

1. At rest lies the mowing power

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: electric

Opposite the loud petrol lawnmower brings the electric lawnmower more peace in the gardening. Because the aspect of the volume is underestimated. Especially for gardening enthusiasts, who often mow and care for their lawn, quarrels with their neighbors are almost inevitable.

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

A lawnmower with cable is always an electric lawnmower.

More than 60% of all Germans surveyed (Source: Umweltbundesamt) find their neighbors annoying. Of these, almost 20% feel strongly or extremely disturbed by them. Occasionally, such quarrels are also, as the case of Dietmar H. and his attempted murder on his neighbor shows.

Of course, an electric lawnmower is not a panacea for stress with the neighbors, but a concession from which you also benefit.

Which Advantages and disadvantages of this electric hand lawn mower brings with it, we show you in a comparison:

  • quieter, because no gasoline engine
  • also suitable for small lawns
  • relatively easy
  • lower maintenance
  • no exhaust fumes
  • annoying cable or time-limited battery
  • sensitive to moisture

2. Functional variety: The electric lawnmower and its types

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

Under the hood of an electronic lawn mower hide very different mechanisms. Do you know the difference between reel mower and sickle mower? Or is the Mulchrasenmäher a term? In the following table we explain the different types:

Electric mowers typedescription
Rotary mower

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

The name of the sickle mower is based on its way of cutting the grass. knife, mounted horizontally at the bottom, rotate at a high speed.

The grass is shortened as when working with a sickle. Most lawnmowers in Germany are rotary mowers (for example Bosch with the Rotak series).

suitable for tall grass
Knives can be sharpened
no problems with uneven lawn picture
Sectional view relatively uneven

Cylinder mowers

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: electric

A reel mower has a roller mechanism, For this reason, it is also referred to as a roll mower.

In Germany, this electric lawn mower type is rather rare. However, he finds himself increasingly as a small hand lawn mower, which is driven by pure thrust of man.

very quiet and light
particularly clean cut
low cutting height and therefore not suitable for tall grass
Bumps and branches complicate the work

mulching mowers

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

The lawn mower with mulching function goes in the direction of the professional lawn mower. The cut off Lawn is automatically picked up, further shredded and then ejected - the grass is mulched.

This process is called natural fertilization and provides the lawn with nutrients to grow.

Specially shaped blades ensure good shredding
no disposal of the cuttings needed
No or hardly any additional fertilizer needed
if used improperly moss or nutrients are not enough

3. Purchase criteria for electric lawnmowers

Whether Bosch, Wolf, or Einhell, before purchasing an electronic device you should pay attention to some technical details to find the best electric lawn mower for your lawn. The question is always: How and why do you need the lawn mower with electric start?

3.1. Cable or battery: spoiled for choice

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

There are many different models that are counted among the electric lawn mowers. However, all can be classified according to their drive: cable or battery operation, Neither the size nor the usage play a decisive role.

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

The lawn mower is pushed in front of him. There are also electric lawnmowers with wheel drive.

The differences are obvious:

  • Flexibility: tied vs. free
  • Release: endless vs. limited

Have not you decided on either option?

For detailed information, we offer an overview of our electric lawnmower comparison:

Electric mowersAdvantages and disadvantages
Mains operation (cable)

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Mowing without time limit, since neither battery nor gas tank available
does not need to be refilled, as there is permanent power depending on cable length
Danger of cutting the cable by running over itSuitable for: up to 1,000 m²
Battery operation (without cable)

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

no local restrictions
Battery is enough for small and medium sized lawns (two to four hours) Battery Lawnmower must always be charged
Battery is not enough for larger lawnsSuitable for: up to 500 m²

Recommendation: Since a battery in the long run always subject to fluctuations in its performance, the electric lawn mower with mains operation is the safer alternative. Although a cordless lawnmower can be practical, it is better to use more lawns under 500 m².

3.2. Performance: consumption and power

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

Most people associate performance with the power and power that an electrical device can deliver. But the value also has a downside, because it shows mainly how much electricity is consumed every hour.

The power is expressed in watts and is slightly lower with electric lawn mowers compared to gasoline lawnmowers. For this reason gasoline lawnmowers are used for large lawns, because they do not run out of steam so quickly.

Danger: The performance is not easy to compare. A 1,800 watt electric lawnmower does not have to be more powerful than a 1,600 watt mower. The technical implementation of the cutting tools and the quality of the materials significantly influence the actual performance.

3.3. Cutting width vs. maneuverability

The depth of cut

Not everyone wants to have their lawn very short. With the depth of cut, the electric lawnmower is set to that the shortened grass is the desired length Has.

  • Ornamental lawns: 10 to 20 mm
  • Use Lawn: 30 to 50 mm
  • Shadow Lawn: > 50 mm
  • Landscape Lawn: > 80 mm

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

The cutting width indicates how far the cutting mechanics takes, Therefore, the larger the value, the more grass is cut off at one time.

