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Purchase advice on the electrotacker comparison or test 2018

  • As a replacement for hammer and nail electric tacker are equipped for various tasks. Especially for attaching materials to wood or plastics, the electrical appliances are often used.
  • Electrically operated staplers can be operated either with mains power or with accumulators. However, battery-powered tackers use less power than mains-powered tackers.
  • With special functions, the manufacturers of the product category extend operating convenience and increase occupational safety. In addition to staples, nails can often even be used for the electric staplers.

Electric box comparison 2018: work

Even the invention of the manual hand bag facilitated many work processes in the house and garden. The one-hand tool relieved the hobby-handyman especially in over-head work and was a power-saving alternative to work with hammer and nail dar. The working process benefited even further in terms of saving energy and time with electric-operated tackers.

In 2018, electric bumpers are the basic equipment in many hobby workshops and, of course, must not be missing in the toolbox of ambitious professionals. In our buying guide to the comparison of electric collectors, we inform you about the state of affairs: Which types of staples are there, how are these different and what is the point of purchase of the devices? We answer these questions in the following points. Take advantage of our information and then choose your own personal electric tester.

1. Stapling, nailing, stapling - The little multiplication table of attachment techniques

Electric box comparison 2018: comparison

A hammer tacker - also beater - dispenses with a long lever. Here, the user must get momentum and beat on the material to be stapled.

Hammer and nail have always been used in every household to attach floor or ceiling strips, picture frames or wall-mounted cable ducts - especially when a simple gluing or gluing offers only insufficient support. Even if a nail is no longer sufficient, the experienced DIY enthusiast likes to use dowels and screws. But before you unpack the cordless drill to leave a big hole in the brickwork, maybe you should consider the use of a practical tacker.

Although most people use one every day Tacker for tasks in the officeHowever, the helpful tools are often missing in the local tool box. In fact, there is a linguistic confusion in the case of the tacker, which causes most people to think of the word stapler to a stapler. In the English language, the distinction between "stapler" (for stapler) and "staple gun" (for staplers) is quite common.

Electric box comparison 2018: 2018

Staplers for stapling paper stacks at home or in the office work with a similar technique as tackers.

Staplers work with the same technology as a stapler, but can only be filled with small staples and fail sometimes even when stitching together 20-30 pages of paper. Hand tackles, on the other hand, are available in lavish sizes and with much larger magazines for large staples.

Also, the shape differs according to the purpose of use between Handtacker and staplers. Staplers shoot staples directly into the material to be tackled and dispense with the characteristic, paper-wrapping bend of a U-shaped staple.

1.1. Applications of tackers

The useful staplers have a striker attached to a flexible spring. By leveraging you tension the spring to a certain point. After reaching the full voltage, the lever releases again from the striker, causing it to fall with full force on the tacker needle. A very vivid animation of this process shows this video:

Electric box comparison 2018: comparison

Hand and electric tackers are equally suitable, for example, when you want to upholster or relocate a chair.

Stapler devices can therefore be used just as much in insulation and sealing as in fastening and covering work. In general, hand tackers can be used excellently everywhere, where lightweight materials need to be fixed to a solid base or background. Correspondingly robust staple clamps can also be driven in wood. However, you can not tack on stone, metal, glass or hard plastic.

Instead of nailing roofing felt, for example, for the wetness protection of your house, you can also dodge on staples. Especially Overhead work is easier with an automatic hand tacker than with a hammer and nail, Also for the (new) upholstery of your furniture, the handy tool can be used. For rabbit breeders, hand bagging is an indispensable utensil that greatly facilitates the attachment of the rabbit wire when building a stable.

