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  • In a electric planer, a rotating knife lifts chips from a wooden surface. You can set how thick the lifted chip should be.
  • Planers are tools for cutting large areas of recesses in wood (called fold). For example, cable ducts can be cut into support beams.
  • By means of a rip fence (a guide rail on the tool), the electric planer lifts precise straight paths on the chip. A home improvement easily achieves professional results.

Electric planer comparison 2018: electric

1. It's planing time!

Electric planer comparison 2018: comparison

Folding is the specialty of the planer (Pictured: Einhell TC PL 750).

Sooner or later, every handyman comes into the situation, one make a uniform depression in a wooden beam or plate to want. This depression should then not only be a millimeter deep, but two to four. For example, if you want to artfully put a bar below the kitchenette. Sunken you can see from the outside not the connection and the bar sits very stable.

With a belt sander you would have to grind for a very long time and consume several sanding belts until you get so deep. In the end, the result is also unimportant. Here is the specialty of planing.

Planers cut a smooth and flat channel into the wood. This process is called folding. The operation of the plane is called planing, These terms are often used interchangeably in everyday language.

Electric planer comparison 2018: comparison

Thick layers of wood are fixed with a plane (Pictured: The Bosch electric planer PHO 2000).

With planing, you also fold workpieces precisely. For example when a wooden beam sunk into a tabletop lengthwise shall be. But with planing also weathered wood layers of old garden furniture can stand out generously and they look like new.

Old, split wooden floorboards can also be repaired with planing. In the case of very small chipping, you can still swell a damaged area with a wet cloth or iron and repair it (a tip from Stiftung Warentest). But greater damage requires more in-depth solutions: use a planer to pull the damaged board until it is evenly smooth again.

If you want to know in which cases grinders shine, here are some more tips:

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2. What planer types are there?

Jack Plane

Experienced Hobler dare to the so-called Raubank. It is particularly long and is guided with two hands. Due to its length, this planer is ideal for bringing extra wide boards or boards on one level (also called sizing). However, as it is difficult to manage, many do-it-yourselfers are more likely to use planers.

Basically, there are two categories of planing:

  • Hand plane in general: This category includes all planes that are guided by hand over the workpiece.
  • Thicknesser: These are planers with a device in which the workpiece is pushed and (usually automatically) past the planer knife. They are therefore called planing machines.

Although our electrical planer comparison 2018 focuses on hand-held planers with electric motors, it does Within the general planer, other species can be classified, The following table provides a small overview of typical hand planes:

Rebate Plane

Electric planer comparison 2018: planer

  • is guided with two hands
  • Planer blade slightly wider than the planer itself

Good for:

  • Fold
  • Adjusting long, uneven surfaces (called sizing)
  • precise straightening of edges
block Plane

Electric planer comparison 2018: planer

  • is guided with one hand
  • Planer blade slightly wider than the planer itself
  • in principle a one-hand plane
  • Workpiece does not need to be clamped

Good for:

  • Matching short, uneven surfaces
  • Planing in corners
bench Planes

Electric planer comparison 2018: electric

  • is guided with two hands
  • Blade the same width as the planer
  • Planer body is made of metal
  • clogged quickly

Good for:

  • Fold
  • Aligning long, uneven surfaces
  • precise straightening of edges
Smoothing Plane

Electric planer comparison 2018: planer

  • is guided with two hands
  • planes very fine chips
  • clogged quickly

Good for:

  • Smoothing of surfaces (saves sanding)
Electrical plane

Electric planer comparison 2018: comparison

  • Electric hand planer
  • is guided with two hands
  • planing fine and thick chips
  • allows fast work

Good for:

  • especially deep folds
  • Aligning long, uneven surfaces
  • precise straightening of edges

3. Nobel-Planer: Purchase advice for electric planer

3.1. Power & speed

Electric planer comparison 2018: comparison

For hard wood, it needs a powerful engine (Pictured: DeWalt D26500).

As with so many power tools, the performance of the electric planer motor is also of interest. The actual strength of a device is rarely revealed by manufacturers, so the wattage has to be taken as an indication: The more watt an electric motor picks up, the more likely it is that it is also very strong. Powerful machines require at least 600 watts.

Speed ​​for a small price

Clearer is the information on the speed: How often the blade of the planer rotates in a minute, specify manufacturers with RPM. 14,000 rpm is a good value for an electric planer, The faster the blades turn, the faster you plan to use them. Even cheap electric planer usually reach this speed.