However, this advantage also brings with it a disadvantage: The maneuverability of the electric lawn mower is limited with increasing cutting width.For this reason, you should not necessarily rely on the largest cutting width, if your garden is relatively small.

You can orientate yourself on the following values:

  • approximately 350 m² lawn area = 30 cm cutting width
  • approximately 800 m² lawn area = 40 cm cutting width
  • approximately1,000 m² of lawn = 50 cm cutting width

3.4. Electric lawn mower and decibel

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Decibel indicates the volume or sound pressure.

One of the biggest advantages of the electric lawn mower is its lower volume compared to the petrol lawnmower. Nevertheless, they are not silent.

With 80 to 100 dB Depending on the model, the electric lawn mower can also generate quite loud background noise. If you want to protect your ears and those of your neighbor, this gardening tool should not exceed 80 decibels.

4. Stiftung Warentest: "good cable model already for 180 €"

Under 100 m²...

... the Stiftung Warentest recommends a hand mower because it is very quiet and easy to handle. For more follows the electric lawnmower, which is replaced for very large lawns (over 1,000 m²) from the gasoline lawnmower.

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

Stiftung Warentest has various categories in the product area in June 2016 Lawn mower tested.

Not surprisingly, the result is that petrol lawnmowers are ahead of the pack. For large lawns, only the handle to the petrol engine is profitable.

For small to medium-sized areas under 1,000 m², on the other hand, the strengths of the electric lawnmower come into play.

If you want it quieter, exhaust-free and cheaper, choose an electric mower. [… ] If you have a power connection in the garden, the electric mower with cable offers the cheaper alternative.

The Stiftung Warentest in her lawn mower test

5. Questions and answers around the topic of electric lawnmowers

5.1. How to start an electric lawnmower?

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

If you want to turn on the electric lawnmower, you must give it enough energy - the battery must be charged or the power cord connected. If necessary, the catcher should be hooked in the rear area.

When all the preparations have been made, start the electric lawnmower as follows:

  1. The Button for activation must be kept pressed on the handle area.
  2. The other hand becomes the Handle on the handle pressed down.
  3. The start button can now be released, the bar remains pressed.
  4. When the handle is released, the electric lawnmower goes off (guard).

Note: Of course, the model may vary slightly from model to model. Not every wolf, Einhell, Gardena and Bosch lawn mower is the same.

This video illustrates the Start and mowing process:

5.2. How loud is the electric lawnmower?

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

At 80 to 100 dB, the electric lawn mower is already one of the noisiest devices. However, it is still quieter than the gasoline lawnmower. If you can not reach for the hand lawn mower without mechanical power, because the garden is too big, you have to endure a certain volume.

How loud this value really turns out, is always dependent on the personal feeling. However, to get an idea, it is worth comparing this list with examples of different sound pressure levels:

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: 2018

5.3. Which electric lawnmower manufacturers are there?

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

Many manufacturers offer cheap electric lawnmowers. Particularly well-known brands are sold in a large price range. The cheap Bosch Rotak 32, for example, is already available for under 100 euros and other models of the Rotak series cost more than threefold.

Since many people need a lawn mower, the market is teeming with manufacturers and models: There are lawn mowers with mulching function, cordless lawnmowers, robotic lawnmowers and more. Not only Bosch offers a broad spectrum. Also Wolf garden, Einhell or Gardena are with the party.

Which manufacturers are also worthwhile, we show you in our electric lawn mower test within the following information box.

  • AL-KO
  • Black + Decker
  • Bosch
  • Brill
  • efco
  • Einhell
  • Gardena
  • güde
  • pike
  • Hercules
  • Hitachi
  • Honda
  • Makita
  • MTD
  • SABO
  • Stiga
  • Toro
  • Wingart
  • Wolf-Garten

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

5.4. Is an electric lawnmower with wheel drive worth it?

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: comparison

This question can not be answered with a simple yes or no. It depends on several factors whether an automatic lawn mower with wheel drive is worthwhile for you. Check the following facts and whether you tend to or

Electric lawnmower comparison 2018: lawnmower

Each manufacturer has a special color for his lawn mower. Bosch is green and Wolf-Garten is red-yellow.

The electric lawnmower with drive it's worth it:
Lawn area: over 700 m² and therefore quite large
Soil conditions: The lawn is on hilly terrain.
Sale price: The electric lawnmower with wheel drive costs around 250 euros.

The electric lawnmower with drive It's not worth it:
Lawn area: under 700 m² and manageable
Soil conditions: a completely flat terrain
Bargain hunters: The lawnmower should not cost more than 200 euros

Rarity: In the category of electric lawnmowers, a wheel drive is relatively rare. Since petrol lawnmowers are the better choice for large and stubborn surfaces, they have also often installed a wheel drive. An electric lawn mower test winner does not necessarily have to be equipped with a wheel drive.

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