On plasterboard walls, picture frames and other decorative elements can also be stapled. In the theater, for example, Tackergeräte supports stage designers and stage designers at work. But even in the design of shop windows and everywhere, where more or less professional craftsmanship determines the daily work, a stapler must not be missing.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance:

  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Staples and nails can often be used in the same device
  • Leverage saves power
  • integrated safety device prevents injuries
  • specified staple and nail sizes limit possible applications
  • Mechanical components wear out and are error-prone

2. Stapler is not equal stapler - typology of staplers

In addition to the manually operated, there are also electric, pneumatic or gas-operated tacker. Here are the key differences:

operating modedescription

Electric box comparison 2018: comparison

  • designed exclusively for professional use in construction companies
  • also proposes staples and nails in stone and metal
  • work with highly flammable butane or propane, which is ignited in small chambers
  • pressure caused by small explosions drives the striker pin onto the staple
  • Great force and wireless handling is particularly suitable for professional use in construction
  • Gas cartridge and battery required
  • great risk of injury, therefore not suitable for hobby applications

Air pressure stapler

Electric box comparison 2018: electric

  • highly compressed air is used as a driving force
  • can be used with external compressors as well as with compressed air cartridges.
  • High energy conversion also drives staples into harder materials
  • Compressors require hoses and power source
  • Compressed air cartridges cause additional costs and must be disposed of

Electronic stapler

Electric box comparison 2018: staple

  • especially for non-professional use
  • Mains power or accumulators serve as power source
  • Battery tacker is usually less powerful than mains powered devices
  • inexpensive and easy to use

Electric box comparison 2018: work

3. Functions and equipment of an electric bag in detail

3.1. Battery or mains operation - cable vs. power

Stapling or nailing? Both!

Often electric tackers for wood and other materials combine two devices in one. Because the magazines of the practical power tools can be filled in addition to the staple clamps with standard nails. Many electrotackers in the test are additionally distinguished as electric nailers.

Electric box comparison 2018: staple

Battery tackers are more powerful than hand tackers and can be used as varied as no disruptive power cable is in the way.

When using power tools usually two power sources are available: Accumulators or mains electricity, The pros and cons of the two modes have practical implications that you should consider when buying an electric bag in the test.

With Battery operated power tools - whether grinder, screwdriver, drill or saw - are characterized by an ultra-flexible handling. With the most replaceable batteries you are always ready for use, because you have to worry about an available socket at the workplace just as little as a sufficient cable length of your tool.

In contrast, offers the Operation via a socket with the iThe power of the mains current is the decisive advantage over battery operation: Electric stapling machines beat the staples more vigorously into the material during mains current operation and charge faster.Stronger electric motors make it possible to use sturdier woods and plastics and convince with great precision.

But the cable connection to the socket limits the flexible handling and makes it more difficult to work overhead. As a stumbling source, AC powered staplers increase the risk of accidents at work.

Tip:The changeable ones Lithium-ion batteries score points with large capacities and a long service life, Nevertheless, you should for the long life of your battery some Note instructions: Never fully discharge the mobile power storage to avoid dangerous deep discharges. You do not have to charge a lithium-ion battery for 24 hours after startup and then completely discharge it. If you do not want to use the battery for a longer period of time, discharge it in half and store it below 10° C. Best operating temperature is about 20° C, in no case should the ambient temperature exceed the 40° C mark.

3.2. Nail and staple size - The material decides

The usable staple clamp sizes vary among the comparators. The general rule: The harder the material to be tackled, the larger the staples should be. The following sizes are available:

TypeuseSizes in mm
Fine wire staples

Electric box comparison 2018: electric

  • light fabrics and fabrics
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Spine width: 10.6 / 11.3
  • Wire width: 0.75
  • Thigh length: 4-18
Flat wire staples

Electric box comparison 2018: work

  • films
  • plastics
  • hard cardboard
  • Wood and upholstery
  • Back width: 11.3 / 12.5
  • Wire width: 1.25
  • Thigh length: 6-14
Narrow back braces

Electric box comparison 2018: 2018

  • profile woods
  • Floor and ceiling strips
  • paneling
  • Back width: 6.1
  • Wire width: 1.1
  • Thigh length: 12-30
round brackets

Electric box comparison 2018: staple

  • Roundwood and other round materials
  • Spine width: 7.7
  • Wire width: 1.25
  • Thigh length: 9-14

Tip: Also, the usable size of the nails differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before you buy, pay attention to the product details, because there is no specific standardization of nails.

