Electric scooter comparison 2018

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  • Electric scooters are scooters that support the manual propulsion of vigorous kicking with the leg by a battery-powered motor.
  • Depending on size, both children and adults can ride the electric scooter. Other important factors include battery life (for speed) and range (for endurance), as well as whether a saddle is present.
  • If you do not only want to drive on private grounds with the electric scooter, you should absolutely make sure that the scooter is street legal.

Electric scooter comparison 2018: 2018

A scooter that stands on one leg and gives you momentum with the other by continually pushing it off to get ahead is actually the epitome of children's accessories. But even with scooters or scooters, as they like to call new German, there are numerous types and differences that make them interesting for adults. The electric scooter is such a specimen, with its electric drive not just rely on muscle power, In our Electric Scooter Test 2018 we bring you closer to this means of transportation and show what to look out for, so that you can find your personal electric scooter test winner.

1. What is an electric scooter?

Helmet is duty and walkway taboo

The name actually says it, but just as one often falsely encounters cyclists on the sidewalk, this can also happen to owners of an electric scooter. These are, however legally obliged to do soto push this one there only. At speeds above 20 km / h, a helmet is also to wear.

As the name implies, the crucial difference to a common scooter is that one battery-powered electric motor in the scooter is installed. The manufacturers can not quite agree on naming, which is why the names e-scooter, electric scooter or electric scooters are commercially available.

The principle of an electric scooter provides that he gets the momentum that he initially gets by kicking off automatically stops and depending on the speed control, which the driver can regulate himself, increases or decreases.

Under the wide footboard, which provides space for both feet, the battery motor with power supply is on most models by battery or rechargeable battery installed. Likewise, the electric motor can be installed on the rear wheel. To connect to the handlebar, where the throttle and brake levers allow for speed control, cables either run outside or inside the steering tube.

Before we explain to you important criteria by which you can buy a suitable electric scooter, we show the most common Advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters on.

  • reduces the effort required to move forward
  • protects the joints and the environment
  • achieves good speed
  • Battery usually fast empty
  • long loading times
  • not all models approved for road traffic

2. Which scooter types are there?

Scooters are available for all age categories and the electric scooter is just one division in this segment. To give you an overview here, let's briefly discuss the other variants of the popular means of transportation.

2.1. children scooter

Electric scooter comparison 2018: 2018

The suspension varies depending on the type of scooter.

Specially designed for children is the scooter. He does not have an engine, but is first and foremost there for the youngest a first sense of balance and speed to give, which is easy to control.

In addition to child-friendly optics, there are also two rear wheels for some models Plus in stability worry and reduce the risk of tipping over.

2.2. City Roller

The classic variant of scooter, which can also use adults, comes without motor. But she is also easier because she mainly made of aluminum is and has only small hard rubber wheels. The city scooter looks great, especially on flat surfaces. Its hard suspension makes driving on uneven terrain a rather unpleasant undertaking.

2.3. kickboard

Electric scooter comparison 2018: electric

Under the running board is usually the battery attached.

For such uneven roads, a kickboard, which is occasionally referred to as a tricycle city scooter, would be much better suited. It can also work with you uneven roads and cobblestones handle and have better suspension and softer, often larger wheels.

Interesting for teens and young at heart adults is that with a kickboard you're also able to do it in the half pipe for Jumps and minor tricks to use.

2.4. Stunt Scooter

With a stunt scooter one is also prepared for the regular driving, but the true heart of the vehicle beats for daredevil maneuvers. Specially designed for sporty handling, with robust individual parts and height-adjustable handlebar, the compact scooter is predestined for tricks in the skate park.

Real cracks among the users of course know that they also have a stunt scooter assemble according to their own ideas can. But this is not a must, even "ex works" you can roll out spectacular, but also have to do without an engine.

In good company: The e-scooter is not the only vehicle that enjoys great popularity. Segways have also been shaping the cityscape for a few years, and e-boards can also be spotted in isolated cases. It also takes the same for these means of transportationphysical skill and a sense of speed, because falls can also cause unpleasant injuries here. Protective clothing like knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet may not be "cool", but facial scratches and a broken arm will certainly not enhance your looks.