A high pace of work is only worthwhile with rather flat folding. If you want to plan deep, you can neglect speeds and should look for powerful machines. For particularly hard wood you also need a powerful planer. Beech trees, oak trees and other deciduous trees usually have very hard wood.

Fact and fiction: the wattage

Not a few electric planer tests falsely give the impression that the wattage is a clear sign of performance. However, it is only an indication that the engine may be powerful when it requires a lot of power.

3.2. Broad & deep

Electric planer comparison 2018: comparison

The rebate depth is limited by the housing and the cutting depth of the planer blades (In the picture: Einhell TC PL 750).

The width of the fold determines the length of the planing blade (also called planer knife). Most electric planer blades are 80 to 85 millimeters wide, Bear in mind, however, that the machine can survive even beyond the edges of the blades and that you can penetrate with the power tool into areas that are not as narrow as with hand planes without a motor.

The further the planer blade is extended, the deeper the fold becomes, Four millimeters is already a good performance for a potential electric planer winner or comparison winner. The maximum depth that the planer blade can reach when extending is called the depth of cut.

You can use the knife over the same area several times to fold even deeper. However, the housing of the power tool limits the maximum rebate depth, The case eventually rests on the edges of the fold and the knives can not cut deeper as they hang in the air.

Electric planer comparison 2018: 2018

A wide planer body rests quickly on the folded edge and prevents the blades cut deeper.

Buy slim planers

Since the housing of the electric planer limits the rebate depth, most models have a rebate depth of eight to nine millimeters. Some devices are much slimmer and let the blades cut up to 15 millimeters deep.

The term "planing width" is ambiguous in this context: on the one hand, it can mean the width of the planer body or, on the other hand, that of the planing blade. So, before you buy an electric planer, it's worth it a comparative look at the values ​​of the external dimensions as well as the blade width.

3.3. V-grooves & stops

Electric planer comparison 2018: planer

With V-grooves you entkanten clean corners (Pictured: Bosch DIY PHO 3100).

V-grooves (V-shaped recesses in the metal plate on the underside of the planer) make it possible to plan off corners. The tool can thus be placed on the edge of a bar and lifts it off evenly. Then you get a bar with a "soft" edge - try it for yourself: This is the ultimate electric planer test for aspiring professional home improvement.

If the electric planer also has a rip fence, fold edges are particularly straight, The rip fence is a metal rail that is attached to the side of the planer and slides along the edge of the wood with a type of runner.

3.4. Sucker & Sack

Electric planer comparison 2018: planer

A vacuum cleaner connection sucks the chips during planing (Pictured: Einhell TE PL 850).

Even if planers do not cause fine dust like grinders, they do raise a lot of chip. Is there a suction connection, he sucks chips immediately and the planer does not clog, You are particularly mobile with a planer, which has its own collection bag. In this model, a separate vacuum cleaner is integrated.

While this accessory may not be the best electric planer, if you plan to do it sporadically, you do not need a tool that delivers tremendous power. You then have more of a profit, if the device can be operated comfortably, With an integrated collecting bag they plan carefree without preparation.

Electric planer comparison 2018: electric

Without collecting bag or suction, the chips are distributed in the room (In the picture: the Black + Decker electric planer KW 750 K).

4. Frequently asked questions about electric planing

4.1. How does an electric planer work?

On the underside of an electric planer is a rotating cylinder. On this cylinder are blades that lift the wood chip. The chip is transported inside the machine, there cut by a so-called chip breaker and then ejected at the top or side.

4.2. How to use an electric planer

You work with an electric plane similar to a hand plane without an engine: Evenly and with light pressure you guide the tool over the wooden surface. It is important that you guide the device to the end of the surface, otherwise you will then see edges of the blades in the wood.

Use electric planer correctly

Experienced planing masters put their planer on the so-called park shoe after work. Due to the enormously high speeds of the tools It takes a long time for the planing blades to stop rotating, If you put the tool on the ground with knives still turning it would be dull in no time.

Professionals also use electric planer mostly in the garden, as many chips are generated.

4.3. What does an electric planer cost?

High-quality electric planer move in a price range between 150 and 300 euros. But there is also cheap electric planer under 100 euros from well-known manufacturers and brands like Bosch or Makita. Even cheaper items offer manufacturers such as master or matrix.

Useful electric plane replacement blades are found on the Internet very cheap by many well-known manufacturers such as Varo or Einhell. There are, among other things for three to four euros each.

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