3.3. Beat number and magazine capacity

How many times you one Hit the staples in a minute can be triggered by the stroke number - also called shot sequence - specified. Here, the electric tacker differ only slightly in the test. The beat numbers varyfrom the cheapest to the best electric box between 20-30 rounds per minute.

In the end, the electric bollards hardly differ from each other in terms of their ammunition compartment capacity. The majority of manufacturers donate a magazine with a capacity of 100 staples to the electric tools. Rarely is this value undershot?

Do not confuse: In the manufacturers' product descriptions, magazine capacities are often not clearly separated from the staples and nails supplied.
If, for example, the addition of 1,000 brackets is next to the product name, this information refers to the supplied brace set.

4. Special features

Electric box comparison 2018: work

A handy staple remover or stapler helps in case a staple has been hit next to it.

With special functions and equipment highlights, brand names as well as no-name manufacturers set the tone and try to add the purchasing-critical feature to their models in the relatively homogenous product category.

For example, many electric tackers have a power control, The clever function allows the tacker devices to perfectly adapt to the material to be processed. To nail roofing felt is finally a different impact force required than for fixing wooden skirting. Furthermore, electric staplers for wood benefit from a function for controlling the impact force due to the density and strength of various types of wood.

Also the possibilitynext to the staples also nails to be able to use, serves as a convincing buying criterion for many manufacturers. Converted to an electronic nailer, many devices offer a separate magazine for standard nails. Pay attention to the usable nail sizes, because as with the staple clamps, the electric nailer stapler combination devices can operate only with certain formats.

Electric box comparison 2018: comparison

A stepless regulation of the impact force allows you to adjust the power of the tacker to the respective material.

Typical for high-end electric staplers is also a so-called look-up function, What sounds like a carte blanche to the unlimited dining out of a canteen, is actually a function for the subsequent processing of not completely sunk in the material Tackerklammern. For this purpose, the staple nose is again placed on the bracket. If you now trigger a shot, no new staple clip is loaded from the magazine. Instead, the striker hits the already half-submerged bracket.

Certain electric staplers already give you an overview of charge states during operation. With battery packs with battery charging indicator, you always know how long you can work undisturbedbefore the battery has to be charged. Furthermore, many models in our Elektrotacker comparison have a staple rack stock indicator. This keeps an eye on the remaining amount of usable brackets.

5. Questions and answers around the topic of electric staplers

5.1. How does an electric box work?

As with the manual hand tacker, an electric tacker also uses spring springs with a high spring rate and a striker in the form of a metal bolt - also called a driver. However, the spring tension is not performed manually by pressing a lever, but by means of electric motors driven by a current. The following video shows a small animation of how an electric bagger works:

5.2. What is an electric stapler used for?

Electric tackers replace the laborious work with hammer and nail. You can use the electric staplers for fixing, covering, or sealing work. You want to renew upholstery of furniture, nail roofing felt or attach a rabbit wire to wood? These tasks can be done quickly and easily with the practical power tools. In addition, electric tackers are also suitable for decorative work, for stage designers and window designers.

5.3. Can every electric stapler process both staples and nails?

Electric box comparison 2018: comparison

There are many uses for an electric staple gun: rabbit breeders swear by the equipment for the tree of stables.

No! If you also want to use an electrotacker as an electronic nailer, you must buy a combi tool. Also pay attention to the usable sizes of the staples and nails, because there are some major differences.

5.3. Are there any reviews of Stiftung Warentest?

The most well-known German consumer organization published so far nothing to the topic. For this, the colleagues of the Stiftung Warentest published a very interesting book about "repairs compact - wood + furniture: guide for experienced DIY enthusiasts!" Many exciting information and tips should accompany you in the training of a DIY mentality.

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