3. Purchase criteria for electric scooters: You must pay attention to this

In the table below we discuss aspects that will help you to find the best electric scooter for you:

buying criteriadescription


To supply the engine with the necessary energy, there are two variants: Battery and battery, For both ways (sometimes several) copies 12 Volt voltage are common, with disposable batteries, of course, go into the money and pollute the environment more than rechargeable batteries, which you can recharge many times. What unites both power sources, however, is a major criticism that electric scooters are currently still facing: they consume the juice very quickly, depending on the driving style.

Between 40 minutes and one and a half hours of driving pleasure offers a charge, but often stand against it Battery charging time of up to 12 hours, So if you want to buy an electric scooter, you should consider having spare batteries with a charger ready, which can be cheap on a more frequently used electric scooter.

Speed ​​& Performance

Of course, the speed with which your electric scooter can transport you through the area also depends on the performance of the engine. This can between 100 and 1,000 watts lie and the scooter for adults and teens on speeds between 12 and 32 km / h bring.


The Weight of the driver Of course, it also has an effect on how much power the engine has to use to accelerate the scooter. The more mass that has to be moved, the longer it takes and the more energy (= electricity) is needed.

The maximum load capacity is with the scooters indicated by the manufacturer, At 55 kg, it is more likely to be an e-scooter for children, but he holds up to 120 kg, the e-scooter is suitable for adults and accordingly more stable.


There are versions with and without saddle, which is ultimately a comfort decision on the customer side. If you prefer to stand straight during the ride, that's also the case sports.

With a e-scooter for seniors, however, a saddle can be considered welcome relief which also improves the balance of the vehicle. This makes it easier for people with coordination difficulties to drive without accidents, which, for example, makes an e-scooter usable for the handicapped.

The target group for electric scooters is also very large and therefore due to the different subdivisions that we have presented to you in our electric scooter comparison attractive business field for many manufacturers and brands. We have listed a few of them here:

  • MACH1
  • SXT
  • E-Flux
  • Razor
  • Homcom
  • Physionics
  • Takira
  • The revolutionist
  • JD bug
  • Viron
  • iScooter

Faster, harder, scooter: Despite the fact that the scooter has considerable competition with the bicycle, roller skates and various motorized means of transport, it enjoys constant popularity among German customers. Already in 2008 were in Germany more than 14,000 scooters sold.

5. Questions and answers about electric scooters

5.1. What does Stiftung Warentest say about electric scooters?

Electric scooter comparison 2018: electric

Electric scooters are available with and without saddle.

Stiftung Warentest does not yet have its own electric scooter test on offer. But in 2013 she spread the news that the discount chain Lidl had a scooter with a weak weld recalled due to risk of breakage Has. With the criteria and hints presented in our guide you have a good basis for a purchase decision.

5.2. What is the minimum age for electric scooters ??

Drives the electric scooter less than six km / h, there is no age restriction. Once this limit is exceeded, the minimum age is 15 years. This age is needed to obtain the Mofaführerschein, which is the minimum requirement for electric scooters up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

If the speed is higher than 25 km / h, drivers need at least one A1 driver's license, which enables the holder for driving 125 cc motorcycles with up to 80 km / h. For this license you have to be at least 16 years old.

5.3. What does the test certificate for the e-scooter mean?

There are two official documents or examination certificates that decide who can drive the e-scooter where. These are

  • street legal

A test certificate is a document that the driver receives in the form of his driving license. In adolescents who Moped driving license This also acts as the permission to drive an e-scooter with a speed of up to 25 km / h. The question of where to drive the electric scooter then clarifies itself through the street legal. This results from a survey by the competent German test centers and will be awarded prior to market entry.

However, some models do not have such an approval because the inspectors had something to do with the design of the e-scooter or because the manufacturer had not presented his device for certification. Missing the street legal, is only the ride on the private property allowed.

5.4. What does the Highway Code say about electric scooters?

If a motorized vehicle can travel faster than six km / h, it is legally considered a "motor vehicle". Up to a speed of 25 km / h, a test certificate is sufficient for this purpose. If this top speed even exceeded, because the e-scooter is designed for adults, you need one Driver's license class B or M, You then take regular road traffic and have to show a greater driving maturity.

That this is also needed to master the quite speedy driving style, shows this vivid video:

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